The Best Web Hosting for Developers (Updated Apr. 2022)

Posted on November 11, 2021 | Updated on June 26, 2023

When it comes to web hosting for developers, they need much more flexibility than someone just throwing up a blog on a WordPress platform. Many managed hosting options simply don’t work for the needs of the more experienced designer. For example, companies such as GoDaddy offer some basic hosting but may not offer the option of the user installing their own software or adding third-party options. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are approximately 199,400 web developers in the United States. The needs of each one are unique. Some web developers create websites while others work on Open Source software or apps. The needs of each developer determines which web hosting package works best for them.

The best web hosting for developers includes the ability to access the backend of the website and flexibility in adding and testing software.  Check to ensure the platforms you use most often offer full access before purchasing a package.

  1. Interserver Web Hosting and VPS
  2. HostMonster
  3. BlueHost
  4. Just Host
  5. Digital Ocean Cloud Computing
  6. Hostgator

Which Hosting Is Best for Developers?

Figuring out the right solution in web hosting for developers requires a bit of digging and research. Find a server where the developer has full control, a set of server-side languages and the ability to host multiple sites. 

Web developers typically host space from a third-party provider with the option to add as many sites as needed. They then offer space to their clients and keep everything running smoothly on the back-end. 

Software developers may only need a single system where they can test their projects, while web developers need the ability to add multiple domains. Recent statistics show around 22.7 million software developers in the world. Some web developers work on software projects and vice-versa, creating a criss-cross in the categories. 

What to Look For?

When it comes to hosting, many providers offer similar packages. Most professionals probably already know they need to look at bandwidth limitations, disk space and any hidden fees. 

For developers, look for:

  • Ability to execute server-side Node.js, Java or Python 
  • Reliability 
  • Flexibility to add features for some clients and not others
  • Scalability for big projects

Many shared hosting plans aren’t going to allow the coder to work with Python on the server side. In most cases, they’ll need a dedicated server for heavy lifting. On the other hand, if one creates basic websites for clients, a shared hosting reseller service may be all they need. 

Our Top Picks for Best Web Hosting for Developers

Figuring out which web hosting for developers works best takes hours of research. Luckily, there are a handful of providers known for their flexibility and features. Here are some top picks for the best web hosting for developers.

1. Interserver Web Hosting and VPS

One of the things to shout about with this particular hosting company is the wide variety of plans. For those wanting to develop websites, there are many basic hosting plans. However, they also offer cloud VPS and dedicated servers. 

Depending on the developer’s needs, customers can grab a dedicated server starting at $49 per month. Some of the features with their dedicated plans include: 

  • DDOS protection 
  • 10 GB PORT 
  • 150 TB transfer 
  • Remote reboots 
  • Managed support 

Interserver lists 14 different dedicated server plans on their site, but also offers custom solutions. The $49 package comes with 4 cores single CPU, 8 GB memory, 5 IPs and 150TB transfer. 

Those looking for a web developer plan, Interserver’s reseller hosting has a lot of flexibility. Features include: 

  • Unlimited domains 
  • 80 GB disk space 
  • Up to 500 GB bandwidth 
  • Web Host Manager for client management

One drawback with this hosting provider is the limitations in the number of cPanels with each package. The largest reseller package only allows the user to add up to 70 installations of cPanel. While no plan is truly unlimited, they seem to throttle the numbers a bit more than some other servers. Be aware of the limits before taking out one of their packages.


  • wide variety of plans
  • offers custom solutions


  • limited cPanels

2. HostMonster

HostMonster offers fewer packages than some of the other companies on this list. Some of the features of the provider include: 

  • Unlimited disk storage 
  • No limits on domain hosting 
  • Drag and drop site builder 
  • Free domain name 
  • Support for international domain extensions 
  • Secure Shell (SSH) access

HostMonster offers the flexibility developers need to test software or create unique websites. The functions and controls are much better suited for developers than a package through a provider such as GoDaddy.

One thing very exciting about their packages are the number of options for CGI/Databases, including MySQL, Python, PHP 5, Pearl 5 and Ruby on Rails. While they offer several package options, the Pro plan runs around $29.99 per month after the introductory period and gives users a dedicated IP. 


  • Offers flexibility to test software or create unique websites
  • Has a number of CGI/Databases options
  • Pro plan gives users a dedicated IP


  • Limited number of packages

3. BlueHost

Even though BlueHost is known for their WordPress expertise, they provide a number of hosting options helpful to both website developers and software creators. Users can start small with a shared basic hosting plan for $2.95 per month but easily scale up to a dedicated server. 

Some of the features developers will appreciate include:

  • RAID Level 1 storage 
  • Ample network bandwidth 
  • WHM with Root 
  • Dedicated IPs 
  • Unmanaged servers allowing access to Apache or other back-end operating systems

The shared hosting plans might work well for one-off web development. Let customers pay their own hosting fees, while collecting an affiliate fee and simply managing the site.

Dedicated plans start at $119.99 per month with a discount when paying in advance. Each dedicated server has a single tenant, so it is customizable to each brand’s needs.


  • A variety of options from basic to a dedicated server
  • Customizable servers


  • Features very basic on lower plans

4. Just Host

Just Host is home to more than one million websites, meaning they’re skilled at providing space to all types of developers and businesses. For those who develop sites for the same client, gain the ability to host unlimited domains on the same cPanel. They also offer a free script library with their shared hosting plans. However, as with many shared systems, there are limitations for developers. For full control, choose a dedicated server. 

Just Host’s dedicated server plans run $29.99 per month for a dedicated IP and regular site backups. One helpful aspect of this provider is their 24/7 toll-free phone support. If developers run into issues, they are just a phone call away. 

The packages are fairly simple without a lot of bells and whistles, but the Pro plan looks easy to customize. If unsure which package best fits, contact customer support for guidance and custom options.


  • 24/7 toll-free phone support
  • Customizable Pro plan
  • Dedicated IP and regular site backups


  • Simple packages
  • Some limitations on control

5. Digital Ocean Cloud Computing

Those wanting a cloud computing web hosting for developers solution will love Digital Ocean’s plans. Based in New York, the company offers data centers around the globe. The company’s main focus is on developers. Each package comes with SSH access and the ability to scale to size. 

Some of the best features for developers include:

  • Building block services, such as IaaS 
  • One-click app installation 
  • Cloud firewalls 
  • Monitoring and alert system

The pricing is very predictable, which most developers love. Their smallest package is called “Droplets” and starts at only $5.00. Move up as the app scales in size and audience. Some of the benefits they list are: Free floating IPs Transfer to and within VPCs. They charge $0.01 per gigabyte, so costs remain low while the brand grows. 


  • Focused on devleopers
  • Predictable pricing
  • All packages include SSH access and ability to scale

6. Hostgator

Hostgator is one of those providers people either love or hate. They’ve had some issues with customer service in the past, but recent reviews seem to indicate they’ve fixed many of those complaints and now have many satisfied customers. 

One of the advantages to an established name like Hostgator is the wide range of services and packages offered. Under their pro plans, they have reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting, which should fully meet the needs of most developers. 

Their reseller plans start at $19.95 per month with 60 GB shared disk space and 600 GB bandwidth. The number of sites you can add is unlimited and you can scale up as your client base grows. 

Another excellent option is their VPS hosting, which adds the ability to manage the back-end of the site without the expense of a dedicated server. Users get:

  • Full root access 
  • Unmetered bandwidth 
  • Individual resources

The dedicated server plans obviously offer the most flexibility for developers needing Shell access and the ability to work with different coding languages. Dedicated plans start at $89.98 per month and include:

  • Intel Xeon-D CPU 
  • 1 TB HDD 
  • Unmetered bandwidth 
  • Choice of Linux or Windows OS

Gain 100% control of the server, choice of HDD or SDD hard drive and DDoS protection. 


  • Many packages and services offered
  • reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting offered under pro plans


  • Past issues with customer service

Choosing the Best Web Hosting for Developers

Developers looking for the best web hosting solution should think through not only the projects they’re working on now but things they might add to their repertoire in the future. The needs of a software developer differ from those of a website manager.

Compare apples to apples when looking at the various plans. Going with the cheapest solution isn’t always the best option. Make sure needed features are easily accessible, such as coding languages and shell access. 

Most hosting companies offer a satisfaction guarantee, so if a solution doesn’t work initiate the refund and move to another server.

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