Web Design Trends to Watch in 2015

Posted on March 13, 2015 | Updated on June 13, 2023

Looking for the best web design trends in 2015? Think about where those interested in design and trends spend their time — on stock photography sites.

By analyzing over 47 million images and tracking the trends of what visitors are searching for, stock photo giant Shutterstock compiled information — in an infographic, both as seen as below and in an interactive format — to predict what trends will rise in 2015. For anyone interested in the design world, it’s a must-see, must-digest piece of information.

Like the 2014 edition, the 2015 trends chart explores trends in images, video and even music from around the globe. What are some of the highlights?

Shutterstock's Creative Trends for 2015

Changes in Perspectives

The rise of social media photo-sharing sites has increased our need for visual appeal on a worldwide scale. We want unique, we want different, we want imagery that captures emotion and portrays more than what’s seen on the surface.

This means that a perspective change is in place for 2015. Shots that use unique camera angles and look at ordinary objects from extraordinary perspectives are on the docket for this year. Especially big is the top view perspective. In fact, searches that include “top view” have increased by 66% over the past year.

Cultural Trends are Impacting Design

Anyone with a smartphone feels like an amateur designer. This means actual designers need to pay attention to the trends, because they’re becoming a cultural mainstay.

Trends to consider incorporating in everyday designs include the ever-important selfie, for which attention has risen by 2166% in the past year, wearable technology, Internet of Things, emojis and data science.

Personal perspectives, emoticons and infographics will matter this year more than ever if the trends are on point, which they seem to be.

Design Goes to the Video World

In the past, creative design and videography were two separate worlds. Today they have merged, a trend that will continue over the next year. Websites, social posts and professionally designed graphic art is no longer limited to a single medium; designers must now wear two hats.

The ease of capturing video and performing edits has also increased and will continue to do so throughout 2015. With this in mind, the top trends include animation, slow motion, aerial views, fashion and time lapse videos.

2014 was considered a big year for the creative world. However, with the predictions made by Shutterstock, it looks like 2015 may be even bigger. Pay attention to these and the other trends highlighted in the infographic below and look for ways to change your perspective for best results.

Shutterstock's Creative Trends for 2015

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