8 of the Best UX Design Programs to Take in 2024

Posted on November 25, 2023 | Updated on January 9, 2024

No matter where you are in your UX design journey, there’s always something new to learn. Beginners and intermediate UX designers will learn a thing or two from these eight best UX design programs in the market. Here are some of our recommendations that will help you build your skills, create a killer portfolio and stand out in the fast-paced, lucrative world of UX design.

1. Skillshare

Price: $19 per month or $99 per year

Best for: People checking if UX design is for them

Skillshare is a popular learning platform among students due to its wide range of available courses. If you want to learn a particular skill to improve your skill set, chances are you’ll find a SkillShare course to help you.

That is why it’s no surprise that people eager to go into UX design can find a helpful program on the platform. The Intro to UX Fundamentals of Usability course by Marieke McCloskey is an excellent place to start for all beginners. The course’s primary focus is on usability and how designers have a significant role to play in enriching user experience.

The program requires students to hand in assignments, read related literature about the lessons and create product-based projects for further study. The learning platform allows offline viewing so students can download their lessons and learn anytime, anywhere.

2. Coursera

Price: $39 per month

Best for: Students who want to have their bases covered

The Introduction to User Experience Design course is among Coursera’s best UX design programs next to the Google UX Certificate. The program is developed by the Georgia Institute of Technology and is taught by Dr. Rose Arriaga. With a background in psychology, Dr. Arriaga shows students how to leverage their lessons to help understand users better.

The course uses lecture videos, readings and quizzes to help students retain knowledge, especially for novice UX designers. The fast-paced learning and the clear and straightforward syllabus will help new designers embrace UX fundamentals.

Learners are introduced to the four-step user interface design cycle, where they are exposed to techniques used to gather information about their intended users. The program takes six hours to complete and is suitable for beginner students or junior designers who want to supplement their current knowledge.

3. UX Academy

Price: $7,649 with monthly payment options

Best for: Students who prefer weekly, live online sessions and small classes

This program is suited for students who have prior knowledge of UX design. While it covers the basics of the profession, learners who wish to maximize the program’s rigorous curriculum will have to have a solid foundation to keep up with the requirements of the different lessons. Learners can also create their schedules around the program with its part-time sessions in eight weeks.

The UX Academy course is one of the most expensive on this list, but rightly so. Students are exposed to high levels of learning and are taught by experienced tutors who work as UX/UI professionals. Some of the selling points of this program are its interactive live sessions, feedback from experienced designers, lively student community and depth of lessons about different subjects like design thinking, interaction design considerations and so on.

4. Interaction Design Foundation

Price: Eur 11 per month

Best for: Understanding the basics of UX design in a spread-out course

The UX design program from Interaction Design Foundation has varying levels of learning challenges for students coming from different backgrounds. It has beginner, intermediate and specialized levels so learners can study at their own pace based on their knowledge level.

Students learn from online courses and can spread the lessons out if preferred. Some notable inclusions in the program include real-world learning and preparation for the job market. After every class, the program also gives students recommendations to create a customized learning experience. 

This program is a reasonable consideration if you want to supplement what you already know about UX design. You can dive deeper into specialized aspects of UX design and learn how to differentiate good designs from bad ones.

5. General Assembly

Price: $16,450

Best for: Beginners who want an in-depth course in UX

UX design involves a lot of critical thinking and problem-solving. General Aseembly’s course is one of the best UX design programs on the market due to its focus on building universal skills in students to address complex user problems. The program requires learners to attend fixed class times for 12 weeks to build solid fundamentals in UX design.

The program also equips students with invaluable lessons in UI design, agile methods, and inter-team collaborations to prepare them for hiring challenges. Learners also interact with career coaches who will mentor them for a more personalized approach.

Some notable lessons taught in the program include deep dives into wireframing and prototyping. The course also touches hot UX/UI topics like design leadership and service design. This program is a good contender if you want a more rigid learning environment that mimics an online classroom experience.

6. Career Foundry

Price: $7,495-$7,900

Best for: Total beginners who want to be job-ready in a year

Preparing for UX job hunting in a year takes commitment and dedication. Career Foundry aims to instill this in students who want to be capable designers in a short amount of time. This program is suitable for students who learn better using a practical approach as they are taught by working on real-world projects.

This teaching style equips students with working portfolios they can use after graduation. Students are also encouraged to work with other people in the program, including program advisors, tutors and expert mentors. Exposure to subject matter experts in varying degrees of learning helps students understand the ins and outs of the profession.

The Career Foundry UX design program uses online courses so students can learn independently. The boot camp-style learning is intensive and demanding but praised for its structure and pace.

7. DesignLab

Price: $7,249-$9,677 depending on payment plan

Best for: Full-time and part-time students who want to learn in-demand UX skills

DesignLab also has an acclaimed UX design program called UX Academy. Not to be confused with the other program on the list with the same name, this program from Design Lab offers 1-on-1 mentoring to students and an intensive online course. Students are also given career coaches to guide their UX job search.

This program suits students who want to learn at their own pace. Part-time and full-time completion helps with scheduling issues, while experienced mentors help guide students to their desired careers with project feedback and coaching sessions.

The DesignLab UX Academy has two main phases — the first for learning essential UX skills and the second for project and portfolio building. Students are also exposed to creating personal branding to improve their brand’s online presence and UX design resume. DesignLab also offers a beginner-level course for learners who are starting from scratch.

8. Google UX Certificate

Price: $39 per month

Best for: Beginners who want a flexible learning experience with one of the most recognized global brands

Hosted by Coursera, the Google UX Design Certification program holds a lot of promise for eager students for a reasonable amount. The course is reasonably priced for the quality of learning you’ll get from Google. The program uses a step-by-step structure to acquaint you properly with the necessary information to progress through the courses.

Some notable lessons taught in the program include ideation, wireframing, user research and high-fidelity prototyping. Students enrolled in the program can expect to learn about UX using hands-on projects and quizzes. These activities can help with knowledge retention and break the monotony of continuous reading.

The entire program can take up to six months to complete at a pace of ten hours per week. Students will benefit from peer-to-peer feedback sessions and discussions to build people skills — a crucial tool in UX design.

Choosing the Best UX Design Programs for You

Every student has a unique learning style. The best UX design programs you choose should fit your schedule and capabilities well. Research, verify and refer to reviews from program graduates to see which courses are right for you.

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