Chapter 18: Best Law Office Website WordPress Themes

Posted on May 16, 2024 | Updated on May 22, 2024

When you’re just starting out as a lawyer, you may struggle to find clients and pay off student loans. It takes a while to build up your business and turn a profit. Creating your own DIY website may help keep expenses low while still marketing your services online. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) and easy for most people to learn. Fortunately for you, there are numerous lawyers themes you can plug into WP’s CMS platform and customize to make your own.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are approximately 826,300 lawyers in the United States. The field is growing faster than average at about 8% per year with another 62,400 lawyers entering the marketplace between 2022 and 2032. 

Although there are different areas of the law and plenty of work to be found, there is also stiff competition to secure paying clients. A stellar website helps you stand out from your colleagues and sets you apart by showcasing your specialized skills in various areas of law. 

What to Look for in Lawyers Themes

Here at Designerly, we love the CMS platform WordPress. We think it’s easy to learn for even someone with nearly zero experience. It also has so many themes, plugins and options that you can customize your site and make it look like you spent thousands on it instead of creating it yourself. 

We took some time to sort through potential options aimed directly at attorneys. We also expanded our search to service-based WordPress themes. Some of the elements most counselors benefit from are:

  • Blog
  • Client testimonials
  • About page
  • Contact form

All sites benefit from better SEO, so brush up on best practices here on Designerly. For example, you may want to install an SEO Plugin such as All-in-One. Although many service websites offer pricing structure, each case is so unique that it’s almost impossible for a lawyer to include a price list. Instead, you may want to share your consultation fee for an initial meeting. 

Some of Our Favorite Attorney WordPress Themes

We sorted through what was available, compared it to other excellent design examples and found some themes we think most attorneys will appreciate. You can customize any of these to better reflect your firm’s personality and style. 

Lawyers Blog

screenshot of lawyers theme

If you’re just building your legal business, you may need time to establish some authority. The Lawyer’s Blog theme puts the focus on adding great content to pull in traffic and gain attention. 

The free version of the theme offers a lot and gives you an opportunity to build your practice before you pay for a design. Choose from a variety of layouts, colors and add branding features such as your logo. Of particular note is the ability to add contact information. 

Lawyer Hub

screenshot of lawyers theme

Lawyer Hub  offers a very professional look with a more traditional judicial system style. The bar at the top offers a free quote and contact information. There is a featured content slider and then an overlay to include information about the firm. 

Upgrade to Premium for $39 and gain additional customization, fluid layout, WooCommerce compatibility and additional fonts. 

Personal Lawyer

screenshot of lawyers theme

Personal Lawyer was one of our favorite looks because of the clean, grid layout. The hero image gives you a chance to fully personalize the look of your site. You can add a logo in the upper left corner. We like the simple, intuitive look of the navigation bar and the inclusion of contact info right next to the menu. The call to action button above the fold guides users where they need to go next. 

We also liked the way the content is laid out just below the basic information, showing authority. You can go Premium for $39.00 and gain lifetime updates, royalty-free images, WooCommerce compatibility, social media integration and a customized copyright area. 

Bosa Lawyer

screenshot of lawyers theme

Bosa Lawyer has a different look than the other themes highlighted in this article. It fills the width of the page. The icons with notes about the benefits of the firm stand out and show the attorneys’ expertise and success. The free version comes with three layouts, two image slider sections and one custom link button.

For an upgrade of $50, you gain 14 layout options, 20 image slider items, two custom link buttons, background image and additional customization.

Our Winner: Lawyer Firm Blocks

screenshot of lawyers theme

We chose Lawyer Firm Blocks as the clear winner for a few reasons. First, the focus is on the firm and why people should choose it over other options. It gets right to your unique value proposition and what you offer that no other attorney in your area does. 

Because the theme offers a free version, you can get started without spending any money and upgrade to the Pro as your company grows. Some of the perks of the theme include: 

  • Compatible with Google Translate 
  • Responsive for mobile devices 
  • Some color and customization options 
  • Simple documentation

For a mere $40, you can upgrade to the Pro version of this attorney WordPress theme. Some of the features with the upgrade are:

  • Additional customizations 
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce
  • Booking and inquiry system 

The calls to action are the thing that drew us into this theme. It’s clear where potential buyers should go and where to gather additional information.

Choosing From a Selection of Lawyer’s Themes

Finding the perfect theme to suit your practice is challenging. Start with the options above and keep in mind you can make it your own with a custom color palette, logo and tagline. It’s better to get an online presence up and running than not. You can always tweak the style letter as you get a handle on your branding and personality as a legal firm. 

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