In the last few years, more people have started upgrading to mobile devices that are more like minicomputers. Smartphones of today can be used to do almost anything a laptop computer can do–with some notable limitations.

The trend of people jumping online via their cellphones is likely to continue on an upward trajectory for the foreseeable future. If your business isn’t tuned into mobile, you may be missing out in some key areas.

Mobile Responsive Websites

Today, around 54.4% of all internet traffic is via mobile devices–for the first time in history, it outpaces desktop traffic. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, you’re potentially missing out on a lot of traffic.

However, you must do more than just trust that your site will translate well on smaller screens. Some features don’t load correctly on smartphones, such as video hero shots or forms.

Test everything and spend time learning the ins and outs of excellent mobile design. Understand how a menu looks different and the limitations in filling out a form or exiting a popup. Adjust your website to account for usability on smaller devices.

We cover all of these topics and even share some of our favorite picks for excellent mobile sites so you can learn from other web designers.

How Can Mobile Help You Run Your Business?

Mobile also has a huge impact on small business owners, helping them automate many of the repetitive tasks they must do and take their office with them on the road. Juggling work and family time is challenging for most entrepreneurs. With mobile apps, you can check on a project and see if people are doing what they should. You can send a note to a client or invoice someone past due.

We cover everything you need to know about mobile usage now and in the future from several angles. Learn which phones have the best cameras, what apps are most useful to business owners or designers and how to design a stellar site for mobile viewing. Check back often for new features.