How to Advertise Your Business on the Go

Posted on July 24, 2017 | Updated on January 25, 2023

If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably constantly on the go. Whether traveling for conventions and conferences or headed into a meeting, you probably spend a lot of your time moving from one place to the next. Not only are you a busy person, but so is your team, your audience and your customers or clients. So what if you could use the time you spend commuting to advertise your products?

Getting creative about the way you advertise your company is important. When you can market your brand in ways your target audience isn’t expecting, they are more likely to take notice. If you turn yourself or your car into a walking billboard for your brand, you can expand your audience and gain new customers.

But how exactly should you advertise your business on the go? Let’s take a look at four ideas.

1. Create Branded Travel Mugs

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If you’re constantly on the go, chances are you have a cup of coffee in your hand. But instead of putting your coffee into a travel mug branded with someone else’s business information or logo, why not create one for yourself?

Travel mugs are something most people already use. Whether commuting to the office or preparing for a day of meetings, most people leave the house with a cup of coffee or tea in hand. Handing out travel mugs to customers, clients, or even friends or family can be a great way to spread the word about your business.

When creating a travel mug for your company, consider who may use it and the settings they would be using it in. If the majority of your target audience consists of business professionals, you probably don’t want to create a mug that is too loud or trendy. While it may be attention grabbing, something too loud could prevent your customer from carrying it. Keep it simple, clean and classy, and it will get used.

2. Invest in a Full Car Wrap

Have you ever driven down the street when you suddenly see a vehicle completely covered in a print, logo or design? These custom car wraps are a great way to get noticed by just about anyone.

A full car wrap can transform an everyday vehicle into a moving billboard for your business. Because most people don’t expect to see a car covered in a logo, an image or other information related to a company, it causes people to stop and take a second look. Not only is a custom car wrap different than the traditional advertising you’ve probably used it, but it is also memorable.

Keep the design simple if choosing to get a car wrap for your vehicle. While you may want to make it flashy and loud, remember that most of the people who see your car will be driving. You want your message to be clear, direct and simple enough that it isn’t distracting to other drivers.

3. Pass Out Key Chains

Chances are you’ve strolled through a mall or shopping area and been handed a key chain related to a brand. Although many companies choose to pass out key chains as a form of advertisement, there is a reason so many people choose this advertising option.

Key chains are cheap and easy to develop, but they’re also useful to the individuals who use them. This means they’re a great handout because you don’t need to be picky about who you’re giving them to. Unlike more expensive handouts, you can mass produce key chains with a fairly low budget.

For a key chain to work as advertising, you want to keep it clean and bold. But also small enough that it won’t be a nuisance for someone to keep on their key ring. Keep the text simple enough that someone can see your company logo in passing.

4. Take Out an Ad on Public Transportation

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Depending on where you live, placing an ad on public transportation is another way you can effectively market your business on the go. If your town or city has buses, a subway or taxis, placing advertisements on these vehicles provides your ad viewing potential by hundreds or even thousands of individuals each day.

Your location will influence how expensive these ads are, but because they’re almost constantly running throughout the city, it can be a good investment. These forms of advertisement also ensure your ad circulates when you and your team aren’t on the go.

When designing an ad for public transportation, you need to consider the context it would be received. If designing an ad for the outside of a bus or taxi, you need to remember your audience may not have time to stop and read a lot of text. On the other hand, ads inside of subway cars can have a few more details.


Advertising on the go is a great way to expand your audience and attract new attention. However you choose to market your brand, consider your target audience and what they’re most likely to pay attention to or get excited about. As with any other kind of marketing, on the go advertising has a greater chance to reach success if you’re putting the needs of your target audience first.

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