How a Cricut Machine Could Revolutionize These 4 Business Industries

Posted on February 23, 2021 | Updated on June 28, 2022

If you haven’t had a chance to see a Cricut machine in action, you’ll be surprised at all it can do. The advanced model is the Cricut Maker, which can cut almost any material, including leather and thin wood. If you’re on a tight budget, the Cricut Explore Air II works to cut vinyl and paper and still has a lot of flexibility. 

Cricut machines cut and score hundreds of different materials, helping you complete craft projects. Although the materials may add up, it is still cheaper than hiring out of house. You can also reuse items, such as your mat, by cleaning correctly.

Nearly any type of business benefits from having a Cricut machine. It lets you create promotional materials instantly or create items to sell in your store. 

What Is the Cricut Machine and How Does It Work?

Cricut machines come in various models. Although you can score some older models online for under $100, we’ll talk about Explore Air II and Maker for this article. Those are the two current models, which work with the Design Space app and can cut most materials. 

In a nutshell, Cricut machines are cutting mechanisms. You can also use the drawing tool to etch ink onto paper, emboss thin metals or make scores to fold boxes and 3D creations. 

There is a slight learning curve, but there are hundreds of online tutorials on how to use the designer’s space and how to overcome minor issues people frequently encounter with Cricut machines. If you can operate a computer, you can figure out how to make things on your Cricut. 

What Can the Cricut Maker Make?

Although many people use Cricut machines for crafts, there are many ways they benefit business owners. Just a few of the things you can make to help promote your brand include:

  • Customized greeting cards to send to customers on their birthdays and special occasions
  • Tee shirts for your staff
  • Store decals to advertise a sale
  • Car vinyl to promote your business
  • Customized products of all types

The sky is the limit. You’ll find ideas on the Cricut website for projects. Use your creativity and think about how different creations might benefit your company. 

4 Industries Cricut Might Revolutionize

There are some businesses more in need of Cricut machines than others. Although you could use the cutters for nearly any type of company you can think of, here are four industries it might completely revolutionize soon.


Teachers are some of the most creative individuals on the planet. The National Center for Education Statistics predicts around four million working teachers by the end of 2021. There is a growing need for educators.

As teachers have more students in the classroom and now must learn and embrace elements such as e-learning, their time is limited. One of the advantages of a Cricut is that there are many ready-made projects available through Cricut Design Space. 

Paying under $10 per month, teachers can easily load a design, tweak it to suit their classroom and print as many items as needed. Not only does a machine provide easy crafts for the class, but teachers can customize everything from bulletin boards to their desk decor. 


If you run an online store, you can offer customized items and up your sales. People are tired of cookie-cutter things and treatment. They want custom options. With a Cricut, you can order products from anywhere and customize them to suit individuals.

One example might be an online children’s clothing store. Offer to add the child’s initials to the outfit. You can customize anything you can get the vinyl to stick to, including fabric, glass, wood and more. 

Customize boxes before shipping orders. Add the person’s name, a graphic you think they’ll like, and your company logo to outside boxes. You’ll advertise your company while making the packaging special for the customer. 

Promotional Companies

In the past, large PR companies could do more because they printed huge batches of promotional items. With the Cricut, printing smaller batches becomes much more cost-effective.

You can help clients create a street team with customized tee shirts, bags with advertising on them and freebies to hand out at trade shows. 

With a Cricut, you could start a tiny marketing business out of your garage and supply most of the needs of smaller firms. 


Statista reports an estimated 660,755 restaurants in the United States. The number fell slightly in 2021 due to closings caused by the pandemic, but as the economy recovers, new establishments will open. 

There are many ways you can use a Cricut machine to revolutionize food. Start with the exterior of your building. Create signs and banners directing people to come inside. Add vinyl to your windows, explaining your safety precautions.

Inside the building, you can add motivational sayings to the walls, print details on a menu or create your unique decor. 

Owning a Cricut allows you to add a personal touch to your restaurant. You’ll stand out from competitors because of the unique look and feel of your establishment. 

Should You Buy a Cricut for Your Business? 

Cricut machines are a relatively inexpensive investment. If you use the cutter exclusively for business purposes, you can deduct the purchase price from your taxes. You’ll gain a lot of flexibility with a machine. Once you learn how to use Design Space, the process will be much faster, and you’ll find you make more and more customized options. 

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