Why You Shouldn’t Negate Bing Ads

Posted on March 27, 2018 | Updated on March 1, 2021

Search marketing remains very effective, captivating web users searching for information with a relevant solution that brings them to your business. Despite Google AdWords’ lofty market share, Bing ads continue to play a pivotal role in search marketing. Bing’s advertising platform has numerous benefits that help it stand apart from AdWords while providing a similar sense of reliability.

Seven aspects of Bing Ads that make the platform relevant for designers, marketers and freelancers are the following:

1. A Substantial Audience

The phrase “I’ll Google that” is certainly more popular than “I’ll search Bing for that,” though Bing remains a popular search platform nonetheless. A big reason involves how many people search. Commonly, web users simply type a word or phrase into their browser, accustomed to a browser reacting to a non-URL by pinging it to a search engine.

Although the primary search engine on many browsers is customizable, many users simply go with the default setting. Fortunately for Bing, Windows PCs comprise just below 90 percent of new computer sales. Microsoft Edge is the default browser on Windows machines, with Bing as the default search engine. As a result, Bing is host to a large user base, with members who are more familiar with Bing than Google.

So, while Google may be more synonymous with “search engine” in general conversation, Bing’s substantial audience should not be overlooked.

2. Less Competition Means More Exposure

Although Bing has more users than most people think, Google AdWords remains a more popular ad platform. Bing’s status works to its benefit — less competition means lower prices for ads, which can lead to more exposure. Google AdWords is more likely to be the platform your competition utilizes. This makes it easier and more affordable for Bing to secure lucrative keywords and audiences.

Both platforms utilize an auction method to determine the pay per click price, so less of a competition for your industry on Bing is a positive aspect. Although demand varies by industry, Google AdWords has more competition in most cases.

3. Less Cost Per Click

Bing’s cost per click is about 33 percent lower than Google AdWords for identical campaigns. Consequently, you can net leads at a more affordable cost on Bing. Bing can be an especially appealing option for small business, who may have a limited budget they’re doing their best to optimize. In many cases, it’s cheaper to bring in a lead through Bing than Google AdWords. This gives Bing the power to result in a more positive return on investment.

4. Comparable User Interface

Some people considering implementing Bing Ads into their marketing budget fear that the time required to learn the Bing platform is not worth it. Fortunately, anyone familiar with Google AdWords should be able to learn the ins and outs of Bing fairly quickly. The platforms are similar regarding bidding processes, ad extensions, campaign hierarchy and targeting capabilities. Plus, you can export your AdWords campaigns into Bing, making the process of starting a new campaign on Bing extremely easy if it’s already on Google AdWords.

5. More Diverse Platforms

Bing Ads provides advertisers the ability to shine on platforms that Google AdWords is incapable of reaching. One platform is Microsoft’s display networks, which include Xbox Live and MSN television networks. Xbox gaming consoles are in millions of homes, providing an excellent and engaging platform unique to Bing Ads. For advertisers seeking younger audiences especially, Xbox’s platform makes a lot of sense.

Since Bing Ads crosses a variety of Microsoft platforms, you can place ads on platforms like Outlook.com, Skype, Xbox and more — all trusted outlets that reach a wide and diverse audience. These are also all platforms that users tend to visit frequently, whether Skype to chat with family overseas or Xbox to play games.

6. Help by Extension

Bing Ads provides a variety of extensions to aid in the general advertising process. In particular, SiteLink extensions help link visitors to your site based on what product or inquiry they’re seeking, while location extensions help in connecting with local consumers and honing in on specific areas. Call extensions help with listing your business address in ads. Another useful option is image extensions, which let advertisers upload up to six images to appear in the ad.

Bing embraces the power of extensions, enhancing and customizing the advertising experience so advertisers can get the most out of it.

7. Great Search Partner Control

Compared to Google AdWords, Bing Ads provide greater control regarding search partner targeting. AdWords forces advertisers to choose between targeting Google search or targeting Google search and search partners. Likewise, Bing provides the flexibility that comes with targeting only Bing and Yahoo, solely search partners, or both.

In its advanced settings, Bing also shows which of the search partners are most responsible for directing traffic to your specific site. Through this data, you can exclude particular search partners, even without opting out of other partners.

Under “Advanced targeting options,” Bing also lets you set which gender and age demographics can see your search ads. Demographic targeting with this level of focus provides advertisers with ample control, helping direct their creative content to the niches that will likely engage most.

Bing continues to play a large role in search marketing. It provides advertisers with flexibility in targeting and appearance. It also offers a more affordable cost per click comparative to Google AdWords. Advertisers seeking new platforms and avenues in which to advertise should strongly consider Bing if they haven’t already. Bing may offer an untapped market that can elevate an advertising campaign to new ROI heights.

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