16 Real Estate Logos to Inspire Your Own Design

Posted on July 18, 2019 | Updated on December 8, 2020

Logos help set any business apart from the competition, but in a highly competitive marketplace such as real estate, a logo has a chance to make an even larger impact. Think about some of the signs you’ve seen as you drive down the road. What real estate logos stick out and come to mind when you’re looking for a home of your own or commercial property? You likely can think of one or two right now, which shows the power behind branding.

According to a survey by a national home real estate group, all the four major regions in the United States had an average 2.5 percent growth in the last month. With growth comes more competition as new agents get into the market. If you want your agency to stand out, you should ramp up your logo now.

There are some key traits in good logo design you should pay attention to. One of the best ways of learning what type of logo you might need, however, is studying the real estate logos already out there. Learn from the competition about what you want and don’t want. Here are 16 examples for starters.

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1. Hilton & Hyland

Take a look at the logo for Hilton & Hyland. It represents luxury real estate, and its logo looks like that of a high-end brand with raised letters on the inside. The logo reminds you of something you’d see on Rodeo Drive with a distinctive monogram look. It sometimes appears alone and at other times with the wordmark. It has some unique geometric angles that make it stand out from similar brands, such as Christie’s International Real Estate.

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2. Trulia

Trulia may not be the first brand that comes to mind when you think about real estate logos, but because it is a repository for listings, it is an interesting model for study. In the early days of Trulia, it had a locator icon and the logo was in green, but it has since gone to this very simple wordmark in all black, lowercase letters. It’s simple, which signifies how easy it is to search for a home on Trulia.

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3. Century 21

Century 21 has been around since 1971, making it one of the better-known companies on this list and more recognizable real estate logos. Over the years, the logo has changed a bit, but it remains gold with either just the letter C and the number 21 or the words Century 21. It always implements this color into the design in some way and keeps the palette a simple gold, black and white. Century 21’s logo proves just how important choosing and sticking to a color palette is for branding purposes.

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4. Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield does something interesting with its logo. It adds an abstract outline to the left that looks like a commercial building. This shows it helps with commercial real estate and sets them apart from other real estate companies. The use of black text with a pop of red for the abstract outline draws the eye and stands out against most backgrounds.

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5. JLL

JLL specializes in real estate and investments. Its logo is its initials with tall rings encircling one another, and it has a three-dimensional look, signifying the cyclical nature of investments. When designing real estate logos, look for repeating patterns you might use.

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6. Zillow

Zillow is another online real estate site that helps people find information about houses in their area. Real estate agents and individuals use the site, and the buyer and seller likely still need a licensed agent. However, the logo is worth studying. Note the way it uses the color blue, which signals trust to the user. It then repeats the Z within the outline of the house, utilizing negative space to its advantage. Doing this in real estate logos shows the company is trendy and modern.

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7. Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker is another real estate brand that is well known and has been around for decades. Its logo is white text set on top of a dark blue background. It also entwines the initials of its name, but places those to the right instead of the traditional left. The focus is on the wordmark rather than the initials. Out of all the real estate logos, this one may be the most simple but still the most striking.

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8. Aaron Kirman

Aaron Kirman is another luxury real estate brand based in Los Angeles. Its logo works particularly well because it uses part of the end of the letter N and part of the beginning of the letter K and meshes the two names to come up with a unique logo that screams luxury. Elegant real estate logos work well for Realtors who sell homes with high-end finishes.

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9. Modern Realty Group

Modern Realty Group has an interesting logo design. In addition to its wordmark, it has a flame image to the left and then the tagline under the wordmark. These elements work together to create a strong branding image. The flames might signal the agents are on fire to find you a house or sell your home.

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10. Maximum Results Real Estate

Maximum Results Real Estate has a logo that looks more like a stamp or family crest. However, this type of logo design works well when you want to use both words and images in a structured way. The circle encompasses the outline of a house, with the edges of the image trailing out of it. The wordmark is then circled around the house image.

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11. Sacha Radford

Sacha Radford is a real estate agent in Beverly Hills, California. Her logo speaks of class and elegance. The Celtic-looking design to the left of her name sets the logo apart from other real estate professionals in her area. Look for something unique that defines your brand but still gets your message across, and you’ll stand out from competitors.

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12. Engel & Volkers

Engel & Volkers takes the idea of using a house or rooftop logo, which can seem common and dated to viewers, and turns that concept around. It uses a luxury mansion as part of its logo design. The simple black and white sketch of a beautiful, large home sits atop the wordmark. It then uses a single pop of red in the ampersand between the two names.

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13. Montana Brokers Inc.

Montana Brokers Inc. (MBI) uses that home everyone talks about being dated but modernizes it in a way that makes it current. Instead of just sticking the roof on top of its initials, it opens up the outline of the house and utilizes the negative space to add its initials inside the structure. The effect is open, airy and modern.

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14. Windermere Real Estate

Windermere Real Estate has an elegant-looking logo that highlights its established presence and elegance. It uses the wordmark and then a linked geometric pattern above to highlight the center of its name. It then adds the words “real estate” under its name to make it clear what it offers.

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15. Cowan Real Estate

Cowan Real Estate uses the concept of rooftops, but it includes a repetitious design that gives the logo a modern edge. Note the way the roof angles line up with the wordmark, creating symmetry as well.

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16. HER Realtors

HER Realtors uses the letters in its name and creates an interesting but simple design. Instead of adding any fancy elements, it just uses a thick, bold font and puts its name out there as a strong branding move.

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What Is Your Style?

Now that you’ve studied some of the different styles of logos other real estate companies use, it’s time to figure out your own look. Do you like the modern, geometric edge? Do you prefer simple wordmarks? Perhaps you enjoy a combination of the two. No matter what your preferences, come up with a logo that will stand the test of time.

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