Web Hosting

If you run any type of business, you need an online presence, which means you’ll need web hosting. Figuring out which company offers the best options for your needs isn’t easy.

You must consider not only the features you gain for the price you pay, but how reliable the servers are. The last thing you want is to create an amazing website only to have it go down because of poor server quality or overloads.

Today’s web browsers use algorithms to figure out how to rank your page in search engine results. They base their decisions on factors such as the design, speed and content of your site. While no one knows the exact formula each browser uses, experts guess speed and mobile friendliness play a big part in the decision.

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Company

No matter what your needs are as a business owner, figuring out the best web hosting requires a bit of detective work. What are your greatest needs in a web server? How can you better meet the needs of your customers? What features will you actually use?

If you are a beginner website owner, you might need a provider versed in helping newbies. There are more than 330,000 hosting services available. We break down which ones work best for different purposes and share the facts.

Perhaps you need a company that allows you to easily scale up as your business grows. Figure out the level on interaction you want and if you need a managed solution or not. The more you know about web development, the more you can complete on your own.

Anything You Need to Know

The goal here at Designerly is to share information to cover all the ins and outs of a topic. Whether you’re advanced or a beginner, we dig into what you need to know about web hosting and education and inspire you as you make some tough decisions about which provider to choose.