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Designerly Magazine is a online publication dedicated to helping designers, marketers and business leaders of various levels in all industries. Our staff represents creatives from the B2B and B2C markets, as well as solopreneurs and former managing creative directors. We explore the top evergreen trends within our industry and showcase the up-and-coming ones designers should pay attention to.

Designerly is a resource for gaining skills in all aspects of design work. It was founded in 2014 by a group of designers in various industries, some of whom own their own companies. This site offers tips for all levels of creatives, from the beginner to the experienced professional. 

Whether you're a graphic artist, website designer, photographer, filmmaker or business owner, we help people in every phase of their careers. 

Business owners appreciate articles such as VR Is Changing How We're Doing Business, and artists learn How to Design 3D Art. If you want to know about graphic design, understand website management or gather business tips, you’ll find entries in our blog. We add new material every week, too!

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Our Mission

Here at Designerly, we are committed to designing, innovating, learning and growing alongside our fellow designers.

Designing: Discover beginner concepts such as the best website layout templates or delve into more advanced subject matter, such as how to use specific software.

Innovating: At Designerly, we stay up-to-date with the latest tech innovations and look at how they impact your work as a designer.

Learning: Our content includes tutorials and links to some of the best learning materials on the web.

Growing: The staff at Designerly is open to learning new concepts and bringing our readers the material they most need.

Our Team

The Designerly staff is committed to providing well-researched and ongoing learning resources to you. We're dedicated to educating our readers on key design concepts, showcasing strategic marketing plans while also fostering a strong company culture.

Eleanor Hecks


Eleanor Hecks

Eleanor is the Editor-in-Chief and Head Design Writer for Designerly Magazine.

Coraline Steiner

Senior Editor

Coraline Steiner

Coraline is the Senior Editor and Tech Writer for Designerly Magazine. 

Cooper Adwin

Assistant Editor

Cooper Adwin

Cooper is the Assistant Editor and Social Media Writer for Designerly Magazine.


Chief Bark Officer


Bear is the Chief Bark Officer and greeter for Designerly Magazine.

Grow Your Business

Through our online magazine, Designerly showcases some of the best examples of design work and gives you tips on how to apply them to your projects. We support creative types and business owners through all career stages.






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