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Posted on February 7, 2023 | Updated on February 7, 2023

Email marketing has gotten progressively more creative as marketers try to grab the attention of an increasingly distracted audience. Looking at email design examples is an excellent way for marketers and people who own small businesses to see what might work well for their brands and what wouldn’t.  Let’s take a look at some possibilities and break down what some selected companies do well. Then, you can use some of those best practices to shape design decisions in your business.

Help People Imagine the Possibilities

No matter what an email sells, it’s effective if it enables people to envision themselves in pleasant situations. The email design might feature enticing images, skillfully written copy, beautiful color schemes and more. 

The goal is often to take an aspirational approach by painting such a vivid picture that people can’t help feel excited and eager to take part. Check out the example below from a business that sold make-your-own-pizza boxes that allowed people to have pizza nights at home. The first picture shows the results, but people can also look further down the page to see all the individual ingredients that went into creating the outcome. 

However, if you take a closer look at the copy, it centers on the happy memories and togetherness that can come when people decide to prepare pizza together rather than ordering traditional delivery. It’s worth noting, though, that the company offers local delivery to some customers. Alternatively, they have the option of coming to pick up the pizza boxes in person two hours after requesting them. 


Notice how the white and black text helps draw the eye to the words without pulling people away from the food-related imagery. Another smart thing to do is to include links to each food item, allowing people to go straight to product descriptions by clicking on a respective product. 

Let Outstanding Imagery Do the Talking 

Some email design examples are purposefully image-driven because the pictures truly can convey a situation more thoroughly or accurately than even the most well-chosen words. Consider whether it’s appropriate, considering the email’s topic, to let imagery take center stage within the email. 

That works well in the below example from campground brand KOA.  The white words against the blue background mimic the appearance of clouds in the sky. Then, the three-colored “Explore now” button grabs attention by being distinctive enough compared to the other hues used. Sending the kinds of emails people expect is a good way to keep them subscribed to your list. Since KOA appeals to people who want to explore the outdoors, the striking imagery was the right choice. 


Some email design examples rely much more on copy. But, this one lets the scenery speak for itself. That tactic isn’t the best one to use in every case. However, it shows how it’s not always necessary to have large blocks of text to get the point across. Think about whether this approach would work well for one of your upcoming campaigns and what kind of imagery you might feature to make people feel inspired and ready to act. 

Leave a Lasting Impression on New Customers

Getting a new customer is only part of the goal. You ideally want to keep them around for the long term, regularly ordering products or otherwise engaging with a brand. Your inbox is probably an excellent resource for email design examples because so many companies now send messages to welcome new customers. That early email is an excellent way to send a great first impression and get people excited about further interactions with the brand. 

Thoughtfully crafted communications can also encourage people to start envisioning how a given brand fits into their lives. Check out how the below example from Everywell provides people with steps to follow so that they can make the most of their relationship with the company. Breaking the actions down within the email also shows people that getting started is easy and not overwhelming. 

The underlined portion at the end of the copy also highlights that fact, helping people understand that the company will make it simple to take more control over their health. Notice how the email uses such an encouraging tone, driving home how people should feel proud of the choice they’ve made to order home health tests from Everlywell. 


Consider how you could use email marketing to nurture a relationship with your customers the way Everlywell has. The main takeaway that you want them to have is that they’ve made a good decision to deepen their connection with your company and engage more with your offerings. The right messaging can break down any perceived barriers and let them know it’s easy to get started. 

Show Your Company’s Authoritativeness

Getting customers to trust you is essential for enabling your brand to grow and succeed. That trust can develop over time, driven by many factors. They could include transparency shown to customers, a professional look, and a strong social media presence, among other things. 

However, in numerous cases, customers are more likely to trust you if they believe you have authoritative knowledge about the things that matter to them. Look at the message below from Klaviyo, a business marketing platform. 


It links people directly to a report that helps them become knowledgeable about current economic conditions that may impact customers. Moreover, the pair of statistics highlight why people from today’s businesses need to start planning how to cope with inflation now. People familiar with the matter say inflation impacts consumer purchasing behavior in numerous ways. 

They’re more likely to postpone large purchases, start buying private-label or generic brands more often and may prioritize shopping at discount retailers when possible. The more retailers understand about purchasing habit changes, the more likely they’ll be able to respond in time to protect their businesses and retail customers despite economic downturns. What Klaviyo has done also represents one of the many great email design examples because it caters to the way people have different preferences for digesting information. 

Some may want to read the whole report immediately after they come across the email. Others might need to save it for later, not having the time to dive into the content right away. The email’s design appeals to people in both groups because it catches the attention of people who will read the report later. Plus, it makes it easily accessible to those who can check out the content immediately. 

Rely on Internal Email Design Examples When Creating a Campaign

The screenshots here show there’s more than one way to design an outstanding email. However, you can and should use them to figure out what will work best for your company and its needs. Keep in mind that what your team considers the best possible email design will probably change over time and according to what you want to accomplish. 

However, you can make progress by coming up with at least two different email designs before launching a campaign. Then, run split tests to see which one causes the more favorable responses and results among the audience. You’ll often find that aspects like color, font size, and email formatting are some of the seemingly small but vital parts of an email that make people react in particular ways.

Another smart thiing to do is keep copies of all email design examples people from your company make over the years. Having those resources, along with the relevant data about how they performed, is helpful for determining what you can do to have the best chance of getting optimal results. 

Email marketing remains an integral part of business promotions. This overview will give you the inspiration needed to make emails that resonate with your customers and get them to act.

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