How to Learn Web Development With Python

Posted on October 9, 2023 | Updated on October 9, 2023

If you want to learn web development with Python, you’re in luck – the Internet is full of helpful resources for teaching yourself to code, even if you’re a complete beginner. Python is a powerful programming language for web development, especially for back-end, developer-facing functionality. It’s a very beginner friendly language, but it’s natural to be a little overwhelmed at first. 

Where do you start learning Python? How can you teach yourself web development? This guide explains the basic learning pathway, what you can use Python for and some top resources for self-taught developers. 

Web Development With Python: Overview

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world thanks to its open source, beginner-friendly nature. It’s among the top programming languages used for web development, second only to JavaScript. 

The two aren’t competitors, though. Most websites and web applications use a combination of languages, such as HTML and CSS for the bones, JavaScript for the front end, and Python for the back end. 

If you want to learn web development with Python, you’ll probably want to learn JavaScript, HTML and CSS at some point, as well. However, Python alone is a great place to start. It’s a fun and approachable language you can use for all kinds of projects. As an object oriented programming language, Python is also very easy for beginners to tackle, so don’t be afraid if you’re completely new to coding. 

Basic Python Learning Pathway

First, you’ll need to learn the bare basics of Python, such as the components of a Python program, the different data types, functions, blocks and more. After familiarizing yourself with the basics, dive into Django. 

This is a framework for Python, like a toolbox of helpful programming components. Django is extremely popular in web development with Python, used for everything from basic website functions to API and app development. Along with Django, you should also learn how to use Flask, another web-focused framework for Python. 

You’ll do most of your web development training using Django and Flask. They significantly simplify the process of building web content and apps. So, if you take the time to learn these two frameworks, web development with Python becomes almost as simple as putting building blocks together. 

Different Uses for Python in Web Development

Everyone has their own learning pathway in web development. Some people start with HTML and CSS for front end dev while others dive into Python for back end development. Even within Python itself there are many different approaches you can take in your coding journey. 

For instance, you might be more interested in building APIs rather than websites. What you’re interested in doing with Python will have a big impact on how you learn the language and its frameworks and libraries. 

You can even dive into data science niches of Python, such as working with SQL and databases. This is especially helpful for aspiring professional web developers. Many big companies use Python on their sites today. For example, Netflix relies heavily on Python for everything from their databases to their security. 

You can also use Python to make apps, create an email service, manage network administration tasks and more. 

All of these different applications for Python in web development are intermediate and advanced, though. Usually the best place to start is with your first website. It doesn’t have to be anything special. It could simply be a website dedicated to a show or movie you like or a simple portfolio website. The important part is coding it yourself. 

In this first project, you’ll learn to weave together the different web development languages. You’ll start with HTML then code the back end of your website with Python and the front end with JavaScript and CSS. You can even use a framework called Pyscript to bypass the need for JavaScript, although it’s still helpful to learn basic JavaScript. 

Resources for Learning Web Development With Python

So, how do you actually begin learning a programming language? There are many approaches you can take. For example, some people who want to become professional programmers take a coding bootcamp, a fast-paced course that trains you for a coding career. Other people attend a college or university to get a degree in computer science. 

You don’t need to go college or a bootcamp to learn to code, though. Many professional developers are self-taught. In fact, Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, was a college dropout! So, teaching yourself web development with Python or any other programming language can lead to long-term success. 

The self-teaching route is also good if you just want to code for fun or if you aren’t sure if you’ll like coding or not. Luckily, there are plenty of great resources for self-teaching online. A few free educational websites are particularly good for web development beginners: 

  • Mozilla Web Docs: Mozilla, the developer of the Firefox browser, has a fantastic developer website with a complete course in basic web development. It’s totally free to use, too. It walks you through fundamentals like how websites work, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and basic Python. 
  • FreeCodeCamp: FreeCodeCamp is a go-to resource for self-taught coders. Their website is full of helpful content, including complete video courses available on YouTube. There’s a fairly big community that uses these resources, too, which is helpful if you ever get stuck. Try their Python for Web Dev Crash Course to get started. 
  • The Odin Project: The Odin Project is named after the Norse god Odin who freely shared knowledge with humans in mythology. This coding project aims to do the same thing for self-taught web developers. The Odin Project offers a plethora of free coding courses complete with exercises you can try. It has a large and passionate community, as well. 
  • Codecademy: If you are willing to pay for a coding course, Codecademy is definitely worth checking out. They offer dozens of different courses in everything from Python basics to game development. Their website has interactive coding exercises that can check your code for you. Many of their courses also include a certificate at the end, which you can use in your resume and job applications. 

Learning to Build Websites With Python

If you want to learn web development with Python, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of resources out there to help you. Many web developers go to a coding bootcamp or college, but you can be successful as a self-taught programmer, too. 

Ultimately, learning to code websites, apps and APIs with Python is all about following a general learning pathway to develop your skills through hands-on experience. Building a website from scratch is a popular first project to learn those skills. Frameworks like Django, Flask and Pyscript are extremely helpful for web development with Python, so remember to include them in your self-teaching plans.

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