7 Best Font Number Styles to Make Your Design Stand Out

Posted on March 8, 2024 | Updated on June 11, 2024

Designers know the amount of font number styles available, which can be challenging when choosing the best typeface. Their styles can range from simple and minimalistic to bold and wild. The truth is there is no perfect font. The type you end up going with depends on your target audience and the overall tone and message you’re trying to convey.

At the same time, your decision must be based on the overall aesthetics when designing products or services. Nevertheless, if you want something unique but not too over the top, these are the best font number styles to make your designs stand out among the crowd.

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1. London

The London font number style is a classic and elegant design inspired by the Bodoni font — a typeface produced in 1790 and appeared in many books during this time. It features clean lines with decorative elements, giving each number a distinctive look while maintaining the same style. This font’s sharp serifs and varying line weights create a traditional sense. 

However, its high contrast between thin and thick strokes makes it appealing enough to catch your eye. With this font being highly modern and sophisticated, it would work well for formal invitations, upscale branding and luxury event posters. 

The London style makes an excellent choice for designers looking for a font of timelessness. It will add a touch of class to their projects, whether in print or digital media. It also reads well at large sizes, making it perfect for headers and numbers that need to stand out.

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2. Alcubierre

Alcubierre gives you a modern and clean aesthetic. Each number presents smooth curves and simplistic lines. This sans-serif font is so minimalistic that anyone can read it. Whether you use it for a title or your website copy, it is a great style for any application. It also captures the essence you’re looking for when going after a sleek and clean look. 

Yet, Alcubierre is the type of font you’d use to maintain clarity. This font number style suits any design, such as infographics and technical documents. While the typography upholds a professional appearance, the font itself is basic. If you look to use it for branding, consider it for tech companies or startups that value efficiency. The clean look will bode well for any brand that wants to convey reliability or technological innovation. 

Source: creativetacos.com

3. Hyogo

Hyogo brings a refreshing take on serifs with its clean, crisp lines. Yet, it stands out for the way it plays with different thicknesses. Therefore, numbers look sharp with just enough character without being overly busy. 

If you want to add class to your projects, this font is a smart pick. You can use this font for top-notch magazines, websites, invitations or packaging. Hyogo is a great way to exude professionalism and confidence but also stand out enough to truly draw the eye. 

This font would work well next to simple designs or soft colors for keeping projects subtle and readable. It would also look great next to a script, handwritten style font. The sharpness of the font will pull everything together, so the design looks just right. With Hyogo, your project will shine with a clear, elegant style.

Source: www.behance.net

4. Argö

Argö is a unique blend of traditional and modern, featuring rounded shapes and a lively flow. As such, it brings a breath of fresh air to any design. These numbers have a friendly feel with a mix of round edges and soft curves that would make any brand look approachable.

If you’re looking for a font to add a warm and welcoming vibe to your work, you’ll find Argö the top choice. It’s ideal for businesses offering creative services, so it would look nice on a service provider’s website or business card. 

Argö also pairs well with casual and informative layouts, as well as with vibrant colors and fun graphics. When used in a more relaxed setting, Argö numbers can make your project feel friendly and easy to understand while still keeping it neat and professional.

Source: www.behance.net

5. Forward

The next font number style is Forward, a straightforward, no-nonsense typeface that embodies sleekness and clarity. The numbers feature clean, uniform lines with enough thickness to give them a modern look. This style is also about function, making it incredibly versatile and easy to read.

You may find Forward especially useful for projects that require a clear and direct message. It would be great for headlines where you need to communicate information quickly. Since Forward is a simple font, it would pair well with minimalistic designs and monochromatic color schemes. This way, you ensure the numbers provide enough room for your other content to breathe. 

It’s an excellent choice for artisanal cafe branding or upscale clothing retailers. Overall, this typeface is beneficial for any design that needs to be presentable and accessible. 

Source: www.behance.net

6. Stillis

The Stillis font exudes a distinct taste of elegance and class with its curvy lines and refined style. This typeface gives numbers a timeless touch with a modern feel, making them effective for contemporary designs. The numbers flow smoothly, and the slight variation in line thickness adds a feeling of tradition without feeling outdated. 

Stillis makes a great choice when you want your numbers to add a hint of personality to projects. It would work well for formal event invitations, upscale restaurant menus and branding for luxury products. 

If you use Stillis, consider incorporating it on high-quality paper textures in print. Or, use it for slightly animated digital platforms. It would look seamless and beautiful and make any high-end brand feel luxurious. 

Source: www.behance.net

7. Groovewear

The last font number style offers a playful and inventive design. Groovewear is one typeface that seems to dance. Each number has a unique touch, like the loop on the ‘2’ or the heart replacing the hole in the ‘9.,’ adding a whimsical charm to the set. 

The feeling you get with this font is a casual, friendly vibe. Yet, it has a retro appeal that can make designs feel more fun and personalized. 

Groovewear is the perfect font for projects that are lighthearted and slightly funky. We could see this design placed on the front of a planner or a creative advertising campaign. It’s a great match for bright and bold colors. Or, you could make a subtle splash of playfulness with it alongside neutral tones. Either way, it’s great for making any project stand out with the sense of joy it creates. 

Make Your Designs Seamless With The Best Font Number Styles

The best font numbers may vary in style, but each has something to bring to the table. Whether you’re looking for minimalistic and modern or a typeface with character, you have many options to choose from. Consider what your next project might look like and experiment with different font numbers to go with your next choice. 

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