7 Best Places to Sell Your Designs Online

Posted on June 22, 2024 | Updated on June 27, 2024

Graphic design is a versatile field, offering various opportunities for creatives to monetize their skills. Whether you’re looking to expand your freelance portfolio or start a side hustle, the online world provides multiple places to sell your designs online. From finished pieces to on-demand projects, designers can tap into a larger market and connect with customers who seek creative solutions. Once you explore all the best places to sell your designs online, you can find an option that suits your goals and helps you make the most of your design talents.

1. Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace where many sell handmade and vintage items. However, it’s an ideal platform for graphic designers looking to sell their artwork, whether in physical or digital form. As a hub for creative goods, Etsy attracts millions of buyers searching for something personal and distinctive.

When selling on Etsy, designers can offer various products, including:

  • Printables
  • Custom illustrations
  • Branding kits
  • Digital artwork
  • Design templates
  • T-shirts and more.

You can even tap into various niches, as many customers use Etsy to search for wedding invitations, home decor and business branding solutions. Once you get started on Etsy, the platform will charge you $0.20 per listing, which keeps your listings active for four months or until the item sells. Upon sale, Etsy collects a 6.5% transaction fee on the price you display for each listing, plus the amount you charge for shipping and gift wrapping. 

Etsy can be a great option if you’re looking to sell your work directly to consumers. It gives you full creative control while accessing a large audience that values uniqueness.

2. Creative Market

Creative Market is a platform where graphic designers, illustrators and creators of all types go to sell their digital products. It’s an excellent avenue for selling graphic design assets such as fonts, templates, textures and more. Many graphic designers who decide to sell on this marketplace list everything from website templates to layered Photoshop files. 

Graphic designers can also sell vector illustrations, icons and logos.

Sellers on Creative Market have full control over the pricing of their products, allowing them to match the value of their work. The platform does take a commission from each sale to cover credit card processing fees and marketing. Sellers earn at least 50% of each sale, but the commission fee varies.

3. Society6

Society6 gives you a place to sell your designs online with different products. The platform caters to customers searching for home accessories, wall art, apparel and tech accessories. With various options to choose from to sell, graphic designers have the freedom to see their work come to life on everyday items. As such, they can reach a wider consumer base interested in lifestyle products that feature unique art.

The best part is that Society6 handles all manufacturing, shipping and customer service. They take all the hard work out of selling products online while you focus purely on creating art. Designers can set their own profit margins while Society6 sets base prices for other products. To sign up for Society6’s seller platform, you must choose a monthly subscription plan that starts for free but collects a 10% commission on every sale with the Lite plan.

4. Designhill

Graphic designers have various opportunities to sell their work and connect with potential clients on Designhill. Whether you want to engage in freelance projects or sell ready-made logos, Designhill can help you set up shop. Here are all the ways you can sell your designs online:

  • Design contests: Clients post specific projects, and designers submit their work in hopes of being selected and paid.
  • Shop sales: Designers can sell their designs as prints or logos through their personalized shop. Designhill will then take a commission for each sale.
  • One-on-One projects: Clients can hire designers directly, allowing them to build ongoing relationships. Designhill will charge a fee to facilitate the transaction.

Designhill offers various avenues for selling your designs. However, it will only take designers who can offer the best results for clients. As such, you must undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure you can sell high-quality designs.

5. Zazzle

Another place to sell your designs online is Zazzle. This online marketplace suits designers who wish to see their work applied to physical goods and sold directly to consumers. Zazzle enables designers to feature their designs on over 1,000 products, including apparel, office supplies and home decor. 

The process is easy, as you simply upload your artwork to the platform and select the products you want to print your designs on. Once you establish your products, you can set your own royalty rates and decide how much to earn from each sale. This pricing is in addition to the base fee, which covers the cost of manufacturing and shipping by Zazzle.

6. Upwork

Upwork is a global freelancing platform connecting professionals to clients, especially those needing design services. Unlike marketplaces focusing on selling products, Upwork facilitates the sale of services. Therefore, it makes an excellent place for designers who prefer working on custom projects.

On Upwork, you can offer various services such as logo design, branding packages, web design and more. The platform allows designers to create detailed profiles showcasing their portfolios, skills and previous work experience. Designers can also set their own hourly rates or project fees. However, Upwork charges a 20% commission for the first $500 you make on the platform. After this, the commission lowers to 10% for up to $10,000 and 5% once you exceed this amount.

7. Fiverr

Fiverr is another great place to sell your designs online. Like Upwork, designers can use it as a platform to sell freelance services. However, it provides a project-based approach, where designers can list their “gigs” and detail their services at fixed prices.

Graphic designers can create gigs for practically anything, including logo design, social media graphics, flyers and much more. You can customize each gig to meet client needs and clearly describe your offer. It also allows you to include your turnaround time and pricing tiers for different service packages.

Additionally, you can set your own prices on Fiverr, but many choose to start at $5 to attract clients and grow from there. The key is getting as many five-star reviews as possible to increase your level on the platform and showcase your credibility. Furthermore, Fiverr charges a 20% fee on each transaction to cover the cost of processing payments and maintaining the platform. 

Capitalizing on the Best Places to Sell Your Designs Online

There are many places to sell your designs online, but these are the platforms where designers can excel. Each connects you with global audiences, enabling you to build a successful career. Whether through product sales or freelance work, each site allows you to monetize your design skills and enhance your professional growth.

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