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Posted on January 29, 2021 | Updated on October 28, 2022

Whether you’re presenting a business idea to a group of investors, trying to wow your boss with your report or you need to complete a project for school, finding the right PowerPoint presentation template can make the difference between success and failure. There are thousands of free and paid templates available, so it isn’t always easy to narrow down the choices.

The software was originally created for Macintosh and was invented in 1987 as “Presenter.” From there, it morphed and grew into a vital part of how we do business around the world. According to one poll, there are about 35 million PowerPoint presentations given every day by 500 million global users. 

If you’re on board with using the software for your next information display, you’ll want a PowerPoint presentation template that keeps up with your skill. Here are some ideas to get you started that should meet almost any need you can imagine. 

Top 8 Best PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Keep in mind that for each PowerPoint presentation template you can make it your own by adding graphics, charts and even swapping around the color schemes. You can choose which style you want on each slide. Utilize transitions and other special effects to make it even more compelling.

1. Technology Infographics Poster


If you’re looking for a PowerPoint presentation template with an infographic feel, this free one from Microsoft offers an inside look at how to lay out an infographic. Sub in your own facts to make this your own, or use it for inspiration. You can also add this as a single slide in your presentation, or save and present online as part of your website content.

PowerPoint comes with some default templates you can customize and use for basic presentations, but if you want something with a little extra edge, you’ll need to download additional ones. 

2. Online Real Estate


Although this PowerPoint presentation template is real estate themed, it could be used for any number of business presentations, including a report on whether it’s a good idea to relocate the office to another location. The free set comes with 48 slides you can customize to suit your needs. 

3. Minimal Charm


A minimalist look works for almost any type of presentation you can think of. If you’re giving a talk and need some screenshots to back up your main ideas, this type of design works well. The focus stays on the text and images and the design of the template doesn’t distract from the message. 

You can also use this type of template for everything from presenting photos at a wedding rehearsal dinner to showing your boss what you’ve accomplished since your last review. This particular theme comes as a Google Slide or a PowerPoint presentation template.

4. Green Doodles


If you have a new idea you’d like to present, bring some fun to your demonstration with this bright green template featuring doodles. The template comes with 30 different slides. On each slide, there are different sketches of things such as lightbulbs, gears and paper airplanes. The lime-green color carries throughout with plenty of white space to balance the unique look of this design. 

5. New Hire Onboarding


Do you need a presentation to train your new hires in company policy and the culture they’ll encounter working there? This PowerPoint presentation template focuses on the idea of making a good first impression. Train new staff, but keep it professional and fun.

You could also utilize this template for almost any business related effort. If you’d like to offer an explanation of new procedures in a department meeting, this template offers a nice level of professional images and plenty of space for explaining methods. 

6. Red and Orange Geometric Marketing Plan

Source: Source:

If you have a free or paid Canva account, you can download a number of beautiful and unique PowerPoint templates. By combining the power of Canva editing tools with the ease of PP, you’ll be able to create something impressive. 

This template works well for a marketing department in a company to present their ideas. It would work equally well for a freelancer wanting to propose a package to a potential client. The red and orange shapes give the presentation a modern edge. Red is a color which elicits excitement and shows power. 

7. Puress Online


Puress Online offers an abstract look with the soft tones of pastel watercolors. The template features warm, vibrant handwritten fonts for the headlines combined with soft brushstrokes for the accents. 

The template comes in five different colors: red, orange, pink, green and blue. Comes with graphics you can edit to make charts and infographics throughout the slideshow. Works with both Google Slides and PowerPoint. 

This particular template works well for any type of informal presentation. It would showcase an art student’s senior presentation perfectly. Plus, it could also be used for marketing purposes or to highlight how creative you can get for a client. It is customizable and adaptable to different needs. 

8. Animated Background


This package of animated backgrounds helps you start any PowerPoint slideshow with a bang. You can also use them throughout your presentation to keep the audience engaged and interested in new images. 

The template is marked general purpose, so you can use it for nearly anything you can think of, from school reports to business meetings. The key is to find the background that works with the images you’d like to use. Vary which slides have the animations, as you don’t want to overwhelm the audience by moving every slide. Highlight key points by using special effects to drive key points home. 

How Do I Get More Templates for PowerPoint?

There are many places where you can find your next PowerPoint presentation templates. In addition to Microsoft’s free offers, you’ll find both free and paid versions on other sites. Always check the source before downloading to prevent virus infestation. Once you’ve downloaded the template, simply open it with PowerPoint and make any changes needed to give it the look and feel you want for your talk. 

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