The Best 80s Fonts for Rad Retro Designs

Posted on October 7, 2022 | Updated on October 7, 2022

The best 80s fonts are perfect for getting a rad retro look for social media, apparel, posters, stickers, and more. There are a lot of fonts out there, though, and it can be a challenge to find the best ones that fit the iconic 80s aesthetic. This guide contains a shortlist of the top free and premium 80s fonts for all your retro designs. 

Best 80s Fonts: Top Free Picks

Free fonts are perfect for personal, non-commercial use, such as retro-style posters for an 80s movie night on campus or custom invitations for an 80s-themed Halloween party. Retro aesthetics are incredibly popular today, especially the 80s and 90s, and these are some of the top free 80s fonts out there. If you do want to use them for commercial purposes, though, make sure to contact the artist or design studio for licensing information. 

Barcade by Iconian Fonts

No list of the best 80s fonts is complete without a nod to iconic arcade typography. Barcade by Iconian Fonts is a totally rad choice for a retro tech look. This all-caps font comes in several different styles, including italic options, and is free for personal use. Barcade is a great choice for an 80s game night or a Pac-Man-style aesthetic. 

Lazer 84 by Sunrise Digital

Lazer 84 is one of the best 80s fonts, especially for a retrowave or vaporwave aesthetic. This font is rough and sleek at the same time, offering a bit of texture for 80s designs. It’s a good choice for applications like 80s-themed music or gaming. Lazer 84 is an all-caps font that is free for personal use, although the design studio does accept donations for the artist. 

Alien Encounters by Shy Fonts

If you’re looking for a cyberpunk Blade Runner-style font, check out Alien Encounters by Shy Fonts. This free-to-use font really shines when used in a neon color set on a black background, making it look like text on an old-school computer screen. It’s one of the best 80s fonts for retro pop culture or retro movies applications. 

Upheaval by Ænigma Fonts

One of the most iconic aesthetics to come out of the 80s is the classic pixel art style of old-school videogames. If you’re looking for this timeless pixel aesthetic for your retro design, take a look at Upheaval by Ænigma Fonts. This is a simple, solid font that’s easy to use for your main text on any retro gaming themed design. 

Back to the Future 2002 by Cyril Bourreau

What list of the best 80s fonts would be complete without a nod to one of the most famous retro movies? Back to the Future 2002 by Cyril Bourreau takes clear inspiration from Steven Speilberg’s timeless 80s hit. This font is great for stand-out headline text on all kinds of 80s designs, such as posters or social media posts. 

Best 80s Fonts: Top Premium Picks

If you’re looking for a retro font for commercial purposes or simply a more unique, polished option, check out this list of the best premium 80s fonts. These fonts require a purchase to use, though the price may vary depending on the desired application. Keep in mind, you may still need to contact the artist or studio to get an official commercial license for these fonts. 

Stargaze Typeface by Tugcu Design Co.

The Stargaze Typeface by Tugcu Design Co draws inspiration from the retro-futuristic look found in science fiction movies and the sci-fi nostalgia aesthetic. This font is polished and simple yet unique. It blends well with a variety of other fonts, so it’s easy to use in all kinds of 80s-inspired designs. 

Kamryn 3D by Sharkshock

The Kamryn 3D font by Sharkshock is a nostalgic nod to the iconic TV shows of the 80s, with an aesthetic reminiscent of Full House or The Golden Girls. This is one of the best 80s fonts thanks to its unique typography that leans away from the more commonly used tech or sci-fi art style of other retro fonts. Kamryn 3D is a great choice for 80s-style logos, poster text, or apparel. 

Thunderstorm by Aiyari

The Thunderstorm font by Aiyari is one of the best 80s fonts thanks to its classic retro mall aesthetic. This hand-painted font truly shines in bright neon colors and goes great with classic 80s design elements such as shapes or grids. Thunderstorm is perfect for a vaporwave aesthetic on all kinds of retro-inspired designs, from custom mixtape art to 80s social media posts. 

Copper by Drizy

No list of the best 80s fonts is complete without a typeface that brings out the classic rock band aesthetic. Copper by Drizy is the perfect font for the sharp, metallic look commonly found on 80s album art and band logos. This font is a great pick for any 80s-themed music applications or vaporwave style designs. 

CRT-64 Dotted by Darumo Shop

If you miss the retro look of CRT computer screens, check out the CRT-64 Dotted font by Darumo Shop. This is one of the best 80s fonts for its unique look. It takes a fresh approach to the retro pixel design aesthetic. CRT-64 is at its best in neon colors against a dark background. It makes a great font for retro tech, retro gaming, and cyberpunk designs. 

Going Retro With the Best 80s Fonts

The 80s was one of the most iconic decades in history, full of neon, classic tech, and timeless typefaces. These are the best 80s fonts to use on any design that taps into the retro nostalgia. Whether you’re creating vaporwave mixtape art or retro gaming inspired apparel, try out these rad 80s fonts. 

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