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Posted on February 13, 2023 | Updated on October 27, 2023

How much is a typical graphic designer salary in Florida? How does it rank with the rest of the nation? The cost of living in the state can be a bit more than in some areas, but lower taxes may counter the added expense of groceries.

Big cities like Miami are home to fashion designers and hospitals. Florida also has some mega employers such as Disney that hire graphic designers for various projects. If you’re an artist, you may also want to strike out as a freelance designer and work for multiple companies. 

What Is a Graphic Designer Salary in Florida

Nationally the top 10% of graphic designers make around $98,260 per year, but the lowest 10% only earn $31,310. estimates a graphic designer salary in Florida averages $49,198. Keep in mind that an entry-level position will pay far less than one requiring experience or specialized skills. 

The cost of living in Florida is less than major metropolitan areas such as New York City and Silicon Valley. However, it is also more than midwestern cities in states such as Indiana. Expect to pay more for groceries and homes. You will save in taxes as Florida is a no income tax state. The sales tax is around 6%, making it quite tax friendly. 

A graphic designer salary in Florida may not go as far when it’s time to buy or rent a home. However, you’ll save in other areas, helping it balance out. Glassdoor estimates an average salary of $32,000 to $66,000 per year for graphic designers in Florida. However, the range varies widely based on experience and area. 

How Much Is a Graphic Designer Salary in Florida–Miami?

If you choose to find a position in a major city such as Miami, your graphic designer salary in Florida will likely be more than in less populated areas. Miami offers tons of culture, art and experiences. However, some areas are better than others. 

The average graphic designer salary in Florida is $53,095 per year. You can increase opportunities by adding to your skills and embracing things such as app and web development or learning management skills. For example, if you add management to your job title, your pay bumps up to $82,907 annually. 

Numbeo takes a look at the overall cost of living in Miami and surrounding areas. The cost for a single person before housing is around $1,150.94 per month. Experts estimate rent is about 33.23% lower than in New York. The cost of a meal at McDonald’s is around $9, while a gallon of milk runs $4.30 on average. You’ll pay quite a bit more for rent than you would in the midwest or south, but the higher wages and lower taxes may balance things out. 

What Do Graphic Designers Make in Orlando, Florida?

Have you ever dreamed of living in Orlando and working for Disney? The theme park and entertainment giant needs graphic designers for everything from signs to website content. They hire multiple graphic designers to keep their business and parks running smoothly. For example, you might create directional signage. 

If you search on, you’ll find 257 different graphic designer jobs listed. Some of the positions include Information Graphic Designer and Associate Product Design Manager. Wages vary by job top. You’ll want to filter by location as not all jobs are located in Kissimmee–near Orlando. In fact, some are in New York City, California and London, United Kingdom. 

The graphic designer salary in Florida near Orlando is quite competitive thanks to mega companies like Disney. You’ll be able to command more pay to meet the demands of companies in the area.

Of course, Disney isn’t the only place in Orlando to work. A quick search on Indeed pulled up positions with companies such as AT&T, Digital People, Ledgent Technology and Colliers. Pay attention to pay rate, company perks and benefits. Working for a few dollars less might be worthwhile if you get more paid vacation or other benefits competitors don’t offer. 

Should You Move to Florida?

Is moving to Florida to be a graphic designer the right choice for you? The state has some weather extremes and unpredictable natural patterns, such as hurricanes, however, you won’t get extremely cold living in this far southern state. 

Florida offers beautiful state parks, ocean views, sandy beaches, palm trees, warm weather and fresh citrus fruit. You’ll find museums, theme parks and alligators. Once you embrace the natural beauty of Florida and learn to respect the unpredictable elements, it’s often a place people never want to leave.

As with any location, there are positives and negatives. 


  • Snow is rare
  • Typically mild weather conditions in the colder months
  • Beautiful beaches and outdoor recreation
  • Lots of up and coming fashion brands and theme park positions
  • Easy to freelance and pick up small business clients and contract work
  • No income tax
  • Low state and local taxes
  • No inheritance tax


  • Hot and humid in the summer
  • Inclement weather from hurricanes and flooding
  • Lots of competition from graduating university students in the state
  • Higher cost of living
  • Rent is more than you’d expect based on average wages
  • Not as much room for growth as people move in and out of the state constantly

Whether or not Florida is the best choice for you depends on your personal preferences. If you loathe cold weather, you’ll probably enjoy living here. If you despise humidity, you should probably head north. 

Florida also has a unique makeup in the winter months. Hundreds of thousands of winter residents flock to the state from the north, coining the term “Snowbirds.” They come from Canada, New York, Minnesota, Indiana and other states where winter weather puts the freeze on everyday living. 

It’s impossible to come up with a definitive number as some stay only a few weeks and others most of the year. However, the makeup of that quiet home you just bought may completely change when the Baby Boomers arrive. Be sure you don’t mind the extra traffic and sometimes challenging driving of other motorists. 

If you embrace the trend, you can help your clients come up with campaigns aimed specifically at senior citizens during the snowbird season.

Tips to Land an Excellent Graphic Designer Salary in Florida

You can make the most of your graphic designer salary in Florida by following a few rules of thumb. 

Ask for More

Whatever a company offers, ask for a bit more. Don’t feel like the salary is up to par with other areas? Counteroffer and highlight the experience you bring to the table. 

Create a Portfolio

If you don’t already have a beautiful digital portfolio, get one in place. Potential employers can check out work you’ve done for others and if it applies to their needs. You may get offers you didn’t even expect because someone sees your professional work. 

Be Proactive

Don’t just look on job search sites. Contact companies you think you’d like to work for. Send them your resume. Tell them why you’re interested in their company. You may land in their inbox at a moment when they need to hire a graphic designer.

Pay Attention to Perks

When weighing more than one job offer, consider all the perks. If one job has a better work/life balance, you might have more energy and time to get your own projects going. Will one company pay for additional education and training? The investment in building your skills will help you earn more in the future.

Go Gators!

If you find an excellent graphic designer salary in Florida and decide to move, embrace the culture. Learn to love casual wear, the best places to get fresh seafood and decide when flip flops are appropriate. Root for the favorite local teams–go Gators!–and take advantage of everything the state has to offer.

Florida is known as the Sunshine State. While some other places actually offer more sunny days per year, the nomer may be more of an attitude than anything else. Learn to love the sun, embrace bright colors in your designs and don a hat to protect your face from bright light.

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