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Posted on October 26, 2022 | Updated on October 26, 2022

The reasons for putting on a webinar range from expanding brand awareness to getting important information to the masses. No matter the objective, you want your presentation to stand out to audiences. Finding stellar webinar graphics is your first step to a memorable webinar. 

Your first instinct may be to find free webinar graphics. After all, the more money you save, the more you keep as profit. However, free ones may not cover what you need. Your best bet is to go with a mix of free and paid images so you create a truly unique and memorable look.

Tips for Using Webinar Graphics

Marketing Charts reports webinars as one of the top demand generation tactics when used at the top of the sales funnel. Around 77% of marketers are now using it as part of their content marketing efforts. 

The more companies that realize how effective webinars are in attracting new leads, the more noise will enter the digital space. You’ll compete for the attention of a limited pool of consumers. Ensuring your presentations are visually appealing and packed with valuable information will improve your return on investing (ROI). 

Your first step is figuring out the best platform to use to present your webinar. Then, you can build it and add in the webinar graphics that make it shine. To save you time, we’ve gathered some of the top places to find visuals. 

1. Vecteezy

One of our favorite places to track down webinar graphics is Vecteezy. They have a category just for those wanting images for video presentations. You can also sort through what they have by topic and then filter down to free, pro or editorial use.

You’ll find backgrounds and title pages. Just plug in your logo and details to personalize it. The front screen of the webinar serves as part of your promotional efforts to get the word out, so going with something professional looking helps draw viewers in. 

2. Etsy

When you think of Etsy, your first thought might be handmade items. However, the online retailer actually has a ton of options for virtual backgrounds. Use a green screen and add a unique background to add a touch of professionalism. 

Using virtual backgrounds allows you to create your webinar anywhere imaginable but add a cityscape, beautiful landscape or other details you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Is your office cluttered and you don’t have time to tidy up? No worries, just use a virtual backdrop as part of your webinar graphics. 

3. Canva

Want to take your visual aid webinar graphics to another level? You don’t need much design experience to create something useful at Canva.com.  Take your complex data and turn it into graphics so people can better understand your main points.

A mix of text, images and audio will give your webinar an edge. If people walk away feeling as though they understand the topic better, you’ve done your job.

Canva offers numerous templates. You just plug the specifics into the pre-made visual and tweak the colors to match your brand’s palette. 

4. Freepik

Check out Freepik for ideas on how to create fliers and digital promotions for your upcoming webinar. The site offers both free and premium images. If you’re on a tight budget, search for free. If you have a little to spend, add some visuals that are a bit more professional and unique. 

In addition to images meant specifically to be used for webinar graphics, you’ll find just about any type of visual you can imagine to fill in gaps, add details and showcase data visualizations. 

5. Dribbble

As a repository for all types of design work, you’ll love Dribbble to help inspire you for your webinar images. Check out case studies as well as a few templates, where you can plug in your own details and have an instantly professional webinar look. 

Another advantage of finding graphics on a site made by fellow designers is that you’ll find popular trends. Gather inspiration for your own webinar designs by seeing what’s most popular and trying new design tractics. 

Is something you want to design just a bit out of your reach? Dribbble also connects you with other designers. You can hire someone to do something small or for an entire custom design for your project. 

6. Envato Elements

Envato Elements has one of the nicest collections of webinar templates we’ve seen. You’ll find flyer mockups, webinar banners, landing pages, brochures and social media story templates. 

You can add so much to your presentation with elements on this site, including sound and fonts. Search through their photos to find the perfect background for your video presentations. Add music, show clips from stock videos and grab graphic templates. 

Mix and Match

Don’t feel you have to get all your webinar graphics from one website. You can mix and match what makes the most sense for your class. For example, you might buy a premade template for your opening screenshot and then use a photo for the background while you’re speaking. You might then add some visual aids you created on canva and set a couple slides to music. 

The key to a successful webinar is planning and being willing to add the extra flairs that show you put time and effort into the presentation. With a bit of effort, your ROI for your webinar will increase and you’ll gain new leads and loyal fans.

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