How Salesforce Teaches Techies How to Sell

Posted on September 28, 2022 | Updated on September 28, 2022

People with a strong technology background may understand how programs and devices work but struggle to break complex concepts into saleable bits of information. If you want to grow your business, you must develop a sales team capable of onboarding new customers effectively. Salesforce teaches techies how to sell and puts tools at your fingertips that increase your revenue. 

Does Salesforce Offer Sales Training?

Yes, you can get your employees excellent training via Salesforce. Keep in mind you may run into resistance from your workers. People are sometimes reluctant to learn something new and to make any changes. They may feel they have a firm understanding of the product and how to do their job.

When you have a proven program for learning how to sell, they may be more inclined to listen to the tips and tricks provided. Placing a third-party trainer in the mix also brings fresh ideas into the organization. 

Here are the main ways Salesforce teaches techies to sell. 

1. Experience Blended Training

Salesforce blends training in how to sell as well as utilizing Salesforce. They offer a two-day, hands-on workshop. For those who learn best by doing, their training program will be very easy to follow. Trainers focus on pulling out strengths and refining them, offer tips on controlling the sale and then move on to advanced methods. 

For example, a B2B company offering software as a service might need to know the right questions to ask to get new leads interested in trying their product. Salesforce training is specific to each company’s needs and will offer advice on how to move the customer from one stage of the buyer’s journey to the next. 

Trainers customize the workshop to each company. Because attendees work within role playing scenarios, they can find very specific elements to tweak and improve. 

2. Reassure Customers on Security

One objection leads might give for not signing up for a service is worry over potential data breaches. Recently, various high profile companies have suffered data breaches, making security a top concern for clients.  

With Salesforce coding help, developers can make sure their software doesn’t contain bugs or backdoor vulnerabilities that allow hackers access to sensitive data. Salesforce offers code scanning tools to ensure the software has strong safeguards in place. Your tech team needs to learn how to explain these practices in layman’s terms so the users see the results and learn to trust your software. 

Because Salesforce shows users just how they improve processes and protections, your tech team will be better able to answer the concerns of potential customers. 

3. Retain Current Customers

Most business owners understand you must keep selling to your current customers or you tread water as a brand. The ideal circumstance ensures your clients are happy so they refer new leads. The best way to grow is to keep your customers and continue selling to them. 

In a recent survey, around 93% of business owners listed customer retention as a top priority. Salesforce helps you keep the customers you have by making development easier. You’ll be able to insert code, test and get products out faster than in the past. 

Techies must understand the key to closing a sale is showing the customer that the advantages outweigh their objections. If you have further questions about retaining customers, you can always watch training videos on the Salesforce site or ask the workshop trainer to help you overcome specific objections you’ve encountered when trying to get customers to renew. 

4. Watch Videos

Salesforce offers a wide variety of training videos. Company leaders can offer bonuses or some type of perk for each video people on their sales team watch. If you plan to pull your IT department head into sales meetings, you may want to have them learn how to sell as well. Take them through the same training as your sales team. 

Salesforce explains their videos are customized to the needs of your company. Around 67% of employees learn better and absorb information faster when they view it visually. Utilizing digital e-learning can help your team understand what points they should focus on during sales. 

For example, a doctor’s office salesperson might benefit from viewing a video on mass email leads and how to send out messages people respond to. A naturopathic doctor might want to promote a new supplement they now offer. Going through video training gives staff the tools needed to convince users to at least consider the product. 

5. Be Curious

Salesforce focuses on training reps to be curious. Ask questions about your clients, about the product you’re selling and how best to approach each situation. While many experts agree a spirit of curiosity can’t be taught, salespeople can be trained to ask the right questions at the right time.

Some people feel uncertain about what others are comfortable with. They don’t want to seem pushy or nosy, so they just don’t ask. The benefits of sending your techies through sales training is that they will better understand customer expectations and feel more comfortable in their own skin. 

Taking the time to ensure your techie sales team goes through Salesforce training gives you an edge over the competition. Customers may choose to buy from any company they choose. Why shouldn’t they choose you? If your staff trains regularly, they’ll know how to develop stronger customer relationships. You’ll gain loyal customers who refer other clients. 

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