Trying LogoMakr: Designing a Brand’s Most Essential Foundation

Posted on January 2, 2024 | Updated on January 2, 2024

Logomakr is one of the many tools to level up your graphic design capabilities. With so many options available at varying price points, let’s dive deep into what this one has compared to others — mainly when its name signifies proficiency in a particular graphic design niche. Does Logomakr have potential beyond logos, or does its excellence in this aspect make it worth checking out?

What Is Logomakr?

Logomakr is an online, free-to-use logo-making tool. Everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations to solopreneurs can find value in this program. The founders wanted to construct a service that did not require people to have graphic design skills. You could pick up and play with Logomakr and have a high chance of producing a usable, functional logo. 

The interface has literally millions of fonts, graphics, colors, shapes, and templates to get you started. Even if you are designing from scratch, the program allows you to quickly move layers and adjust aspects of the logo to your new liking. If you come to Logomakr with a sketch or logo design in mind, it is easy to translate those ideas to the digital page because of its user-friendly interface.

What if I Don’t Want to Make My Logo?

You might have fun customizing templates and testing gradients for font colors. Or, you might despise the entire logo-making process. This is where Logomakr has you covered and saves you time from scouring freelance websites.

The design process does not have to be solitary. Logomakr also has a team of designers ready to help lead you along the path to graphic design greatness if you want additional expertise. This is priced separately, and it depends on what package you choose.

Here are the steps to designing a logo with the in-house team:

  1. Fill out a questionnaire to tell the team what you envision. This includes facets like colors and fonts.
  2. The team will email you proofs of several concepts for you to review. There is no cap on how many designs you ask for.
  3. Based on feedback, they may revise. Otherwise, they will deliver you the logo you choose in various formats for online and in-person use.

There are two options for hiring them to create your logo. As of November 2023, there is the Custom Logo Design package for $299, and it ensures customers receive limitless proofs and revisions until they get it 100% right. They also promise it is purely original with a fast turnaround.

What if you already have a logo, but when a refresh? Their Logo Redesign package is $195, and they take your old logo and feedback into consideration when reimagining your imagery for a new era.

Can I Make More Than Logos?

You can use the program for more than making a logo. Its capabilities are not the same as competitors like the Adobe suite, but it has more versatility than some competitors. Here are a few of the other ways you can use the service for graphic design bits and bobs:

  • T-shirt designs
  • Social media icons and banners
  • Event invitations and banners
  • Converting icons to vector images
  • Asking their AI to suggest design ideas

Logomakr designs can go straight to social media or websites, or you can use it for physical and printed materials. The sky’s the limit with how you want to use the service, especially if you keep the files. Imagine the designs on business cards and even book covers. If you design something original you love, it makes sense to be curious about how it translates to everywhere within a business.

Is Logomakr Free?

Like many services of its kind, Logomakr is free with a paid option. The website clearly outlines the difference. For free, users can make a lower-resolution logo fit for website use. However, to get past legal concerns, you must attribute it to Logomakr. Paying for the logo file is a different story. Paying for the file gains you full ownership over the logo in a high-resolution format. 

On Logomakr, you pay per file. So, if you want to pay for some but not others, you have that freedom. Some may prefer this model over services that require subscriptions or higher upfront costs, especially if you only need it for a few projects. It makes the site relatively affordable, depending on how you plan to use it. If you want to use it to make tons of logos, then you might be better off paying a one-time fee for a program.

However, as previously mentioned, hiring the Logomakr team to work for you is another price entirely. Working independently is where it’s at if you want to remain on the budget-friendly side of logo design.

How Do You Know What Makes a Good Logo?

So, you’ve stumbled upon Logomakr and decided to design your logo yourself. You could have tons of graphic design experience and see an intuitive design come together. However, many users have little to no experience and want to know — how can they use the site to make a logo worth remembering?

The first thing is consistency with your other branding. Do you have a brand guide with regularly used colors, fonts, and words you associate with your style? Are you modern or rustic? Monotone or in full technicolor? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you will want to come to a solid reply before making a logo. Then, the logo must reflect the decisions in the style guide.

Next, you will want to embrace simplicity. Complex, intricate designs are for other mediums, like t-shirts. Logos are not the time and place to add countless lines. To determine whether or not a logo is too complicated, question how crisp it is in small and large sizes. Is it recognizable, or do the details muddy the image? Is it equally possible to use it as a letterhead, embroidery for a small lapel, or a sticker for in-store packaging? 

In a similar mentality, the logo has to be appropriate for every type of branding and material, and if it has too many fine lines or colors, you will run into issues. It has to be bold enough to be memorable, versatile enough to be timeless, and striking enough despite its simplicity.

Another consideration is uniqueness. You can determine if your logo is fresh or too reminiscent of something else by asking these questions:

  • Was I too inspired by another business or piece of media when creating this piece?
  • If I were to show this to other people, would I fear them comparing it to something else?
  • Have modern design trends influenced me, or is this an aesthetic I am genuinely drawn to?

Is Logomakr Worth It?

Logomakr is worth it, depending on what you need. If you want a simple resource with on-staff, experienced designers to do the work for you, it’s probably more expensive than going to Fiverr or a local university. But, you have an easy place to get it. 

You can also do a lot for free while learning new design skills that might improve your journey as a well-rounded entrepreneur. You don’t even need an account to try it out — so there isn’t a lot to lose by trying it out.

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