Benefits of Using a Wireless Mouse (+ 5 Recommendations)

Posted on March 18, 2024 | Updated on June 11, 2024

Graphic designers and business owners need the most convenient products. In such a fast-paced world, something as simple as a wireless mouse could provide a crucial efficiency boost. These devices offer much more freedom and innovation than a typical wired mouse, allowing those who need speed to move around their desktop with ease. Here are the ins and outs of wireless mouses, plus a few top recommendations.

How Wireless Mouses Work

Many of these wireless devices now come as optical mice rather than roller-ball ones. To move the cursor around your screen, it uses a light-emitting diode (LED) that projects red light onto a small part of a desk. The mouse then uses its internal chip to measure how the light changes and determine where you’re trying to navigate. Manufacturers also place a photocell close to the LED that magnifies the beam so the device can judge what you’re doing more accurately.

In all wired and wireless mouses, the optical function works the same. However, to get the wireless effect, users insert a small USB receiver into their computer or laptop. That device picks up the movement data the mouse transmits, allowing people to move around their screens with ease. It’s also possible to get a Bluetooth mouse that doesn’t require a receiver.

The Benefits of a Wireless Mouse

Rather than using a wired mouse, wireless devices offer a much bigger range of movement. Users aren’t restricted to the length of the mouse’s wire. Such freedom can enable someone to move around their screen more easily, draw with more arm space and overall remove the limits a wire adds. Not to mention, there’s no more need to worry about the internals receiving damage from tangling.

Additionally, a wireless mouse can offer a more comfortable work experience. When using a wired appliance, the user is limited to sitting in a single position all day. Remaining seated in one place for an extended period can raise the risk of many medical conditions. Going wireless makes innovative office furniture like exercise balls or standing desks more convenient.

Wireless Mouse Recommendations: 5 Devices to Check Out

These handy pieces of technology make work and play much easier for their users. However, some devices work better than others. Even more have features that can streamline job tasks. Here are a few wireless mouses that could be the next big thing in the workplace or household.

1. Logitech MX Ergo

This mouse has a few unique features to it. Just by looking at it, one can clearly see how different it is. The “ergo” in its name is a shortened version of ergonomic, which is why the appliance has such an odd shape. Luckily, it has Bluetooth and wireless functionality, so users can rely on either option. It’s also one of the few roller-ball mouses out there — perfect for lovers of the classics.

The Logitech MX Ergo features six customizable buttons, precision scrolling, long battery life, fast charging times, precision-mode tracking and is carbon neutral. It also has a dual-function metal plate at the bottom that keeps the mouse steady while scrolling and can tilt up to 20° to let the arm rest in a more comfortable position.

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2. Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse

For those who want a simple, no-nonsense device, the Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse may be the best choice. As the name suggests, it exclusively utilizes Bluetooth, so there’s no extra piece to worry about. It also comes in multiple colors, offering customization for a wide range of people. Its size also makes it extremely easy to transport.

This mouse doesn’t feature much in terms of ergonomics, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a worthy contender. Microsoft says that just one AA battery should power the mouse for up to 12 months, depending on the user and computer. It also has button customization options, fast pairing and battery life reporting. The Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse is a fantastic option that’s straightforward but powerful.

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3. Contour Wireless Ergonomic Unimouse

For too long, the right-handed folk have been the default. How many lefties have had to pass up on the latest ergonomic appliances because they wouldn’t work for them? Contour decided enough was enough and offers its Wireless Ergonomic Unimouse with right-handed and left-handed people in mind. Every feature that works on one mouse matches perfectly with its opposite.

This device is anything but simple. Designers who prefer their mouse at an angle can adjust the Unimouse 35°–70° and move the thumb rest. It has six programmable buttons, along with a dots per inch (DPI) of up to 2,800 that’s adjustable on the mouse or in the app. While it is not Bluetooth capable, busy startup owners can use the tool while it charges with the included micro-USB cord.

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4. Logitech MX Anywhere 3X

The Logitech MX Anywhere 3X is a great mouse for people who want something lightweight and slightly ergonomic. The rubber grips on the side offer comfort and ease of use, while the design — aside from two buttons meant for the right thumb — enables ambidextrous use. Logitech also says the mouse should last three hours off a one-minute charge and 70 days on a full refuel.

All six of its buttons are customizable, with the ability to connect to up to three different devices. It also has an adjustable DPI range, beginning at 200 and increasing by 50 all the way up to 8,000. Whether a user needs extra precision or speed, this appliance covers it all.

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5. Razer Pro Click Mini Portable Wireless Mouse

Entrepreneurs are often on the go. They need to optimize their time as much as possible, which often includes sneaking in a few moments of work while traveling. If that sounds familiar, the Razer Pro Click Mini Portable Wireless Mouse might be the next best productivity investment. This device is just as it sounds — light, smooth and small enough to fit in a briefcase. Its seven programmable buttons grant greater efficiency to even the busiest designers.

The device can connect to four devices at once, enabling expansive screen extensions. Its silent mechanical buttons are also a favorite feature of many. Razer promises the design should last for up to 15 million actions and that its HyperSpeed technology will offer unique flexibility. Additionally, the mouse’s scroll wheel has free-spin, tilt-click and tactile scrolling modes. Freelancers who frequent airplanes or buses may find such features valuable.

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Why You Should Get a Wireless Mouse

Wireless mice may seem innocuous, but they’re powerful assets for busy designers and business owners. When a user needs to move with precision and full range of motion, these tools are perfect. Not to mention, many offer ergonomic benefits that make working on a computer all day less straining.

Unfortunately, these devices often do not come cheap. The rule of “you get what you pay for” is also in full effect. Investing in a piece of high-quality technology now could pay dividends down the line.



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