Business Card Templates: Our Top 6 Choices

Posted on March 2, 2021 | Updated on October 28, 2022

Although many business functions have gone digital in recent years, there is one thing people still print and share—business cards. The number one thing you need is basic information about you and your role in the company. Look for business card templates that include contact information.

The Chinese invented calling cards back in the 1400s. They were also popular among merchants and traders. During the Victorian era, people left their visiting cards when they called on friends who were unavailable for a visit as a way of showing they’d stopped by. Are business cards still relevant today? 

There is something about holding a piece of paper in your hand and tucking the information away for a call at a later time. The average business person meets dozens of people in a day. Remembering all the names and professions isn’t easy. If you leave them with a card to refer to, they are much more likely to use your services. 

It’s easy to find the perfect business card template and design your own. No matter your style or the company’s personality, you’ll find a layout you love. We’ve selected six business cards templates to get you started. Some are through specific printers with online wizards to add your personal touch. Others can be used with a design program such as Photoshop and sent to the printer.

1. Minimalist Business Cards Templates

One of the best choices is a minimalist calling card. By keeping only the most pertinent information, you create a striking look. Imagine the person you handed it to had another 10 cards to go through at the end of the day. The elegant, simplistic design of yours will draw them in and make them pick up your card over the others.


Vistaprint offers a variety of templates, but we love the simplistic design of this one. The screenshot shows a black background, but they offer a few other options, such as blue, yellow and white. Put your name where the “H” is, or go with the initials of your company. Although this business card template allows you to add in elements, keep things straightforward and add contact info to the card’s back.

2. Vertical Photo Background

When looking for business cards templates, you want to stand out. A vertical design is a refreshing change. Add a photo background to any design, and you have a show-stopper.


This vertical photo background business card template puts the focus on the image on the card. It works well for real estate agents, models and local personalities. If you have something people identify with, such as a local landmark, this kind of background is the perfect choice for your next card. 

3. Retro

Some businesses cry out for a vintage look. If you embrace everything 1970s, or people think about nostalgia when they think of your brand, then a retro design might be the perfect choice to reach new clients. 


This free vintage template from Dribbble comes as an Ai file. The template is fully editable and gives you a standard business card size of 3.5 x 2 inches. The resolution is only 300 dpi; however, there are only geometric elements, so it should print clearly for most people’s purposes. You can use the file free for commercial and personal reasons, but the creator requests a backlink. 

4. Modern Geometric

If you want to show people your company is on top of the latest trends, a sign with geometric elements showcases a modern bent.  You can utilize the angles of various lines to push attention where you want it to go.


If you’re looking for business cards templates with a contemporary edge, this one uses both geometric patterns and offers a spot for a photograph. The use of complementary colors blue and yellow provides a sharp juxtaposition that pulls the reader’s gaze to the company name on the front of the card. There is a small fee to license the template. 

5. Conversational Business Card Template

There are times when you want to seem as approachable as possible. Your business card says a lot about your conversational style. If you want people to see you as warm and welcoming, look for a card that invites a phone call. Go with a more casual approach, as formal cards can come across as stuffy.


This conversational business card features a speech bubble to show you are ready to greet the person and have a conversation. The card has a flat design, as you see on many of today’s websites. It is simple but makes a huge impact. The background is dark, but there are pops of yellow to grab user attention. The design comes with editable formats of Photoshop PSD and Vector EPS. The template is free for personal use. 

6. Red and Black

The striking design of red and black grabs attention. The majority of business cards seem to use blues, grays and black and white. However, adding a pop of red brings some power to your design. When you combine the red and black on a white background, the result is even more attention-grabbing.


This red and black business card design has a professional edge while also making a bold statement. The front features a log, business name and tagline with just some bursts of red. The back offers the person’s name and contact information without the distraction of any additional elements. If your brand’s color palette already includes black and red, this is the perfect design for your networking needs. 

Finding Your Perfect Business Cards Templates 

The best business card template for you is the one reflecting the tone of your business. Whether you use your logo on social media, your storefront or a business card, the look and feel should remain consistent. You want people to recognize your brand and feel you are reliable no matter where they interact. Your business card has to say a lot in a little space, so choose wisely.

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