7 Quantum App Development Companies With the Most Exciting Projects

Posted on May 19, 2024 | Updated on June 11, 2024

As the digital landscape evolves, the need for agile, more efficient computing systems is increasing faster than ever. Quantum computing (QC) offers a solution to this rising demand by providing a powerful way to solve complex problems with unprеcеdеntеd spееd, efficiency and sеcurity. Due to these benefits, developers have started considering QC for mobile applications. 

Riding the popularity curve, many quantum app development companies have emerged in the market. Here’s a rundown of these enterprises and the exciting quantum mеchanics projects they’re working on to propel app technology into the future. 

What is Quantum App Development?

As the name suggests, quantum app development is the process of creating applications and platforms powered by quantum technology. This advanced field involves designing, programming and deploying software to leverage the unique properties of QC and achieve results that would be unfeasible with classical computing. 

Due to their capability to swiftly perform intricate calculations, these apps have redefined the boundaries of computational power and problem-solving. These capabilities offer today’s businesses unprecedented opportunities to innovate and secure competitive advantages.

As QC machines become more prevalent, AI and machine learning systems will become more readily accessible, further expanding the scope of their applications. The industry is primed for exponential growth and is expected to be a $5.3 billion market by 2029. 

7 Quantum App Development Companies Building thе Nеxt Wavе of Computing Solutions

While only small quantum processors are currently available and large-scale quantum computers are still in development, these companies are exploring a range of promising innovations. 

1. Polaris Quantum Biotech — Drug Discovery

It takes new medications an average of 10 -15 years and over $2 billion to reach pharmacy shelves after discovery. The team at POLARISqb is leveraging QC and AI technologies to speed up the process of developing new drugs dramatically and get them to market at significantly lower costs. 

POLARISqb has designed a QC-powered platform to improve target identification, toxicity testing and real-time adaptability. This approach minimizes reliance on trial and error, accelerating drug discovery and distribution. The company aims to shorten the lead time for preclinical drug testing from 5 years to 4 months and produce up to 100 drug blueprints yearly. 

2. Quantum IT Innovation — Game Development, IoT, AI

Quantum IT Innovation is an all-rounder as far as quantum app development companies go. It offers a wide range of QC-enabled mobile solutions tailored to various industries, focusing on Android, iOS and cross-platform innovations. The company is behind a selection of popular games, including Rescue Cute Pets, Hit It Right and Khelo Ludo. 

Quantum IT Innovation also explores IoT and AI applications to create more robust digital ecosystems and improve interconnectedness between people and machines. As an India-based enterprise, most of the unique solutions offered cater to an Indian audience. However, the company also has a decent client base across the US and other countries. 

3. Quest Global Technologies — Blockchain Development 

Quеst GLT is harnеssing computational power to solve intricatе problems and accelerate the deployment of decentralized blockchain applications. The company’s QC projects encompass a vast array of solutions, including developing new cryptocurrencies, writing smart contracts and building decentralized exchange platforms, among others. 

Quеst GLT also relies on quantum-level computing power to develop metaverse applications, including mobile games, NFT minting capabilities and virtual real estate. They offer a streamlined development process, allowing companies to navigate the Web3 space with relative ease. 

4. QuantumERA — Mixed Reality (MR)

MR combines the benefits of both augmented reality and virtual reality, offering hyperrealistic and more immersive experiences. These solutions enable users to interact with digital items in the real world and empower them to visualize complex objects and scenarios beyond a piece of paper. It takes massive amounts of computing power to make these interactive experiences happen.

MR technology by QuantumERA encompasses a wide range of exciting applications, including a photorealistic recreation of the Battle of Gettysburg, which covers a 7,000-acre battlefield with over 180,000 augmented reality soldiers involved. The technology is also used in museums and construction projects to create immersive tour experiences that users can access anywhere. 

5. TekRevol — Business Automation 

TekRevol is an on-demand delivery app dеvеlopmеnt businеss that recently branched out into leveraging QC to broaden the scope of its services. The company serves over 20 industries, providing process automation services like CRM, HRM, CMS and other relevant integrations for business growth and ROI.One fascinating case study is the route management web app developed and optimized for Waste Connections. The application assists drivers in selecting routes that cover most garbage sources at minimal fuel consumption.

6. PixelPlex — Financial Services 

The ability of quantum computers to perform multiple calculations at once makes them particularly well-suited to financial applications. Research shows QC can generate $2 to $5 billion in operating revenue for financial institutions worldwide over the next decade. PixelPlex is a leading quantum app development company specializing in digital solutions for banking and fiscal services across various applications, including investing, lending and process automation. 

The company also offers blockchain-powered risk management solutions, such as tokenization and provenance of high-value assets. These platforms rely on secure smart contracts and transactions that simplify certification and eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy. 

7. Infleqtion — Quantum Project Developments

Infleqtion is not exactly an app development company but a provider of quantum computing software products that can be used to build various mobile and web applications. Its Superstaq platform enables developers to write quantum programs in any source language, even without QC experience. 

The company claims its state-of-the-art platform can deliver 10x performance gains on standard benchmarks thanks to its proprietary cross-layer optimization techniques.

Companies Currently Employing Operational Quantum Computing 

All over the world, tech and non-tech companies alike are leveraging the power of QC to deliver targeted solutions and drive operational efficiencies. The biggest enterprises in the tech space — Google, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Xanadu, Rigetti Computing and several others are building their own quantum computers and paving the way for a QC-enabled future. 

Several quantum technology utilizations already exist across various non-tech industries. For example, Spanish bank BBVA recently teamed up with Multiverse Computing to optimize investment portfolios with real market data. Similarly, Iberdrola, a utility firm, partnered with the same QC company to examine how quantum algorithms might improve power networks and facilitate smarter energy grids. 

As quantum computing capabilities advance, expect to see more use cases across different industries. 

Quantum App Development Companies 

Quantum technologies are poised to revolutionize the computing landscape, bringing unprecedented computational power and efficiency to applications. From finance and health care to energy management and even cybersecurity, QC has a vast potential to open new possibilities for businesses and individuals. In the coming years, quantum app development companies will be crucial in driving innovation forward and shaping the future of technology.

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