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Posted on September 11, 2015 | Updated on June 11, 2024

Are you preparing for a pitch or presentation and looking for fresh design mockup kits to showcase your work? Thanks to the many creative — and very generous — folks in our community, there are a vast abundance of free kits with which you can test your designs any way you like.

Here are seven of my hand-picked favorites:

(Please note, while all of the entries in this list are free to use for personal or commercial projects, some of the creators may have special terms regarding proper crediting or prohibiting the sale of their work. Be sure to check each artist’s page for additional information.)

1. A Workspace Illustrations Kit (AI, PNG, PSD, EPS, SVG)

The Elegant Vector Kit includes 60 fully-customizable illustrations of various items that might be found in a web or graphic designer’s workspace. You’ll find everything from desktop computers and cameras, to Moleskine notebooks, art supplies, headphones, and much more.

Each illustration is finely detailed and comes in five different formats for application in any graphics software. Use these to bring an extra charm to your posters, webpages, or any other project!

workspace illustration

2. iPhone 6 Plus Mockup With 3 Photo Filters (Retro, Vignette, Urban)

Are you curious to see what your logo or UI would look like on an iPhone? Of course you are, because you already know that everything looks good on an iPhone. Apple’s standardized and iconic smartphone design makes it a perfect mockup for graphic designers, as it never draws the eye away from what’s on the screen.

The mockup comes with three free filters, which can be used individually or in tandem with each other. It’s very easy to edit, and free for both personal and commercial use!


3. Wallderful Frame Mockups (PSD)

This freebie caught my eye for its simple workspace aesthetic and impressive level of customization. Choose from 3 movable frame sizes and 7 texture variations for each one — or you can remove the frame altogether.

There’s even a helpful video tutorial that explains all of the features. Whichever configuration you decide to go with, this classy mockup will be a terrific complement to your design.


4. CV Mockup on Desk (PSD)

The CV Mockup is a simple resume template well-suited for designers, developers, and photographers. Sections are formatted to maximize readability and help ensure a pleasant experience for any prospective employer.

The inclusion of many easily-recognizable icons throughout the template keep it from being too plain or officious, which makes the CV Mockup a terrific choice — professional, yet still fun to read.

cv desk

5. Vintage Cameras & B-Cards MockUp Templates

Here’s a photorealistic mockup that includes two stacks of business cards and two vintage cameras. The scene elicits a feeling of nostalgia and familiarity that will lend credibility to your design. Besides, old cameras just look cool!

You can choose from two views, perspective and top-down. Apply your design via smart object and change the color of the business card to suit your needs.

vintage camera

6. Square Book Mockup (PSD)

Here is a simple but very crisp square book mockup which will make any design look dignified and professional. You can display your art on the cover or on an open page — just place it in either one of the two moveable, smart objects and voila! This one is bound to impress during your next presentation. After all, what wouldn’t look great on a printed book?


7. 16 PSD Mock Ups

This set of 16 unique mockups represents a tremendous value. The photos are brilliantly populated with objects both modern and antiquated, giving them a rustic, grounded and relatable feel. Showcase your designs on tablets, laptops, glassware, or on wood grain, just to name a few.

I hope that you’ll take advantage of these generous creators’ gifts to you. Never forget, designers, ours is a community that loves to share and help one another. There are tons of free resources available online that can really make your work stand out at your next pitch or presentation.

Don’t forget to give back, too, if you can! Allow other designers to benefit from your creativity just as you have. If you have any mockups of your own that you think might help the rest of the community — and if you can afford it, of course — then set them free!

16 psd

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