14 Neon Fonts to Light Up Your Design

Posted on September 17, 2023 | Updated on October 30, 2023

What is fascinating about neon fonts is that any font could turn into a glowing, hot pink sign if you are a skilled enough designer. Perfecting the stretch of the glow and precision of the inside text is a fascinating balance. The standard serif could turn heads in front of a nightclub with enough pizazz. However, there are some quintessential elements to neon signs that many recognize, which we will analyze today. 

You could design for a restaurant, dog-grooming service, or upscale night club. It doesn’t matter because neon is truly timeless. These neon fonts will provide that classic, 80’s vibe you’re going for, especially if you have a client looking to light up their customers with intrigue and excitement.

1. Bayshore

Courtesy of iFonts

It is easy to imagine this font as shining glass tubes. Bayshore has the informal, handwritten vibes that give it an easy-on-the-eyes feel. It is stylized enough to where it won’t confuse readers, and vanilla enough to be used for designs outside of neon. You could easily see this as the title for a retro film or spread out across the chest on an awesome band tee.

Cost: Free

2. Neon Lights

Courtesy of DaFont

You can’t get more on the nose than a font called Neon Lights. This font has a more angular, bubble-letter look. To make it interesting, it has appealing  lines in letters like G and N. The font has special characters like several currency symbols and letters with every accent you could ask for. There are no lowercase options in this font set, but why would you want them when the font stands out so gloriously in capital letters?

Cost: Free

3. Neonisans Monoline

Courtesy of DFonts

If you’re comparing the first two fonts on this list, this is a delightful blend of both. It isn’t angular as you would expect certain neon sights, but it has defined lines with nice curves to make it modern — as the name suggests — while being nostalgic. It has upper and lowercase options that seamlessly connect through lower lines. This font is perfect for translating into an actual neon sign. The numbers and special characters do not do this, but if you’re using this font to make an actual sign, it should make the process simpler.

Cost: Free

4. Selfie 

Courtesy of DaFontFree

The bold and curvy lines of Selfie would make a memorable neon font design. Though most of the images demonstrate the font slanted, it is flexible. Use this to craft a flyer for an upcoming coffee shop gig or an ad for the front pages of your website discussing your next sale. The extended font family for commercial use includes Selfie Light, Standard, Black, Printed, and Flag variants.

Cost: Free for personal use and $19.80 per style for commercial licenses.

5. Lost Wages

Courtesy of DaFont

Lost Wages brings the tube-like style mixed with a little space-age inspiration. It comes at sharp angles with sweeping curves. A straight line above the lowest point pierces the letters for an eye-catching look. The pack has fewer special characters — only the lone ampersand. However, it has a variety of accented letters so you can craft a sci-fi book jacket or thematic restaurant sign with this hip neon font.

Cost: Free

6. Hastron

Courtesy of Fonts2U

This unassuming script font looks like it could be in the same family as Bayshore but with thinner lines. Hastron is not as wide as some other neon fonts, giving you more options for utilizing space. The cursive handwriting is perfect for beachy tourist attractions or as a header for a website. 

Cost: Free

7. Fuse

Courtesy of ByFonts

The image for this font says it all — it looks great in every color, especially with the rectangular border on it to highlight its style. The gaps and multi-line design makes it one of the more unique options on this list. Because of the way it’s laid out, even lights won’t blur its edges. 

Cost: Free

8. Neon Ballroom

Courtesy of DaFontFree

Neon Ballroom is like the sibling to Fuse, but it is filled in. It also takes a more modern twist with the cut-off lines within letters, creating more distinct visuals. Because of this layout, it is easy to conceptualize how the colors would radiate from the center lines to give that neon font aesthetic you’re going for.

Cost: Free for personal use

9. Zapped Sticks

Courtesy of FontMeme

Imagine neon lights stacked on top of each other — there you have the appropriately jazzy Zapped Sticks. Despite its trippy appearance, when you put lights around the letters, it shines wonderfully and distinctively. The layered effect provides a pop to standard neon fonts, making it jump off the page with more dimension — especially if you’re using this in print or digital mediums.

Cost: Free

10. Lineat III

Courtesy of FontShut

Lineat III is ready to provide neon lights to every industry. The design is intended for everyone, from sports and entertainment to industrial niches. The fun-filled lines end in sharp corners like a curling wave to give it more nuanced interest. The font looks good surrounded in neon colors and lights or plain and by itself. 

Cost: Free for personal use and starting at $19 for commercial use

11. Yasemin

Courtesy of FontSpring

This font is more decorative than your standard swirling, script fonts. It has an edge appearance. Letters have lingering lines, extending some across the length of the word. Some of the tails interweave and all of the capital letters have curls that wrap around the left side. Imagine this font on a stylish business card or gift bag, and it would grip anyone’s attention.

Cost: $24

12. Las Enter

Courtesy of DaFont

The name of this font does make it feel like it would be the sign welcoming tourists to Las Vegas. It is one of the most voguish of the bunch, looking good in all differentiations, whether it’s italics, bold, or underlined. Angle it however you want to excite viewers into thinking they’re about to head into a party, regardless of what this neon font says.

Cost: Free for personal use or $69 for a commercial license

13. VV Neonica

Courtesy of MyFonts

This isn’t just a single font — it’s a whole collection. In the display image, you can see how one font translates to provide variation in a single design. The font package also includes the decorative elements like clouds and guitars to dress the background of your design. If you’re looking for a comprehensive package, this is the neon font for you.

Cost: $1.83 per style

14. Electric Holic

Courtesy of FontSpace

This unique neon light font includes dots to add extra glitz to the design. It looks more electric, resembling circuitry. The font works best in larger sizes so viewers can see the finer details, so large signage and advertisements are the way to go when using this neon font.

Cost: Free for personal use and commercial use requires a subscription

Jazz Up Creations With Neon Fonts

Neon fonts are a solid, thrilling choice for appropriate designs. With a few curves, a gentle script could provide a flashy elegance. More squared-off edges give that futuristic aesthetic a client might crave. Whatever the mission, these neon fonts deliver variety and inspiration, whether you’re making a traditional sign or an innovative banner ad. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider adding an animation to make the font glow literally as viewers enjoy its radiance.

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