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Would you love to learn the ins and outs of design — the how-tos and the best-ofs — but aren’t quite sure where to start? Whether you are a beginner needing all the basics, or a seasoned pro wanting to add to your skillset, you’ll find tons of articles on gaining the skills you need to do the best job possible, as well as examples of some of the best designs on the web through our Monthly WP Plugin and Designerly Award features.

Why Is It Important to Learn Design?

Whether you wish to start a career as a professional designer or you want some basic knowledge as a small business owner, learning design basics helps you meet customer expectations and create something clients find usable and helpful.

We dig into basics, such as how to draw, website layouts and even which tablets are best for graphic artists. Designers use many different tools and skills to get the job done. Learn about all of them, even if it is just passing knowledge to help you work with a team of professionals on a project.

Not every designer has a formal education. While a degree in design is helpful to some, adding real-life experience on a variety of tasks helps you grow more quickly as a designer than anything else.

What Skills Do You Need to Be a Designer?

Excellent design is about more than a degree or even a specific skill. You must also be an excellent communicator to understand what your clients want and can figure out how to deliver it.

You’ll need to stay up on the latest trends. Don’t think once you get into design, studying ends. Your learning should be an ongoing, lifelong effort, where you add new things to your designer toolbox.

Study other designers and learn from the best. Through examples and studying widely within the genres you design for, you’ll begin to understand what consumers expect and help your clients deliver on the unspoken promises your customers count on you to provide.