How AI Is Transforming Businesses Today

Posted on July 26, 2022 | Updated on July 26, 2022

Advances in machine learning have made artificial intelligence (AI) almost human-like and improved AI business solutions in recent years. You can tap into the power of AI to automate many of the repetitive tasks in your business. You can even use machines to filter customers’ needs and give them a rapid and initial response from a bot.

When you tap into the power of AI business solutions, you free up your team to pursue more creative solutions to running a business. AI takes the boring, repetitive things of running a business and handles them for you. 

How AI Business Solutions Are Changing the Face of Business

Gartner’s 2022 CIO Agenda surveyed 2,000 IT professionals and looked to technological advances all business leaders must address moving forward. The main need they identified is composability. Businesses need to be able to pivot people, processes, physical assets and technology to meet growing demands and changes, such as AI. They found about 56% of companies with high levels of composability have a trusting, empowering culture. 

Utilizing automation and machine learning can have an impact on your whole organization. Even your company culture can feel the impact of utilizing AI effectively. What automation looks like depends on your business model. What are some of the AI business solutions available for various industries?

1. Understand Big Data

One of the most exciting of the AI business solutions is the ability of machines to take vast amounts of data, compartmentalize them and spit out algorithmic reports businesses can use. 

AI helps companies see patterns. For example, before ordering a new product, you can see how your customers reacted to similar past products. If you start losing customers, what seems to be the common factor?

AI business solutions help you automate customer relationship management and create more buyer retention. 

2. Improve Patient Care

The healthcare industry may be one of the biggest players when it comes to tapping into the power of AI business solutions. Monitoring patient care at all points in the journey can mean the difference between life and death at times. 

One example is monitoring patients with COPD. Electronic home monitoring can be a vital part of AI business solutions for doctors. Checking daily lung function can predict upcoming issues and allow doctors to help the patient before exacerbations. 

3. Gain Better Click Rate Optimization

AI business solutions can also include things you already utilize, such as tracking clickthrough rates and seeing what changes benefit your business. Your website is often the face of the company. It’s the first thing users see when browsing online. 

Allowing programs to analyze the effectiveness of button placement, colors and other aspects of your page helps you improve rates. 

4. Automate Push Notifications

Do you run a brick-and-mortar or e-commerce store? Push notifications work best when combined with AI business solutions. Rather than guessing what your customers want as a whole audience, you can segment them based on computer-generated reports. 

You can even customize push notifications to each individual customer. Greet them by name. Allow the machine to make suggestions on products based on past buying or browsing behavior. 

With AI, the sky’s the limit on how intimate your communication becomes. The machine has access to vast amounts of data a human could never sort through. It can process all those pieces of info in mere milliseconds and make decisions on what to send to your customers via a push.

5. Chat With Customers

Adding a chatbot to your website can improve customer engagement as much as 90%, according to response rates. The key is to know what common questions your customers ask–AI can help you figure that out, too–and letting the machine adapt to natural language patterns over time.

A bot can free up your live agents to deal with serious customer issues and come up with creative solutions. Let the machine gather basic info and troubleshoot common problems. Anything outside the realm of what the computer can handle would be routed to a real person. 

6. Automate Marketing

Tap into third-party AI capabilities and set and forget tasks such as social media posts. Some programs select the best time of day to post for maximum engagement. You can see which topics users engage most with. 

Today’s smarter machines can even write posts for you. However, it’s wise to have a human double check any work completed by a computer as the language patterns are off at times. While vast improvements have been made, there are some subtleties to the English language that escape the smartest technology. 

Where Will AI Business Solutions Take Us?

It’s hard to fully predict the different uses of AI in the future. We can look at some of the features currently available and devices people use, but new inventions could advance things beyond what’s currently available. Stay on top of new technologies and trends and be open to trying what works to improve your business’ performance. 

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