7 Tutorials to Embrace the Hand Lettering Trend

Posted on June 14, 2016 | Updated on November 29, 2022

Hand lettering is taking over blogs and personal brands everywhere. Take a look at the logo for a variety of blogs, and you’ll see the brand name written in a cursive, handwritten font. This is a trend that’s quickly gaining momentum.

Why is this trend so popular? For one, it looks great. The design is smooth and simple, and it gives your blog a professional but inviting look. The handwritten image complements other design elements on your website, too, without it being the focal point.

It also makes your brand more personal. Since everyone has different handwriting styles, it makes your logo unique — and it breaks up the monotony of seeing the same generic font over and over again.

Ready to try your hand at it? Here are seven tutorials to help you get started:

1. Angie Makes

7 Tutorials to Help You Embrace the Hand Lettering Trend

Angie’s Pinterest board is full of great hand-lettered images, so she’s certainly done her research. Angie’s tutorial teaches you how to use a paint brush to create your own unique design. Then, she teaches you how to scan your design into Photoshop, where you can touch it up and make it look more professional.

The tutorial also shows you which paint brush to use and how to use it to get different levels of thickness for your design. If you’re interested in getting a fantastic handwritten image for your project, you’ll definitely want to check out this tutorial.

2. Hello Brio

7 Tutorials to Help You Embrace the Hand Lettering Trend

Hello Brio is another tutorial that’ll teach you how to write out your design and then edit in Photoshop. This tutorial teaches you how to create your design with a Sharpie — which you probably have laying around the house.

After you write out your blog name a few times — or whatever wording or phrasing you’d like, Hello Brio shows you how to scan it to Photoshop and edit the one you like the best.

3. Melyssa Griffin

7 Tutorials to Help You Embrace the Hand Lettering Trend

Are you panicking because you don’t own a scanner? Have no fear! Melyssa Griffin’s tutorial will show you how to create the same hand-lettered design without scanning it to your computer.

Griffin uses her iPhone to capture her design, and then she emails it to herself. From here, she can save it to her computer and use some editing magic to create a professional design. You can learn how to do all of this in her tutorial!

4. Laurensius Adi

7 Tutorials to Help You Embrace the Hand Lettering Trend

If you’re interested in adding your hand lettering to some kind of image rather than simply using it at the top of a blog or as a logo, check out this tutorial. It has very detailed step-by-step instructions of the entire process.

You’ll learn how to add some texture to your letters and then put your design on an image. Soon, you’ll have an artistic masterpiece as fantastic as the ones you admire online.

5. Earl Grey Creative

7 Tutorials to Help You Embrace the Hand Lettering Trend

Earl Grey’s tutorial takes hand-lettering design to the next level. This tutorial teaches you how to make the design a bold, golden color. This color looks good on any washed image, and it makes the design really stand out.

Earl Grey takes you through the entire process. And don’t worry — if gold doesn’t match your brand colors, you’ll still learn how to turn your design into the color or pattern you desire.

6. June Letters

7 Tutorials to Help You Embrace the Hand Lettering Trend

This June Letters tutorial will also teach you how to take your handwritten design and make it pop on a background image. This tutorial explains in detail the Photoshop tools you’ll have to use to do what you need to. You’ll be able to adapt this process to create the perfect image for enhancing your blog or other project.

7. Go Media

7 Tutorials to Help You Embrace the Hand Lettering Trend

Go Media’s tutorial teaches you different Photoshop methods to get a sharp design. If you’re handwriting isn’t that neat, you don’t have to worry. You can create smooth, flawless lettering from almost anything with this tutorial!

After looking through a few of these tutorials, you’ll know what you need to personalize your brand with a stunning, hand-lettered design. Have fun and happy creating!

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