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Posted on October 15, 2023 | Updated on June 11, 2024

While any business professional can benefit from taking social media courses, they are especially beneficial for beginner marketers. Social media is a tricky component of digital marketing. Say the wrong thing or accidentally post offensive content, and you’ll land your brand in hot water.

Gain the essential skills for meaningful social interactions with consumers, growing your business, and creating a positive reputation. 

Let’s dive into the importance of social media platforms for your business, how to select an ideal training, and available course options online.

Social Media Is a Must for All Brands and Industries

A brand is only as successful as its social media presence. From advertising to e-commerce to consumer engagement, social media is the life force behind most companies’ success. 

Here are some impressive statistics to drive home the importance of marketing and connecting through social media:

How brands market themselves and engage with consumers on social media constantly evolves. Changes occur with every new platform or feature that rolls out. 

For instance, as Elon Musk toys with a paid subscription for X — formerly Twitter — brands may need to adjust their strategies and follow users to other preferred platforms, such as Meta’s latest Threads. Of its monthly 550 million users, only 827,615 pay for Twitter Premium — an indication few users will want to pay to play for general use. 

Benefits of Having a Social Platform

Companies that establish a social media platform can interact more easily with their customer base. They also benefit from having multiple channels to promote their products and services.

Social media delivers insights into what consumers say about your brand and its offerings. It is in your best interest to take user feedback into account to make improvements. 

Other advantages of having business social media channels are advertising and running promotional campaigns, increasing customer interest and loyalty, reducing costs, increasing website traffic, and keeping a watchful eye on your competitors.

Online Customer Service Counts

Even though social media users are not face-to-face or interacting with your brand on its website, you should not forgo quality customer service. Friendly, respectful communication is essential on social media. 

Engagement covers a broad range of actions — likes, favorites, comments, direct messages, shares, saves, mentions, and clicks are but a few. How often you and users interact through these measures is an excellent indicator of your influence and reach.

Users expect brands to respond and promote a sense of well-being — and to do so quickly. Thirteen percent of Americans want a response from brands within an hour of sending a message on social media. Yet, 76% anticipate a reply no more than 24 hours later.

Choosing the Best Social Media Courses

Before you choose a social media course to enroll in, you must consider your budget. You can find social media training online for free. However, some courses culminating in a certificate might cost you. 

The ideal course covers social media marketing fundamentals, including organic and paid advertising, engagement, content creation, content curation, key performance indicators, and analytics reporting.

Choosing a course to help you determine the appropriate social media platforms for your niche is also best. For example, a financial consulting firm might see more activity through Facebook and Instagram than TikTok. 

Reflect on your knowledge gaps to determine what a social media course should cover to bring you up to speed. Perhaps you’re unsure what counts as effective content for each channel, or what regulations businesses must follow when engaging with customers. You might also be interested in learning how to connect with popular influencers. Without question, there is a social media course that’s right for you.

Enroll in These Online Social Media Courses

Marketers can access several free and paid online social media courses to broaden their digital marketing and communications expertise. If you’re interested in gaining foundational knowledge or honing in on specific skills, these course offerings may be for you. 

Marketing specialists can also search for platform-specific course content to learn about today’s trending networks. For instance, Girlboss’s Taylor Loren created Mastering TikTok on Skillshare to walk marketers through how to use TikTok for businesses. 

TikTok boasts over 1 billion users, primarily Gen Z and millennials — the two generations brands want to reach the most. If you become adept at creating engaging video content, your brand will have a better chance of exposing its target audience to its products and services.

Where Else Can I Learn More About Social Media?

Other social media certificate programs can be found through online universities or professional organizations. Your local community college might also offer in-person or online continuing education in digital marketing.

Otherwise, visit a platform’s helpful guide and FAQ section for resources tailored to business accounts. For example, Pinterest offers guides, blog posts, webinars and its Small Business Hub to ensure you have everything you need to market your brand on its site successfully.

Meta has also compiled resources for brands to market themselves through a Facebook business page. Search through various questions and topics for instructions on starting an account, boosting posts to engage viewers, using Ads Manager, utilizing targeted ad campaigns, and developing a marketing strategy. 

Apply Your Learning for a Thriving Social Media Platform 

Taking social media courses is excellent for launching an appealing and effective digital platform for your business. It is also the best way to establish a solid relationship with your consumers and build brand loyalty. Learn and apply today’s most essential social media trends to your marketing strategy and reap the rewards.

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