25 Purple Color Combos to Inspire Your Next Design

Posted on April 13, 2024 | Updated on April 13, 2024

Are you looking for purple color combos? We’ve got you covered whether you want something moody, electric, or soft. Here are 25 inspiring combinations you can use in your next design.

Hex Codes: #6c367c #b38fc8 #f0dddd #ea1546

1. Petunia Planter Combo

Have you ever seen a planter of blooming petunias? Making red and purple work can be tricky, but it’s possible. Blending a bold pink-hued red with subtle purples can make your project visually striking, drawing the viewer’s attention.

Hex Codes: #4b18b9 #7f3ad4 #bc32bf #df55c9

2. Spiral Galaxy Combo

These rich, pink-hued purples are a spiral galaxy of color. The mix of dark and light shades can help to balance your design without being overwhelming. As purple color combos go, this one is particularly fun and vibrant rather than serious and sophisticated.

Hex Codes: #483376 #eae2d6 #6f5a5a #b968e1

3.  Purple Cream Combo

Neutrals are almost always a fantastic go-to when you’re unsure what to pair with your color of choice. Tinted brown and off-white are ideal for purple color combos because they balance out the intensity of the unique shade. 

Hex Codes: #b482df #e1adee #efdcf0 #ece1da

4. Ferris Wheel Combo

This color combo is inspired by Ferris wheel lights. It’s fun but invokes feelings of tranquility. As you can tell, it would be monochromatic if it weren’t for the off-white hue at the end. This look is intentional — it’s subtle enough to be visually appealing but still draws the viewer’s gaze.

Hex Codes: #784696 #c56cd5 #e8cb72 #eff0cc

5. Springtime Blooms Combo

This palette is reminiscent of springtime blooms filled with pollen. Since subconscious color associations enhance the meaning of your design, it’s one of the best purple color combos to use for nature-related projects. 

Hex Codes: #b658dv #23aa99 #eedf76 #b88468

6. Paint Palette Combo

A mix of purple, aqua, yellow, and tan is reminiscent of a messy paint palette. Somehow, it works. The balance of cool and warm colors in the same tone makes everything feel cohesive. This unique combination would definitely catch the viewer’s attention.

Hex Codes: #d572e6 #7b628d #aeceff #e6dcbb

7. Baby’s Room Combo

This whimsical color combo is delicate and bright, like something you’d find in a baby’s room or on modern packaging. While pastel colors are noticeably pale, they have enough personality to be attention-catching. You could do almost anything with this combination. 

Hex Codes: #432f96 #b9720e #eeeadb #a496b2

8. Blueberry Pie Combo

This color combo is reminiscent of a fresh blueberry pie. While the first two colors are bold and dark, the second two are light and airy — ideal for a project where contrast is key. It’d be easy to work them into a design since they’re not likely to overwhelm each other. 

Hex Codes: #845cac #af9cd0 #cad5c2 #79758e

9. Lavender Field Combo

A lavender field inspired this color combo. It uses pale, muted colors to convey a sense of calm, sophistication, and trustworthiness. If you’re creating something related to nature or wellness, it will elevate your design. 

Hex Codes: #70587e #a0bfd4 #ded0e1 #6780a7

10. Deep Sea Jellyfish Combo 

A deep sea jellyfish is the inspiration for this mellow color combo. The muted shades evoke tranquility and serenity, which is ideal for projects where subconscious associations are crucial. You can use it to inspire relaxation and trust in your viewers. 

Hex Codes: #8e46b9 #f0c6a3 #e336b #f15a60

11. Morning Sunrise Combo

Bright purple, tan, pink, and salmon are reminiscent of an early-morning sunrise. Since research shows unique colors can increase brand recognition by 80%, you should consider using this familiar color combo. It’ll leave a lasting impression and could inspire loyalty. 

Hex Codes: #e6c6f0 #eadff3 #a0c1ab #e5f0e1

12. Fallen Petals Combo 

These muted colors might remind viewers of fallen petals. As purple color combos go, this one is about as pale as you can get without making your design feel washed out. It’s ideal for projects where color is important but comes second to the focal point. 

Hex Codes: #402c74 #635cdf #96acff #e0e8ff

13. Nighttime Thunderstorm Combo

This monochromatic color combo is inspired by a nighttime thunderstorm. Since exclusively using cool colors makes directing viewers’ attention easier, it’s ideal for websites, brochures, and menus. Any variation in hue would be immediately noticeable. 

Hex Codes: #5c3255 #530c29 #571c58 #7e1d66

14. Glittering Amethyst Combo 

Deep purples and reds bring to mind a glittering amethyst. This color combo represents luxury and lavishness because these shades are rarely found together in nature. In the past, only the wealthy could afford to wear such intense purples. 

Hex Codes: #ab24cc #e35b3 #6fd4ea #ea7ce3

15. Neon Lights Combo 

This neon-light-inspired palette is one of the most whimsical purple color combos on this list. It’s bright, cheery, and exciting — ideal for modern designs. You can use it to appeal to younger audiences or make something seem more fun.

Hex Codes: #7a4e81 #739a85 #9cd7a6 #ddddce

16. PB&J Sandwich Combo

This color combo might cause a craving for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Naturally, the grape-colored purple goes well with the various shades of tan. Since neutrals take up most of the palette, it isn’t visually overwhelming. 

Hex Codes: #ef98fd #a65bf3 #ce8aff #d0bcfb

17. Purple Orchid Combo

Light, slightly muted hues like these evoke calm and mindfulness. These striking purple and sage green shades are reminiscent of an orchid, so they inspire strong subconscious associations with nature. 

Hex Codes: #603bc1 #30a8b9 #acddb2 #d1ccdd

18. Purple Dreams Combo

Monochromatic purple color combos are always a joy to use but can be finicky. Each of these colors has a slight blue, red, or white tint, making them distinct. Since they vary in brightness, layering them in a design would be straightforward. 

Hex Codes: #523760 #dfd98c #6889ca #ecebcc

19. Floating Lilypad Combo

A blue-hued purple and striking blue greens are reminiscent of a lilypad on water. These colors are generally associated with calm and nature, making this cool color palette ideal for projects where wellness or the environment takes center stage. 

Hex Codes: #9f8fd5 #8b5a83 #474a71 #d9dadd

20. Modern Design Combo

This combination dulls fun colors to appear more professional. You could use it to establish a subconscious connection in the viewer’s mind, inspiring them to associate your design with sophistication, trust, and prosperity — ideal for projects in finance or security-related fields.

Hex Codes: #d2b9f0 #e5b7f0 #eee9c1 #c4e5ea

21. Mountain Sunset Combo

When you tint purples and reds with blue, they get along much better. This color combo is reminiscent of a mountain sunset — it’s cool, visually striking, and peaceful. A palette like this is ideal when the colors are secondary to text, graphics, or images. 

Hex Codes: #7f42d7 #8deacd #f0d465 #b15ae6

22. Spring Basket Combo

Does this color combo remind you of Easter baskets and bunny-shaped chocolates? These soft pastels aren’t visually striking — and almost seem to blend into each other — but they’re still distinct. They’re ideal for a springtime design.

Hex Codes: #dfd0f0 #c28ad0 #eea387 #e4849f

23. Energy Drink Combo

Yellow and purple are complementary, so they’re immediately noticeable when paired in a design. These energetic, bright colors are ideal for designs catering to a younger audience. They’d be particularly eye-catching in a logo or an email. 

Hex Codes: #be2be3 #bcf0f0 #d01b8c #f7f474

24. Fruit Bowl Combo

The pale purples, oranges, and reds in this color combo might remind you of a fruit bowl. It’s half warm and half cool, making for visually intriguing designs. These colors are interchangeable for the base and accents because they have the same tint. 

Hex Codes: #aa2fc8 #d45c9c #d72c63 #c7b1d2

25. Downtown Lights Combo

As purple color combos go, this is one of the most electric. Since around 85% of people decide to buy something based on color alone, this eye-catching combination is ideal for packaging and logos. No matter where you use it, you’ll definitely draw attention.

Have Fun Designing With These Purple Color Combos

At least one of these 25 purple color combos is sure to inspire your next design. No matter what mood you’re in, you have tons of options to choose from. Have fun experimenting with these palettes in your upcoming projects.

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