A Deep Dive into Genially: Create Engaging Designs With Ease

Posted on January 9, 2024 | Updated on January 9, 2024

Graphic designers are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest design tools. One of them that is helpful is Genially. This software is generally for people who need to create presentations. However, it’s a crafty design tool that may be worth trying for different needs like social media and content marketing. 

Genially enables you to create designs that are fun and engaging to look at. Therefore, if you’re thinking of creating something with simple animations, knowing more about this application will help you understand if it fits you.

What Is Genially?

Genially is an online tool that has gained popularity among people who need to create designs in a pinch. It’s an extremely easy way for users to make digital projects that pop. With Genially, you can create more than presentations. 

Instead, it enables you to design interactive images, infographics and educational materials. Whether you’re looking to create fun quizzes or gamify lessons, Genially gives you the tools you need to produce enriched content in seconds. 

Another way to use Genially is to make GIFs or educational social media posts to make your content stand out. The whole idea of using Genially is to create exciting designs to interact with. You’ll practically “wow” your audience with the features it provides. Moreover, the tool is useful for more than professional designers. 

Teachers, students and business owners love it, too. Genially is all about making your content shine. So, if you’re looking to spice up your work and engage your audience, Genially may be the tool you’re looking for. 

Why Do Designers Love Genially?

What makes Genially a desirable design tool? Firstly, it gives users more than a place to create — rather, it’s a platform for captivating audiences. Being able to grab and hold the attention of online audiences is crucial and Genially helps you attain this goal. 

Plus, its easy-to-use interface lets you drag and drop elements into your work without getting tangled in complex features like Adobe. With a click of a button, you can turn static images into interactive experiences. This design tool saves you money because it costs at least $2,000 and up to have a professional take over your projects. 

The design tool also integrates with practically any platform. Designers and marketers can insert images, animations, videos, audio and external links into their projects. You can turn any simple design into a multimedia adventure. 

For instance, the application lets you control how users navigate a creation. With this tool, you can create hidden content that lets users reveal it linearly. You can even connect pages to buttons and allow users to click on them to take them to your website. 

Once you’re finished with a design, Genially lets you share your creations through a URL or code to embed into a webpage. The uses for this software are practically limitless.

The Pros and Cons of Genially

Genially provides some compelling reasons for designers to use this tool, but here is an overview of what users love and what could be better.


  • Easy to use: It’s simple, allowing users to create good-looking designs by dragging your elements into place. 
  • Extensive interactive features: Users can easily enrich their designs with various components, including animations, hover effects and clickable buttons. 
  • Real-time collaboration: The projects you create allow you to work with teams. You can see changes in real-time, encouraging feedback and idea-sharing. 
  • Affordable subscription: Genially is free to use, but if you want access to more features, you can pay a monthly fee starting at $9.90.


  • No offline access: The platform requires the internet to access it, which may limit your productivity if you’re traveling or have a poor internet connection. 
  • Limited selection of templates: Some users find the selection of pre-designed elements somewhat limited, especially compared to other design platforms like Canva — a simple design software with a vast library of components. This can be challenging if you’re trying to create something truly unique. 
  • Limited customization: Users may encounter constraints when altering or refining templates and interactive elements. 
  • No mobile or desktop app: It confines its use to web browsers and may not provide the same level of convenience or functionality that an app could offer.

What Are Genially’s Top Features?

Despite some of the limitations of Genially, it still has many great features to offer, including the ones mentioned below.

Interactive Design Elements

One of its top features is its library of interactive design elements that bring life to any project. Users can incorporate animated text or images that reveal more as you hover. You can also create clickable areas that show information or link to other resources. Overall, it makes an engaging viewer experience for audiences.

Animation and Transition Effects

Another feature that Genially offers is its animation transition effects. The platform enables users to add movement and flow to their creations, taking the viewer from one scene to another smoothly. 

Professionally Designed Templates

The collection of professional-looking templates allows users to create polished presentations, infographics and interactive images. These templates are made for various themes and purposes. Therefore, it offers users a head start in creating appealing designs with little effort.

Built-in Analytics and Tracking

Another key feature of Genially is its built-in analytics. This allows creators to track how viewers interact with their designs. They can gain insights into viewer engagement, such as the number of views, clicks and time spent on each part of the creation. This enables users to improve their designs for the best impact. 

Responsive Designs

The platform ensures your designs look great on any device. Whether viewers are accessing content on a desktop or smartphone, the creations automatically adjust to the screen size. Therefore, it provides a smooth and accessible user experience without any extra effort from the creator. 

Embed and Share Options

Ease of sharing is another top feature of Genially. It offers straightforward options to embed creations into websites or blogs and share them across social media platforms. This will enhance the reach of your content, making it simple for you to engage with a wider audience.

Should You Use Genially?

Genially is ideal for designers, educators and marketers seeking to boost their storytelling with engaging elements. So, if your goal is to captivate an audience with interactive and animated content that’s easy to create, this program is it. It’s user-friendly, affordable and versatile. It makes a great tool to use compared to complex design software. While it has its limitations, it may be worth exploring for your next project.

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