The Importance of Great Personal Website Design

Posted on January 16, 2015 | Updated on June 13, 2023

Recruiters for both large and small companies across virtually every industry are sourcing new talent online – instead of through walk-in applications. As the internet becomes more saturated with job-seekers and HR departments, it’s vital for designers to have a fantastic personal website design.

But just how do you go about doing this? And why should anyone use a personal website over related social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Behance? While it is true that many recruiters do make good use of such channels, having a well-designed personal website offers far more options for personalization – and that’s what recruiters are primarily looking to see.

The Current Climate of the Online Job Market

Interestingly, 56% percent of all recruiters are more impressed by a potential applicant’s personal website than any other personal branding tool and yet only 7 percent of job seekers actually own a personal website.

That’s a large percentage of people who are missing out on job opportunities. Websites offer visibility for the individual – and potentially first-page Google rankings if the website is well maintained (which it should be).

Examples of Great Website Designs in Action

There are a great many websites out there and a great many platforms on which to host them. WordPress certainly remains relevant in today’s digital age with upwards of 60 million websites powered by the popular editor.

With so many different ways to present yourself to the world it can be difficult to know where to start. The following visual examples are some of the more interesting and dynamic personal website designs that stood out from the crowd.

The Importance of Great Personal Website Design

1. Eric Huguenin

This particular website combines simplicity and subtle scrolling animation to make the trek down the page continually engaging. That’s not only a great design feature – it’s also a great way to keep a potential recruiter’s attention.

Everything is laid out clearly and by the end, you really do feel like you’ve come to know something about the individual – that sort of thing is what will get you hired!

The Importance of Great Personal Website Design

2. Kaloian Toshev

If you consider yourself somewhat of an artist, showcasing your abilities by designing your website around your artwork is a great way to instantly capture a viewer’s attention and communicate your personal brand identity. You know what they say, a picture tells a thousand words.

This website works because it is stark yet functional, visually appealing, easy to navigate and displays a great range of ability, all without demanding that copious amounts of text be read. Overall it reads like you would expect a résumé.

The Importance of Great Personal Website Design

3. Joshua Fields Millburn

From the first page this website pulls you in through the use of appealing typefaces and easily identifiable navigation options. Professionalism is expressed in the color combinations and personality in the choice of imagery.

These elements together form a cohesive narrative that connects the reader to the individual and helps establish an instantaneous relationship.

The Importance of Great Personal Website Design

4. Andrea Mann

This website makes great use of juxtaposition by framing the text with photography so it leads the eye. The information is accessible and as you journey through the pages you really do get a feel for the individual’s talents and abilities.

The design is conservative and uncluttered, favoring the reader. In situations where a recruiter visits the site, everything is easily scannable.

Why Personal Websites Will Replace Your Résumé

Websites simply present better and provide more information for the recruiter. Résumés are losing popularity in the present day and as a job seeker you’ll need to fully embrace new technologies in order to get ahead and secure your future working career.

The next time you think about updating your curriculum vitae, consider using that time more constructively and set yourself up with a personal website. Fill it with relevant and engaging content, and  let your skills in design do the talking for you.

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