Where Can I Find a Website Designer?

Posted on June 4, 2024 | Updated on June 11, 2024

Small business owners know that reaching your target audience takes a lot of preparation. You have to figure out who they are, analyze internal data about their preferences and come up with a message they’ll care about. Once you do grab their attention, you need a professional site to convert them into paying customers. You might wonder, “Where can I find a website designer?”

You can find a designer anywhere. Your best friend’s cousin’s ex-boyfriend offers to help. However, a designer and a skilled professional can be miles apart. If you want your website to hit all the right notes and draw in new users, you’ll need to find one who understands the ins and outs of small business design. 

Where Can I Find a Website Designer Fast?

If you’re in a rush to get your site started, you may want to opt for a simple landing page at first. Creating a brand image takes time. Your designer should work with you on your color palette and the personality you wish to project.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there are 216,700 website designers and developers in the United States. Some work for private companies, some own their own firms where they specialize in software development and still others freelance. 

Choosing a freelancer can keep costs low and give you quick turnaround time. Look for someone newer in the industry but still well-versed on standards. A college student who recently graduated from a design program or someone leaving an agency setting to strike out on their own are good options. Where can you find a website designer?

1. Network and Ask

Networking gives you an opportunity to meet like-minded business owners. Many towns offer a chamber of commerce membership and gatherings. Find out when yours meets or find another local group through social media.

Once you’ve made a few connections, ask others who they use for their web design needs. If you’re introverted and avoid asking people questions, stalk their websites and see if there is a company listed at the bottom of their page. 

2. Family and Friends

Let everyone know you’re looking for an excellent web designer on a budget. Someone in your extended family may have a child in school for design or someone who just started their own firm. While you may have to work with them a bit more to get the final look you desire, the price will likely be far less.

If you can grab a skilled designer while they’re still finishing training, you may get a high-end design for a fraction of the price. If things go well, hire them to oversee your website and manage it for you. 

3. Design Portfolio Sites

You can find a website designer almost anywhere, but you may have the best luck matching design styles through sites such as Medium and Dribbble. You’ll see their portfolio and what type of approach they take. If there is a design you love, let the person know and ask for a quote for a similar look.

A skilled designer will be able to work within your budget by adding only the elements you must have or training you to do some of the backend work yourself, such as adding content to pages. 

4. Third-Party Hiring Sites

Another option is turning to some of the third-party job listing sites, such as Fiverr and Upwork. You can either list the job and see who bids on it on Upwork or you can see reviews for designers and approach them with the job offer. 

Avoid people without reviews or poor ones. An excellent designer only helps you if they finish work on time. For example, you see a profile for a designer on Fiverr. Their portfolio of examples catches your eye. They’re very skilled and you love the finished look. You turn to the reviews to see what their past clients had to say and notice multiple complaints about them taking several weeks to finish a project. Perhaps someone says the lack of communication created issues. Run! Hire the freelancer with positive reviews about timeliness and delivery. 

5. Universities

Most community colleges offer a bulletin board where you can list jobs for students. You may need to get the school’s okay before adding info. Some schools even offer a job placement department and will get the word out for you.

Students need some experience for their resumes before they graduate. Working on your website offers an excellent price for you but gives them an opportunity to add to their design portfolio and later land a well-paying design job. 

6. Social Media

Social media serves two purposes for small businesses–promotion and a chance to find a website designer. Score.org reported that 90% of consumers go online to search for local goods and services. They utilize online reviews and websites to analyze the validity of a purchase. They point to the fact that 80% of small businesses use social media but only 51% have a website. It’s crucial to have a dedicated address where people can find you no matter what social platform you use to promote. 

Since the majority of people go on social media daily, it’s an excellent place to look for a website designer. Join groups about web design, look at pages for designers and pay attention to any ads after searching for a website designer in your area. 

7. Search Engines

A quick query for website designers in X area may turn up some local firms and solo freelancers looking for gigs. Pay attention to reviews on sites such as Yelp!, Glassdoor and Google. You can learn a lot about the work an agency does by digging into the details of what others say.

Once you have a handful of local designers and firms, go to each one’s website. Check out their list of clients. Do you like the designs? Reach out to their clients and ask if they’re happy with the job the person does for them.

Finally, send a message to your top three choices and ask for a bid on the job. Ask some pertinent questions. Pay attention to how long it takes them to respond and the level of professionalism. You want a designer with excellent communication skills so you can hash out the project together. 

Where Else Can I Find a Website Designer?

If the methods above fail to find the right person, look at sites such as WordPress.org, Wix and Shared WordPress hosting sites. You may be able to tap into their website builder programs and create something that works until you find a professional website design you want to work with. You can always change your design as your company grows. Although a professional site adds to your brand image, getting something up to put information in the hands of potential clients is the best first step. 

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