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Posted on February 11, 2020 | Updated on December 17, 2020

Modern advertising has shifted toward the digital world, but the best marketers understand there is still a place for print. In the U.S, print advertising is a $24.66 billion industry. Although revenue has fallen slightly in recent years during digitization’s growth, the amount spent is reasonably steady.

Different types of print advertising create opportunities digital campaigns merely can’t. It’s essential to be aware of your options to balance your marketing strategy accordingly.

1. Postcards

When you think of different types of print advertising, postcards might not come to mind right away. However, they’re a great way to get direct mail to your target audience without spending a ton of money.

Offer a free consultation to a specific group of homeowners, for example. Again, make sure you create professional-looking postcards and give them a strong call-to-action (CTA).

2. Magazines

Despite the advancement of technology, this content remains a useful type of advertising. Between 2017 and 2018, 62% of magazine ads located within the last quarter of content led people to take action.

Get the most out of your print ads by seeking out magazines that reach the same target audience. This process may require a bit of research on your part. You can double the effectiveness by seeking out an organization that also has an online presence.

3. Newspapers

Newspapers are one of the types of print advertising that’s relatively affordable for small businesses. You’ve likely noticed some local service companies posting in the classifieds section.

This tactic is a good way to reach new customers without spending big bucks. As a bonus, many people turn to this section when looking for workers, such as a handyman or plumber.

4. Billboards

Billboards reach a wide range of people and work particularly well for local businesses. For example, real estate companies, heating and cooling services and restaurants all benefit from getting their name out there. With the right strategy, citizens will know who they are and frequent often.

Use a series of messages to grab the attention of drivers. Some companies add a bit of mystery leading up to a big reveal. If you can entertain people, they are more likely to remember your brand name. Billboards are considered a large scale type of print advertising available.

5. Flyers

When you’re getting started, flyers are a great way to get the word out about events, like a grand opening. Local libraries, laundromats and the post office will often allow you to hang notices on a public announcement board. You can also stuff newspaper boxes with flyers. This method takes a little time but may be the best option when you’re on a tight budget.

Flyers are one of the simplest types of print advertising. Just make sure yours looks professional. Even though you’re on a budget, you want nearby customers to see you’re serious about the work you do. As your promotional wallet grows, invest in a graphic designer to take your designs to the next level.

6. Signage

The signage outside your store is one of the types of print advertising you often forget about. However, great branding can bring foot traffic into your place of business and grow revenue.

Signs get customers’ attention, plus you can use smaller designs for a grand opening, special sale or new arrivals.

7. Books

When you think of types of print advertising, do you consider books? A nonfiction piece shows you’re an expert in your field and gets your name out there.

Gift books to your favorite customers and the local library. Don’t forget to upload an electronic copy online. For example, if you run a small greenhouse, you might write something detailing the family history of the farm. You can also offer a few recipes with some of your popular herbs.

8. Event Banners

An excellent way to get the word out about your event is at conferences, trade shows and local community fairs. In addition to handing out some of the other material you’ve printed, think about how event banners advertise your brand.

Banners must be visible from the end of an aisle as well as up close, so you’ll want different sizes. Think about how you can get people to interact after the event. For example, you can add a memorable hashtag or hand out brochures and business cards.

9. Whitepapers

White papers dig into detailed stats and information about your business and industry. They’re of interest to other companies, people in your line of work and customers. They can also be one of the types of print advertising in your marketing strategy if you focus on potential customers.

For example, say you sell home security systems. You might offer a whitepaper on crime statistics in the area and how to avoid home robberies.

10. Door Hangers

When promoting your business, start in a radius around your central location and expand from there. Canvas the neighborhoods around you and place door hangers that advertise who you are and what you do. Print thousands of door hangers to market your brand cost-effectively.

Decide on a purpose for the hangers. Do you want to introduce your organization and let neighbors know you’re there? Is there a special offer that might bring new people in? Do you want to remind potential leads about the importance of your service?

11. Brochures

In one study, researchers found around 85% of visitors learn about a business after picking up a brochure. Therefore, this method is still highly effective when comparing types of print advertising.

Using brochures offers benefits such as building trust with clients. You can add testimonials and relevant before and after photos. Plus, they’re inexpensive to print and easy to hand out, whether you do so physically or mail them.

12. Vehicle Wraps

Do you ever see cars on the road adorned with text and graphics? These vehicle wraps are an excellent marketing tactic to get your name out on the road.

Although you pay a small fee upfront, a high-quality vinyl will withstand weather and offer a traveling billboard for years.

Test Out Different Types of Print Advertising

Try out the different types of print advertising listed above and track the results. Create separate offers or landing pages so that you know which kind of marketing brought customers your way.

Keep the things that work best for your business and replace those that don’t. With a little practice and perseverance, your brand will grow.

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