Best Places to Make a Graph Online for Free

Posted on May 17, 2024 | Updated on June 11, 2024

In business, visual data is vital for company leaders to make quick, precise decisions. However, you must present it in a way that’s easily readable and retainable for an audience. Whether you’re looking to make a compelling presentation or enhance your marketing materials, many online platforms allow you to make a graph online. The best part is that you can make them for free. Yet, having the right tools to create graphs makes all the difference.

When searching for the best platforms, knowing that each comes with its own features, design options and ease of use is crucial. Some may offer simple pie charts and bar graphs, while others may let you create complex data visualizations with customizability. Either way, you can tell a story with your data by finding the right tool for you.

1. Canva

Canva packs a powerful punch when designing graphs. With thousands of templates at your fingertips, creating a beautiful graph is as easy as selecting a design and plugging in your data. This saves time and inspires creativity, making your data presentation stunning and impactful.

It offers a variety of graph types, including bar, line, pie and more, so you can choose one to present your data in the way you need. Canva also allows you to add text, icons and images, offering full creative control to stay on brand or within your project’s theme. It even lets you share your design with team members to collaborate on projects. This way, your team can work together seamlessly and offer feedback to make changes.

However, Canva is best for creating simple designs. It’s unideal for those who need to work with more details or highly complex data visualizations. 

2. Google Sheets

Google Sheets is more than a spreadsheet tool — it’s also an efficient platform for creating different graphs. It’s great for those who work closely with data, enabling them to turn numbers into compelling visual representations.

You may enjoy working with this platform because it supports numerous graph types, from simple pie charts to complex scatter plots. You can even input data to show a time-lapse if you’re creating a presentation for your team members. An added convenience is that graphs automatically update as you adjust the data. Team members with access to your projects can see these updates in real-time, so they’re always up to date and on the same page.

Google Sheets does have a few limitations to consider, though. While it’s excellent for data manipulation and creating straightforward graphs, its customization options are the downfall for those looking for highly stylized or branded visuals. Additionally, it’s at a disadvantage for in-depth data visualization. It has limited ability to manage large data sets, making it less suitable for intricate data projects.

3. Venngage

Venngage is another online that’s making waves for all the right reasons. If you want to make your data visible and engaging, this tool is for you. It’s a favorite tool among professionals who want to make their information stand out.

Venngage is different from the rest because it acts as a storytelling tool. It offers a wide range of templates to help you craft professional designs. Therefore, you could easily create an annual report, a marketing plan or show off stats on social media. You can even customize them to add visual detail so you can charm your audience to keep their eyes on the design. Incorporating color is especially important since 90% of people use this to get a first impression of everything.

4. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a powerful online graphic design software that lets you create graphs and charts. With Adobe Express, you can deliver incredibly eye-catching information, and it’s all for free. The name Adobe could shy away beginner designers because of its complex design programs like Photoshop. However, Adobe Express is similar to Canva, making it user-friendly and accessible to those who aren’t design pros.

It comes loaded with templates and design assets that are just a few clicks away from turning your next project into a masterpiece. Therefore, Adobe Express has you covered when you need to make a pie chart to show off the latest sales figures. However, you can start from scratch if this is your preference. 

Another neat feature is its Brandify tool. With one click, you can apply your brand colors, logos and fonts across projects to maintain consistency without the headache. Additionally, it offers design features for days. For instance, you can choose from numerous fonts, add messaging and implement images for larger impact.

5. LiveGap Charts

LiveGap Charts is a hidden gem in the online graph-making world. This tool lets you whip up charts in seconds because of its straightforwardness. Right off the bat, you’ll notice how intuitive LiveGap Charts is. There’s no need to wade through complicated settings — chart creation is only a few clicks away.

While it might not have an endless library of templates, the ones it offers hit the spot. They’re fully customizable, too. You can adjust colors, fonts and borders to meet your project’s needs. Additionally, it has numerous chart options. From bar and line charts to more niche types, LiveGap offers many graphs to suit most needs. 

The best part is you can make a graph online for free with LiveGap. Therefore, you get a solid chart-making tool without having to dip into your budget.

6. Visme

If you’re looking for a tool to turn data into something eye-catching, Visme is it. Visme is an easy-to-use platform for those needing to create graphs that pop. Getting started is simple, as it’s easy for new users to know where to navigate. It’s also brimming with templates to kick-start your project. Whether you’re crafting a report or need to visualize data for your team, Visme is the tool you need. 

You can choose different charts and tweak them to match your style. Plus, importing data from elsewhere is seamless with the click of a button. Yet, it does pack a lot of features, which could be overwhelming to new users. Still, you can pick up on how it works once you start playing around with its capabilities. 

Visme has a library of free templates to get you started, but you’ll have to pay a premium subscription to unlock more enhanced features. This is one thing to keep in mind if you’re watching your budget or if you’re after those extra-special design touches.

Make a Stunning Graph Online for Free

Various tools are available to help you make a graph online, all while staying within your budget. Consider exploring these options to make your data come to life. Remember, not every tool may meet your project’s needs, so it’s important to test a few to ensure you find the right one.

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