Top 10 Best Fonts for Numbers

Posted on April 1, 2021 | Updated on July 29, 2021

Knowing which fonts to use to present stylish numbers isn’t an easy task. You must find one that showcases the number without confusing the audience. However, it also needs to scale to different screen sizes and match up to any fonts used for letters on your page. Figuring out the best fonts for numbers requires a bit of detective work. 

Creating typography with numbers requires a different perspective than using letters or symbols. Some fonts work better for numbers than others. Unfortunately, san-serif fonts sometimes lose numbers in the translation. A number one without serifs looks eerily like a lowercase letter “L.”

There are some fonts that work well for presenting numerals. These fonts also mesh well with some of the more popular fonts used for words. While there are thousands upon thousands of choices available, these 10 give you a good idea of the different best fonts for numbers available. 

1. Roboto


What is the best font for numbers? Roboto may fit the description for many projects. Although it is a sans-serif font, it breaks the rule of thumb and offers clearly defined numerals. The number one features a long stem and accent that clearly defines it as a number and not a letter. 

2. Superstar


If you’re working on something with a sports-theme, Superstar gives you the look of the numbers you’d see on a ball player’s jersey. The thick, bold lettering is perfect for a logo or headline. Although there are many styles you can embrace when looking for the best fonts for numbers, this one has a hometown feel drawing users in.

3. Crimson


Crimson is another Google font working well for most websites and browsers. This free font is meant for book production and replicates old style typefaces. This font works well for more serious-minded sites. All the numbers sit on the same baseline, giving the font a linear look. In addition, the serifs add a bit of detail and give the typeface a more traditional feel. 

4. Crash Numbering


Crash Numbering is often named as one of the best fonts for numbers because the entire focus of the style is numerals. You won’t find letters in this font, only numbers and special mathematical symbols. 

The font is free to use and comes in two styles. Pictured above is the serif style with a few extra accents on different numbers. You can also use a regular style that has a softer look and loses some of the accents. 

5. Old Standard TT


What should you choose for the best fonts for numbers? A lot of the answer depends upon the style of your site and what you’re trying to convey. If you want a math textbook look, Old Standard TT provides a familiar style. 

The style mimics classicist style serif typefaces used in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Using an older standard gives the typeface a more established feel. Use as a best font for numbers for financial institutions and educational purposes. 

6. Slabo


The best fonts for numbers have beautiful monetary symbols, such as Slabo. Note how the dollar sign is bold and clear. The line down the center is a traditional look. However, the numbers are not aligned across the baseline, giving the typeface a more modern edge. This type of font works best on preschool sites and for creative endeavors. 

This font comes in different series created specifically to look great in the name size you choose. If you go with a 27 px Slabo, it will look best at that size. 

7. Bullet Numbers


Bullet Numbers offers a unique look for websites wanting to feature just a couple of numbers. Each number is circled as though on an old-time typewriter keyboard. If you’re seeking a retro feel, this font is right for you. 

They offer different variations, such as black letters on a white background and white numbers on a black background. There is a small licensing fee to use this particular option. 

8. Copse


Copse is a serif font with low-contrast. The edges have a softer feel. This type of style works well when you want to showcase some numbers but not draw all the user’s attention to them. You might utilize it on a travel site, for example, where you want the main attention on the experience of the trip, but you also want to share some statistics. 

9. Nunito Sans


Nunito Sans is an excellent choice for numbers in the body of a text. The font has a uniform appearance working well for both letters and numbers, so you can use it to mesh the two together within any project. 

The sans serif font comes in two versions and a variety of weights and styles. The terminals in the font are rounded, giving it a modern edge. 

10. Handwriting


Handwritingg gives a casual feel to your typography. The numbers have the rough edges of a personalized design. The font is free to use, but the creator does ask for a $5 donation for commercial use. 

Utilize this informal font on invitations to birthday parties, for websites where you want a more personal relationship with your audience or to add warmth and childlike appeal to any platform. 

The Best Fonts for Numbers for Your Project

The best fonts for numbers in your designs depends on the audience you’re creating for. The ten options above provide designs that are formal, informal, retro and modern. If you’re looking for a font typeface to utilize with numerals, then give one or all of them a try until you find the perfect look for your project. 

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