Client Gifts: 10 Kinds of Things They’ll Actually Like

Posted on January 6, 2024 | Updated on June 11, 2024

Plenty of business owners want to do something nice for their clients but can’t think of what to get them. If you need help finding the perfect present, we’re here to help. Here are some client gifts that are sure to impress. 

Why Should You Give Your Client Gifts?

A business can only grow if it has a consistent customer base. Frankly, clients are the very essence of success. Because of this, you should consider personally sending them something. If anything, such a kind gesture will strengthen your relationship with them. 

Customer retention is of the utmost importance when you’re trying to grow your business. After all, existing clients will spend 67% more than new ones when shopping with you. Even though clients don’t expect gifts on special occasions, it’s best to get them one. Showing them you appreciate your relationship with them is a good rule of thumb.

If you want to improve your customer retention rate, a small present is one of your best options. Admittedly, most people prefer those over discount codes or coupons. On average, over 61% of a business’s clients think a surprise gift is the best reward for brand loyalty. 

The Dos and Dont’s of Client Gifts

Before sending anything to anyone, you need to understand the dos and don’ts of client gift-giving. For one, a good rule of thumb is to never give them something you’d hand out at a trade show. How do you think they’d feel if they realized their gift was mass-produced and given away for free?

Another thing to consider is the container you send. If it’s anything but a gift-wrapped cardboard box, it should be useful — what can your clients realistically do with a wicker basket once they’ve eaten the fruit in it? While you don’t have to deliver the gift in something useful, it shows creativity and thoughtfulness.  

When giving your client gifts, another rule of thumb is to understand who you’re appealing to. While you don’t necessarily need to know their astrological sign or favorite color, you need to know their preferences, allergies, and lifestyle, at the very least. Think about it — how do you think they’d feel if you gifted them a wine basket when they’ve been sober for 15 years? 

Although the holidays are a perfect time to give your client gifts, understand they might get an influx during the holidays — meaning your kind gesture might fly under the radar. If you want to stand out, consider sending them something randomly or on one of their personal special occasions. Doing things this way makes it clear you’re doing it because you want to, not because you feel compelled.

 Client Gifts 

According to a longstanding rule, 80% of a business’s profits come from just 20% of its clients. If you want to keep growing, a token of your appreciation is a surefire way to progress toward success. Here are some popular categories and ideas for client gifts.

1. Gift Cards

The simplest client gifts are often the most effective. The main thing you and your clients have in common is your business — you like to sell to them, and they want to buy from you. Needless to say, giving them a gift card to your store is one of your best options.

Alternatively, you can skip the gift card and gift them what they want directly. After all, they’re sure to want something from you since they already do business with you. Scan their wishlist or reflect on past conversations to figure out what they’d like. Once you have a good idea, surprise them with it.

2. Event Tickets

An experience is one of the best kinds of client gifts. You can wrap one in wrapping paper and hand deliver it. Tickets are the one thing sports games, ballets, professional plays, and concerts all have in common. Send them some — if you know what kind of events they prefer — so they can have a memorable night out.

3. Branded Swag

Branded gifts need to be tasteful. After all, you don’t want your client to think you’re trying to get free advertising out of the situation. For example, you could put your logo on the bottom of the inside of a ceramic coffee mug. Something subtle and creative will always look better.

You can put your logo or business name on candles, tote bags, hoodies, water bottles, and padfolios. Really, any everyday object that has some empty space on it will work. If you want to make an impression, accompany your graphic with a custom design or limited-edition print.

4. Custom Items

According to research, around 6 in 10 clients will only keep doing business with you if you tailor their experience with your brand. Personalization will make your client gifts stand out. However, it only works if you genuinely know something about your clients. If you aren’t that close to them, use customer data. 

You can engrave a glassware set, get a monogrammed robe, a handmade scented candle, or a custom product. Alternatively, you can tailor the gift to their tastes. Use their favorites, preferences, and hobbies to inform your decision. 

5. Special Containers

A container of assorted treats is usually a great idea. You can round up products from local shops or fill a box with all sorts of nice things. Really, you can’t go wrong here. Sometimes, the gift is more about the container than the thing inside. For example, you could send your client a purse with a wallet inside, a high-quality cooler filled with drinks, or a small grill with grilling tools under the cover.

6. Subscription Cards

Does your client subscribe to any service? Paying for a few months of a music or movie streaming service is always a sure bet, considering most people watch or listen to things through their subscriptions. 

7. Seasonal Items

When looking for client gifts, consider getting seasonal-centered items. A flannel robe and slippers, a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen, or a spring wreath and front porch sign are the kinds of things you should think about getting. Of course, the items you pick depend on the season.

8. Edible Treats

Everyone eats food, so it’s an excellent go-to gift if you don’t know your clients well. Even if you do, most people enjoy a nice treat. Try to get non-perishable items like jam, wine, hot sauce, dried fruit, or jerky. If you want to go the extra mile, display the items on a cutting board or serving tray instead of sending them in a plain cardboard box. 

9. Splurge Items

Your clients are critical to you and your business’s success, so you might get the urge to splurge. If you have the budget, consider spending a bit extra to make your client gifts more memorable. You can send them things like high-end foreign skincare products, a projector, gourmet chocolates, or a self-heating coffee mug.

10. Charity Donation

A donation is tasteful and straightforward. Instead of getting your client a physical gift, give funds to a charity in their name. Send the official proof to them along with a thoughtful, handwritten note. 

Before you send any money, ensure the charity is relevant to their beliefs and preferences. It’s also best to make sure you’re gifting to a reputable organization. If you need help finding information, use the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance. It has 20 standards of accountability it uses to rate nonprofits.

What Client Gifts Will You Send?

Client gifts are the perfect way to boost your customer retention rate, improve sales, and strengthen your relationship with your clients. Whether you choose something simple or elaborate, they’ll appreciate your effort.

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