How to Make an Etsy Banner in 6 Easy Steps

Posted on June 16, 2021 | Updated on June 11, 2024

Etsy allows startup entrepreneurs to sell their products in a ready-made store. Fortunately, you can customize the look of your shop and start with solid branding from day one. Select from many different tools and styles you can tap into for how to make an Etsy banner.

Etsy saw massive growth between 2020 and 2021. Shoppers spent around $3.3 billion for a 118% increase. The company excluded sales of face masks and coverings, or the number would be even higher. With so many people turning to the site for solutions, now is an excellent time to ramp up the look of your Etsy store. 

The right banner is visually appealing and gives visitors an idea of your core values as a brand. People should be able to see what you sell at a glance. How to make an Etsy banner is a lot easier than you might expect. Simply follow our six easy steps to finish yours today.

1: Choose a Theme

Your first step is choosing a theme for your shop home. Users can’t visit a physical store, so you have to accomplish a lot with your virtual Etsy storefront. Select fonts, colors and photo styles so everything matches and you begin building brand recognition. 

It’s debatable whether you should create your banner first and choose a theme and color palette to match, or choose a theme and then create a banner utilizing those colors and fonts. There isn’t a right or wrong order, as long as the result looks planned and seamless. 

When deciding to make an Etsy banner, studying the work of other shop owners gives you plenty of ideas. Look for similar products as yours. You want a theme that makes you stand out but matches customer expectations.


Glass Art Stories uses a very light and uncluttered theme to highlight the images of their custom glass. Choosing a grid layout for their banner matches the grid layout of their inventory. It’s a bright look that makes one think of sunlight and fits the product perfectly.

2. Understand Placement

Before choosing how to make an Etsy banner for your store, understand the layout on the platform. You only have so much control over placement, and the sizing must match the site’s dimensions. 

Etsy places its logo in the upper left corner of your main store page to identify your shop as an Etsy store. Next, you’ll see the banner. Most sellers choose to hone in on photographs of their products as the profile logo appears directly under the banner. 

In an ideal world, your logo would be in the upper left corner of your page, but since it is already in the lower-left corner of the upper fold, it wouldn’t look right to put your logo on top of your banner on the same side. 

3. Choose a Design Tool

Another tip on how to make an Etsy banner involves choosing the best tool to match your personal design style. Some popular options include:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Canva
  • Paint
  • PicMonkey

If you have advanced design skills, Photoshop or Paint are your best bets for a custom look. However, you’ll have a learning curve, especially with Photoshop. If you’re a beginner, you’re better off using a site such as or These tools already have templates. 

You upload your photographs and images and drag and drop them into place. You’ll have your banner in minutes rather than hours. Choose sharp, high-quality images for the best results.


When looking for examples of great banners to show you how to make an Etsy banner, we came across this Nar Mag shop. We love the way they include their name in the center of their banner. With a centered name, it doesn’t conflict with the profile logo to the left, just under the banner. 

Note how unique the banner is, showing some old architecture to set the tone. Since the shop’s offerings constantly rotate between vintage finds, it makes more sense to go with an overall feel of yesteryear rather than highlighting specific products. 

4. Set Your Banner Dimensions

The e-commerce platform offers some tips for how to make an Etsy banner. For a big banner, choose 3360 by 840 pixels for high performance. The minimum your banner should be is 1200 by 300. 

You could also choose a mini banner if you want the focus on your shop icon and your listings. For a mini banner, go with 1200 by 160 pixels. 

Desktop users will see your listings above the fold with a mini banner, but mobile users will not. 

5. Limit Text

The Etsy store template already has text with the Etsy logo, your shop profile image and the other details on the page. Your banner should have no or minimal text. Use your tagline and product descriptions to get your message across. Focus mainly on images for your banner.


ODYSEA Store creates custom items for those who love the outdoors. They use their banner to highlight a couple of their most popular things. Although the products have some text, they add no additional words to their banner, letting their emblem and tagline stand out just under the photos. 

6. Upgrade to Plus

Once your store starts turning a profit, consider upgrading your store to Etsy Plus. You’ll gain some exciting features you can use to make your banner stand out even more. 

Learn how to make an Etsy banner, such as a collage where you feature four different pictures of your products to add more detail. Another benefit of plus is the carousel option. Your banner rotates between four images placed on a loop. Buyers can see your diverse offers or learn more about your story. 

Swap Your Banner Seasonally

As your inventory changes and the seasons shift, learn how to make your Etsy banner stand out by changing the look. Uploading a new banner takes minutes, so you can excite regular customers with a fresh take. As a result, new people will see you keep your store up-to-date and are more likely to follow you.

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