The Top Examples of a Business Card Mockup

Posted on January 3, 2022 | Updated on July 17, 2023

A business card mockup saves time and effort when you’re trying to wow clients with a design. Mockups show a rendering of what the finished product looks like. You can use various styles, but the key is to consider how the client is most likely to utilize their card and present it in a similar way.

The first business cards may have been calling cards, invented by the Chinese in the 1400s and popular amongst merchants. Although much of the world has gone digital, people still tend to exchange these tiny cards for staying in touch and connecting with new business prospects. 

As with all the other design elements of a business, owners want a professional card that speaks to what they’re about as a brand. The right business card mockup sets the tone for the rest of a company’s interactions with customers. A ready-made mockup lets your client see exactly how the finished product might look with the business’ information.

Here are some of our favorite mockup examples. You’ll likely find something that works well for your clients. If not, some online printers offer dozens of options to give you ideas. Customize with your clients’ brand colors, images and information. 

1. White Business Card Examples

white business card mockup

A set of five white business card mockups show the front and back of your design. Use Photoshop to plug your design in place and gain the advantage of already having the display available.

Although the designs are white, you can plug any color design on top of what’s there, and it looks incredible. The contrast of darker colors makes your design pop against the white background. 

Price: $16 for commercial license

2. Vertical Business Card Display

vertical business card mockup example

If you’re looking for a mockup for a vertical business card design, this one is gorgeous. Note the natural textures of the background and the non-competing elements at the edges of the image. The composition of this mockup works perfectly to emphasize your business card mockup without keeping things too plain. 

Price: $16.50 per month subscription

3. Isometric Business Card Mockup

isometric business cad mockup

This gorgeous and free mockup makes the front of the business card look as though it’s floating over the back. The client can see what the finished product looks like, but the emphasis goes to the front of the card and the beautiful eye-catching design. Plug your card designs into the mockup and present them to your client for a truly stunning and professional edge. 

Price: FREE

4. Business Card Mockup & Template

soft business card mockup and template

The Business Card Mockup & Template set from Creative Market may be one of the most versatile sets we’ve seen. Not only can you create gorgeous mockups to capture the attention of prospective clients, but you’ll gain a business card template to save you hours of design work. Mockups are Photoshop-compatible and Templates Adobe Illustrator compatible. 

Price: $14.00

5. Adobe Stock Mockups

adobe stock business card mockup

If you subscribe to Adobe Stock Images, head on over to the site and do a search for “business card mockup.” You’ll find numerous options, including the orange background with the stacked business cards pictured above. We love this look for its unique qualities and eye-catching pop of coral. This particular mockup works particularly well with white or lighter business card designs.

The stock photo site also offers designs with rounded edges, cards stacked on top of one another, wood backgrounds, and card compilations, such as the set on a pretty tray with flowers. 

Price: A month-to-month commitment to Adobe stock subscription is $29.99 per month. 

6. Food Box and Biz Cards Design

food business card mockup

For your restaurant clients, we adore this food box with two cards placed next to it to show the front and back of your design. Using a mockup such as this one gives your design an extra pop competing designs may not have. We believe this design is best suited for Asian-themed eateries, but you could potentially use it with other types of cuisine, too. 

Price: $14.95 per month for access

7. Business Cards on a Clip

business cards on a clip

Who doesn’t adore this business card mockup on a sunny yellow background with business cards displayed on a small red clip? Those who want to showcase the front of a card would find this mockup perfect. You could also swap out the background and clip color, use one mockup for the front, and then showcase the back on a different color palette. 

Price: FREE

8. Raised Card Template & Mockup

raised card mockup

The textures of this mockup set it apart from others in this collection. Note again you’ll gain both a business card template and a mockup. There are around 25 files in the set, compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud products. 

Showcase your design on a veined leaves background or a solid green wall. The raised wordmark on the front of the card creates an elegant business card design. 

How Do I Make Business Card Mockups?

Although there are online wizards you can use for your mockups, investing in a set gives you the flexibility and freedom to share your designs with clients and offer options. Using common sites may result in your client getting a mockup from a couple of different designers with the same look. Set your unique designs apart with original mockups you can tweak into a custom design. 

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