Why You Should Be Branding on Twitter

Posted on April 14, 2020 | Updated on February 1, 2021

Social media marketing offers a lot of advantages to digital advertisers and small business owners. The costs associated with online promotions are much less than traditional advertising models. Plus, you reach a wide range of users from all walks of life. As a result, branding on Twitter should be part of your overall marketing strategy.

Experts predict the social platform to have 275 million active users by the end of 2020. Profiles on Twitter are public, and anyone with an account can interact, making it a popular way to follow celebrities. You can also narrow down advertising to reach only the specific audience you want to talk to.

If you’re still on the fence about promoting on the site, consider whether your competitors have a presence there. You can either keep up with their efforts or gain an edge they don’t yet have. Discover nine reasons you should be branding on Twitter, along with tips to get the most from the experience.

1. Reach Active Users

Twitter still has millions of active users, and most of them interact daily. It’s also a place people turn to figure out what information is trending on any given topic. Whenever there is a big world event, you can be sure people are discussing it on the platform. If your business ties into the theme in some way, you’ll gain additional exposure. You have an opportunity to get in front of more people and build name recognition when branding on Twitter.

2. Brand Your Name

One of the most significant advantages of the platform is name branding on Twitter. You can reach out to people most likely interested in what you offer and make a connection. One thing about the site is that you can provide a tidbit of information related to your industry. People will share and like the post, and you’ll reach far more people than just your own followers. You’ll also reach the entourage of anyone who shares your post.

3. Network With Others

You’ll get to know business owners from all over the world. While not quite as conducive to discussion as a Facebook Group, Twitter does have chats. Use a specific hashtag to ask a question and interact with others. Study what people you connect with do to promote their brands. Repeat their successful campaigns, but be careful not to copy. Come up with some unique technique of your own when branding on Twitter.

4. Gain Authenticity

On this social platform, you can get verified with a tag to show you are who you say you are. You’ve likely noticed this on celebrity profiles. It just adds another layer of trust to your name. Being verified increases the odds you’ll be seen by users, especially celebrities. Branding on Twitter is about getting noticed by others, and verifications increase the likelihood you’ll grab their attention.

5. Sell More Products

Around 53% of people on Twitter are more likely to buy a product when they see information on the platform. While branding on Twitter shouldn’t be the only way you reach new customers, it is a great place to start. At the same time, don’t just post items for sale. The community expects you to add to the conversation and provide exciting content. They will tolerate some self-promotion, but if it’s is all you do, you’ll lose their respect.

6. Sell to Affluent Millennials

Twitter reports that 80% of those reached with a video ad is affluent millennials. If you want to sell to this demographic, branding on Twitter is an essential part of your marketing strategy. The top reason people pop on the platform is to find something new and interesting. Consumers on the social media site look for a new discovery. You can offer them that through your promotional efforts on Twitter.

7. Improve Customer Services

Do you want your company to be known for its excellent customer experiences? You can utilize Twitter to respond to complaint posts. Another idea is to DM someone who posts a positive comment. Thank them for their loyalty and offer them a discount code for their next purchase.

8. Livestream an Event

You can use Twitter to livestream events. Get double mileage out of a promotion by both having in-person coverage and livestreaming it on social media. For example, you might host a guest speaking series where you teach others some aspects of your industry. You could invite local press for coverage in newspapers and livestream to reach people online or those who can’t attend. Branding on Twitter should mesh nicely with other types of promotions.

9. Tap into Trending Topics

Use hashtags to tap into trending topics. You can see a list of top trending topics in the sidebar of your home page. Start by seeing if any of the subjects relate to your industry. For example, say you own a restaurant, and the trending topic is #SummerRecipes. You can add a quick recipe based on a dish you serve and utilize the phrase to draw attention.

10. Encourage Interaction

One of the fun aspects of branding on Twitter is interacting with your target audience. Encourage people to comment on your posts and respond to their insights. An excellent example of how to utilize Twitter effectively can be seen by the account for Wendy’s restaurants. The business profile takes on a snarky tone. They look for posts by others about competitors and come in with a comment about eating at Wendy’s instead. They respond to anyone who tags them as well.

Grow Your Audience With Twitter

Growing your online audience takes time and perseverance. Luckily, with a little research and practice, anyone can succeed. Twitter is a great place to advertise your business if you’re just getting started with social media promotions. You’ll learn how to interact with others in a fast-paced environment and reach thousands of users with minimal effort. Be sure to follow the tips above, from using hashtags to encouraging interactions, to ensure your strategy is top-notch.


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