How To Get More Facebook Followers Each Day

Posted on August 10, 2023 | Updated on September 26, 2023

Facebook has become a crucial tool for many small businesses in this age of social connection. Yet, many run into the problem of getting more Facebook followers. With the algorithms favoring users more than businesses, organically growing your following can pose difficulties. 

However, businesses need followers to increase their visibility and enhance customer engagement. Doing so provides companies with ways to direct consumers to products and services and eventually make more sales. So, how can they increase their Facebook followers if the algorithm works against them?

They need the right strategies in play, so here are practical tips to help you get more Facebook Followers each day.

1. Optimize Your Facebook Page

Growing your following on Facebook starts with optimizing your business’s page. Your business Facebook page is the hub for your brand, where potential followers can learn more about it and what it offers. Start making the most of your business’s profile by:

  • Completing your information: Make a good first impression by filling out all the information customers need about your business. These include your “About Me” section, business hours and a profile image. You could also upload a high-quality cover photo that displays information about who you serve.
  • Use keywords strategically: For potential followers to find your business page, you must incorporate relevant keywords. These keywords should be in your page’s title, about section and posts. Relevant keywords should be your business name, location and the products or services.
  • Add your website link: Including a link to your business’s website enhances your credibility on Facebook and increases site traffic. Be sure to place it in prominent places, such as your About section and the website field in your page’s contact information.

2. Post Consistent, Quality Content

Consistent posting of quality content is the key to getting more Facebook followers. Doing so keeps existing followers engaged, making them more likely to share your content and get your brand noticed. 

Start posting consistently by creating a schedule. For instance, if you have a month’s worth of content, use tools like Hootsuite to schedule and automate posting. Try to aim for at least one post per day to ensure you stay active. Yet, it’s imperative that the quantity of content does not sacrifice the quality. 

What you post is just as important as how often you post. So when it comes time to publish a post, ensure it is relevant and provides value. Whether you post something informative or a fun behind-the-scenes snapshot, each piece of content should resonate and reflect your brand’s voice.

Visuals also have the power to boost engagement. From videos and images to infographics, you make it easy for your followers to consume and share. Videos have the highest engagement rate on Facebook. In fact, their engagement rate equates to 6.09%, compared to images with only 4.42%.

Videos become high-quality when they teach your audience something new or if they’re outright entertaining. When creating content, be sure to show them that you understand their needs and provide value.

3. Engage With Your Audience Daily

Engaging with your audience is another great way to get more Facebook followers. The more you interact with users, the more visible your business becomes. However, engagement requires a strategy to help you win the hearts of followers and attract more.

One of the ways to increase engagement is by responding to comments and queries on your Facebook page. Every time you receive a comment, message or review, it’s important that you reply immediately. That way, you show you value their input and encourage them to keep engaging with you.

You can also encourage audience interaction by asking questions, posting polls and quizzes or going live. Broadcasting your business and putting it out there is key to boosting engagement and garnering your audience’s attention.

Yet, the important thing is to make sure you’re listening and providing genuine responses. If you show that you’re truly interested in engaging your audience, they will likely remain loyal and advocate for your brand.

4. Leverage Facebook Advertising

Sometimes getting more Facebook followers takes more than a quality post or active engagement. Many companies resort to advertising so they reach a larger, more targeted audience. Facebook has around 2.98 billion active users to date, and advertising is a true tactic to gain future followers. 

The first step to running a successful ad is knowing the exact audience you want to reach. Start by filling in Facebook’s detailed targeting options, such as location, age, gender, interests and more. Inputting this information will make it more likely for your ads to show up in front of people who may show interest in your business. 

Once you have your audience’s demographic details in place, you can start setting up a new ad campaign by following these steps:

  • Choose your objective: Since your goal is to gain followers, “Page Likes” or “Engagement” may be most suitable.
  • Set your budget: Choose a daily or lifetime budget, and Facebook will keep the advertising cost within this amount. You can always increase your budget at a later time if your ad is performing well.
  • Design your ad: Create an engaging ad with eye-catching visuals and compelling copy. Use your brand colors and messaging, and ensure the copy is concise to retain their attention. You can choose from various formats like a single image, video or carousel. 

After your ad goes live, you’ll need to track its performance to ensure everything is working. You can find this information in your Facebook Ads Manager and review the analytics. Based on the results, be sure to tweak your campaign for better performance. 

5. Collaborate With Influencers and Other Brands

Partnerships with influencers and other brands can substantially boost your Facebook follower count. It’s a powerful strategy that leverages networks beyond your reach. However, influencers can be costly if their rates aren’t within your budget. Instead, many brands choose to collaborate with niche fan pages — ones that like to share new products or articles within a niche. 

These fan pages have large followings, and partnering with the most relevant ones will give you a significant reach to potential followers. Plus, they’re typically more cost-effective than actual influencers. 

Therefore, it’s important that you find the right partner by researching their audience. Find out if their audience overlaps with yours by using tools like Facebook’s “Pages to Watch.” This feature allows you to identify potential partners, contributing to higher success.

Once you’ve identified potential collaborators, approach them with a personalized proposal. Be clear about what you’re proposing, the benefits they gain and the terms of the partnership. Collaborations always work best when they’re mutually beneficial. 

Empower Your Small Business With a Strong Facebook Following

Small businesses have plenty of opportunities to leverage so they can get more Facebook followers. The tactics mentioned here are great starter tactics, but it also helps to get creative with how you attract more followers. 

Every business is unique, and what works for one company may not work as well for another. So strive to experiment and find what strategies align with your brand. Test and refine these strategies by measuring your results and see where your efforts will take you. 

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