How to Create a Wedding Website

Posted on January 16, 2023 | Updated on January 16, 2023

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Most couples want to get the word out about their love story to help their guests celebrate their special moment. Whether you’re making your own wedding website or planning one for someone else, there are a few things you’ll want to be sure to include in your design. How to create a wedding website doesn’t have to be stressful. 

There are a number of sites specializing in offering wedding websites to help you with templates and ideas for what to include. A great place to start is by studying sites of other couples. Knowing how to create a wedding website starts with examples of other people’s pages. What do you love and hate?

How to Make a Wedding Website

Zippia reports that the wedding industry has been on the decline since the pandemic, with around 63% of people postponing their nuptials. However, there are still an estimated 2.6 million weddings in the United States in 2022. 

With rising costs expected to create an average cost of around $27,100 for a wedding, it’s no wonder people are looking for ways to create their own websites and cut corners where they can. 

The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert to know how to create a wedding website. Here are the steps needed to get started today. 

1. Choose a Platform

The first step to how to create a wedding website is choosing the best platform for your needs. A professional designer might choose to take out a domain name, such as and set up a website on a private server.

However, you will pay an annual domain registration fee, so you might be better off going with one of the available sites for wedding couples, such as:

The Knot may be one of the most common. In fact, wedding guests naturally go to the site and search for information on couples, such as what time the wedding starts, where the two are registered and how to R.S.V.P. However, you should go with the site that speaks to your soul. 

example of how to create a wedding website kyle and gloria screenshot

Kyle and Gloria’s wedding website above features a picture of the happy couple and then details about their special day. Notice how they customized the page to their personal preferences. 

2. Select a Color Palette

One of the most important aspects of how to create a wedding website is choosing the right color palette. If you already have your wedding colors, simply stick with those for the design along with a few neutrals. However, if you haven’t yet gotten into planning specifics, you’ll need a palette created specifically for your wedding website.

Every color has a psychological impact on the viewer so choose one that sets the right tone for your relationship. For example, if you want to show how calm and sure you are about your decision to wed, you might go with a soft blue palette. 

Are you excited and can’t wait to celebrate with your friends? Red just might be your color. Think about the emotions you want to evoke and choose the one that makes the most sense as you figure out how to create a wedding website. 

3. Utilize Relevant Images

One of the most important things in how to create a wedding website is figuring out how to customize the look to the couple. Most brides and grooms have engagement photos, but you can also use candid shots of moments from your relationship.

There really aren’t any rules about the type of images you should use, but they should show your dating life and why you want to get married so people can follow the journey with you. 

example of how to create a wedding website taylor and alex

The color palette for this site for the couple Taylor and Alex is a deep maroon often seen in fall decor combined with some soft pinks. The rest of the site is neutral. The thing we love most about this design is the shot of the couple. It really showcases who they are and draws the user in.  

4. Stick With the Theme

How can you create a wedding website and stick with the theme you have planned? What if you’re doing a Harry Potter themed wedding? Maybe you plan to get married in a barn and want a country theme? 

Most free websites, such as Wix, offer templates you can customize into a wedding website theme. Look for designs that match your wedding theme. You can also go with a custom design, but it will cost a bit more money. 

5. Allow Messages and R.S.V.P.s

People aren’t greeting about mailing back paper and letting you know if they’re attending or not. However, if you make the R.S.V.P. as easy as clicking a button, you’re much more likely to get an answer about who is attending. Knowing numbers can save you money on expensive catering, which typically charges per head.

Those who can’t attend or are just very excited can leave a message on your wedding website for you to read later.

example of how to create a wedding website taylor and marques

Amanda and Marques created a website that is pretty unique and stands out to show off their personalities. Note how one of the navigation menu options is to R.S.V.P. to the wedding. You can click on the tab and fill in your email, name and click a button. Easy to let them know if you’re attending. 

6. Include a Menu

Should you include a menu on your wedding website? It’s a good idea as some of your guests may have food allergies. Approximately 10.8% of the world has a food allergy and the rates are going up. Add to that food intolerances or special diet considerations and you likely have a number of guests unsure if they’ll be able to eat at your event.

While you certainly don’t have to accommodate every type of eating style, you should offer a link to your menu so guests can plan accordingly by bringing along a protein bar or eating before they arrive. 

7. Share Directions/Maps

Even if you get married locally, you’ll likely have a few out of town guests who aren’t sure where the wedding venue is. When figuring out how to create a wedding website that works for your family and friends, be sure to include directions and maps to help them along.

If you build on Wix, it may already be enabled to pull up Google or Apple maps. If not, you can always write in special instructions. You can also let them know about any important landmarks to look for, such as the big white barn just after the little creek. 

Tell Your Story

Need more ideas for how to create a wedding website? Share your story about how you met, how and who proposed and go into details about the wedding party. Why is the maid of honor in that role? Has the best man been friends with the groom for his entire life? The little details are what make the perfect wedding website so add in things as you think of them. Before you know it, your site will show off the engaged couple’s personality and draw people in.

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