Top BigCommerce Web Design Tips for More Conversions

Posted on September 16, 2022 | Updated on August 16, 2023

Web design plays a crucial role in first impressions, especially when it comes to your BigCommerce store. When users visit your website, a visually-appealing layout is needed to enhance the shopping experience, boost credibility and increase conversions.

To ensure your BigCommerce site achieves those goals, follow these web design tips for the best guidance.

1. Maintain a Clean and Simple Design

All successful e-commerce websites have one thing in common — simplicity. Because you have an online store, it’s easy to believe you should have everything on one page for customers to find. 

Yet, cluttering your pages with products and other content may overwhelm users. Instead, keep your website design organized and clean and include enough white space.

Keeping your pages simple is important for scannability. It will enable users to find your products on your BigCommerce site easily. Plus, a tidy website is more welcoming and influences visitors to stay on your website longer. 

2. Easy Navigation

On top of keeping your site clean, your menu should possess the same concept. Easy navigation is critical because it eliminates confusion, helping customers move from one page to the next. 

Avoid adding too many links to your main menu for the best navigation possible.

If you have multiple links to add, consider creating a drop-down menu to give the user more options.

Rest assured, plenty of BigCommerce themes come with a pre-built menu to enhance your customers’ shopping experience. 

3. Keep Design and Branding Consistent

A consistent design that incorporates your branding is what boosts your credibility and professionalism. In turn, your customers will feel more inclined to shop your store since they’ll feel like they’re in the right place. 

When incorporating branding elements and consistency into your design, ensure you include:

  • Brand colors
  • Logo
  • Typography
  • High-quality images

Your website design should match your brand’s identity. For example, suppose your brand is playful and casual. You might use vibrant colors, animation or fun imagery.

Whichever message you’re conveying, keep your branding tight by using the same elements throughout your BigCommerce site.

4. Integrate a Seamless Checkout Process

The checkout process is one of the most important aspects of the user experience. If it’s too complicated, it could be the reason why you have multiple abandoned shopping carts.

Thankfully, BigCommerce can support you in this step. However, the main thing you want to keep in mind when streamlining your checkout is keeping it in as few steps as possible for the user.

For example, you can start by eliminating unnecessary fields, automating information for existing customers and allowing guest checkout. 

BigCommerce also features a one-page checkout process. Yet if you find other unnecessary links, you may consider eliminating them yourself or hiring a web developer to do this for you.

5. Add a Search Bar

You might have a visitor who already has a certain product in mind when they use your website. If the product isn’t visible immediately, they’ll likely use the search function to find it. 

Always ensure you have a search feature on your e-commerce site. Customers want the ability to quickly find what they’re looking for instead of using the navigation menu. 

Therefore, when you add the search bar on your website, ensure it’s visible by adding it to the top or bottom so customers can see it.

6. Test Your Design

Good design never stops improving. Consider placing yourself in the customer’s shoes and using the buyer’s journey to test your setup.

Another way to determine if your website is improving is using A/B testing. Once you add a feature or new functionality, determine which works best and continue to refine it. 

A/B testing uses two different versions and gives you the results to determine which feature is performing best. 

For instance, you might place a button and test to see which colored button works best by analyzing how many clicks each gets. 

Making continuous improvements will improve your site’s performance and ensure you get more website conversions from your store.

Implement These BigCommerce Design Tips to Win More Sales

Enhancing your BigCommerce store design is vital for long-term success. Ensure you implement these tips into your process to achieve your website goals. Doing so will help you reap the benefits and yield better results in the long run. 

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