10 Best Fonts for Flyers on Google Fonts

Posted on September 15, 2023 | Updated on September 15, 2023

What are the best fonts for flyers you can find on Google Fonts? If you’ve used any Google Drive apps, like Docs or Slides, you’ve probably noticed you can use thousands of free fonts directly through Google. 

This is a great resource for creating flyers, but how do you choose the best fonts from so many options? This guide will get you started. 

How to Choose Good Fonts for Flyers

How do you choose a good font for your flyers? While font style varies depending on what you’re advertising, a few rules of thumb are always helpful. 

For example, you usually want to choose two fonts: one for your headline or splash text and one for everything else. This helps the highlight of your flyer stand out, such as the name of your event. 

The display font for your headline should be eye-catching but clear. Some stylized fonts may be less readable but can uniquely convey the type of event, product or service you’re advertising. For example, the Creepster font below is perfect for advertising a scary movie night on campus. 

The display font also has the important job of conveying the tone of your flyer. Different fonts subconsciously indicate different emotions for readers, such as casual or formal. Consider how a font makes you feel when you’re trying to choose the best font for your flyer. 

The body text and subtitle of your flyer should be in a more neutral font that doesn’t distract from your big headline text. Avoid using stylized fonts for this text and prioritize readability. 

Top 10 Display Fonts for Flyers on Google Fonts

The display font will be for your flyer’s headline, so it’s the most important one you’ll pick out. Google Fonts has some great options for headline text. We’ve selected ten of the very best, including some unique stylized options. 

1. Bungee/Bungee Shade

Bungee and its cousin Bungee Shade are both bold, eye-catching fonts that are great for headline text. They’re modern and blocky with a slightly edgy, fun aesthetic. This font looks great in colors, too, due to the thick, rounded letter shapes. 

2. Lobster Two

Lobster Two is a lovely font for flyers that want a certain type of cozy, elegant aesthetic. This font is well-suited for advertising things like restaurants or book clubs. Cursive is a distinctive choice for flyers, so use it sparingly and make it large enough to maintain readability. 

3. Concert One

Concert One is a clean, rounded font that stands out well without compromising readability. It’s clear, welcoming and modern. This is a good font for all types of flyers, with a bold but neutral tone. Concert One is positive, yet professional, making it a good font for advertising a business or professional event.

4. Playfair Display

Playfair Display is a great font for flyers that need a bit of a sophisticated touch or old-time charm. This serif font is perfect for formal events, such as formal dinners or meetings. It is also good for evoking feelings of 19th and 20th century nostalgia, such as for screenings of classic black-and-white films. 

5. Creepster

Creepster is the perfect font for advertising all types of spooky events and goods! This unique display font is perfect for flyers for scary movie nights or Halloween parties. It is inspired by classic horror film poster fonts and looks great in different colors. 

6. Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker is a good font for flyers with a more casual, laid-back or sporty aesthetic. It’s great for everything from rock bands to football practice or car washes. With its hand-written shapes, Permanent Marker tends to look best in black, but can also shine in white or red. 

7. Hammersmith One

Hammersmith One is another great all-purpose font. This is one of the best fonts for flyers due to its clean, readable shapes and bolded lettering. It’s distinctive and eye-catching but still easy to read. It looks good in any color, as well. 

8. Caprasimo

Caprasimo is one of the most fun fonts for flyers. It evokes classic fonts commonly used in the 70s and 80s, giving it a warm, nostalgic feel. Caprasimo looks best with a normal letter case, rather than all-caps. It’s great for retro-themed events or anything fun, casual and upbeat. 

9. Rubik Mono One

Rubik Mono One is one of the best fonts for flyers due to its eye-catching all-caps design. It’s a more serious font, but works for many types of events, goods and services. It’s perfect for your flyer’s main title or splash text and works well in almost any color. 

10. Suez One

Suez One is a blend of Hammersmith One and Caprasimo in its design. It is a good all-around display font for flyers, with bolded serif shapes that retain readability. Much like Caprasimo, it evokes feelings of fun and relaxation, making it best for casual events.

Subtitle and Text Fonts

Along with a display font, your flyer also needs a secondary font for your subtitle and any additional text. This font should be different from your display font to help the main title of your poster stand out more. 

Google has some great free fonts for flyers for this category, as well. Poppins, Raleway, Josefin Slab/Sans, Epilogue and Petrona are all great choices. 

When choosing a subtitle or text font for your flyer, choose something emotionally neutral. With these fonts it’s always best to prioritize readability since the text of your flyer needs to convey important details like price or meeting time. 

With some designs it can also help to match the genre of your font, such as serif, sans serif, slab serif and monospace. For instance, if your display font is sans serif, it may be a good idea to choose another sans serif font for your flyer text. 

This is a general recommendation, though, not a hard-and-fast rule. Unique display fonts in particular can often be matched with any neutral text font.

Additionally, it is also a good idea to print your subtitle or text font in a neutral color, usually black. White can also work if you have a dark background on your flyer. If you are going to use a colored font, try to use it for your display font to further emphasize the title of your flyer. 

Top Fonts for Flyers on Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a great place to freely and easily find fonts for flyers, posters, pamphlets and more. There are thousands of fonts to choose from, so our team selected ten of the very best, plus five neutral fonts for flyer subtitles and text. These fonts are great for advertising a wide range of events, products and services with eye-catching creativity. 

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