The Best Marketing Books for the Growing Marketer

Posted on February 28, 2022 | Updated on June 11, 2024

Marketing is an ever changing industry, where professionals must improve their skills and learn new tactics to stay ahead of the competition. Reading the best marketing books available will give you an edge and help you seek additional skill sets you otherwise might overlook. 

Advertising spending hits about $242.54 billion each year, and half goes to internet ads. Digital marketing changes as fast as the most popular viral video or the latest meme. At the same time, some basic principles of marketing remain the same year after year.

For a well-rounded perspective on the industry, take time to read widely. Check out the best marketing books newly released as well as old classics. Read widely across different topics, from how to get organized as a freelancer to specific marketing ideas. 

We took the time to look at many of the books available today and came up with a few we think will help you improve your marketing skills. You may not agree that all are the best marketing books available, but we think you’ll appreciate what you can learn from these.

1. The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy

Wow! If you haven’t read “The Energy Bus” by Jon Gordan, you should today. If you’re feeling a bit burned out in your career or like your team isn’t all on the same page, then you’ll gain a lot from this story about how one man changed his world and those around him.

The concepts are simple and the book gives 10 simple rules to live by. Do these things and start to energize yourself and others. Some of the concepts are simple and you’ll simply be reminded how well they work. Others are a bit more complex and involve changing the way you think and react to others. 

The book has over 11,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.7 out of 5-star rating. It is consistently in the top 20 in a variety of categories. You can also grab a copy in audiobook format.

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2. Essentials of Marketing

We consider Essentials one of the best marketing books of all time. Published by McGraw-Hill, the book is often used in beginning marketing college courses to cover topics such as target markets and marketing strategies. 

There are numerous editions of the book, some with a focus on digital marketing or other aspects of the profession. The book has about 4.5 out of 5 stars, although it varies by edition. While it doesn’t rank as high on Amazon as some other books, keep in mind that many copies sell via school bookstores or other outlets. 

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3. The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand Out From The Crowd

The best marketing books look at things from a different angle, and this particular tome does that perfectly. Written by Allan Dib, the book goes into how to attract the right customers, increase profits and stand out in a world filled with marketing messages.

He’ll teach you the 64/4 rule, 80/20 concept and what’s different about marketing in 2022. One thing we really like is his take on the phase of the marketing journey and how he breaks things down for large companies and small businesses. 

The book has nearly 6,000 reviews and maintains 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is the number one best seller in Global Marketing at the moment. 

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4. Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

Whether you work for a company or freelance, it’s easy to fall into bad habits over time. Work gets dreary and repetitive, or perhaps you feel overwhelmed. Whatever the reasons, taking time to reflect on your methods and change them can improve your work.

“Atomic Habits” helps you recognize your weaknesses and fix them. You may not even be aware of some of the things you’re doing. With better habits, you’ll work more efficiently and feel excited again about the work you do.

Ranked on Amazon as one of the best marketing books and motivational tomes around, it has nearly 70,000 reviews and five stars, which is unheard of. Everyone who reads the book loves it. 

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5. How Not to Suck at Marketing

This title might not be one of the bestsellers, but it is one of the best marketing books for learning about what mistakes to avoid. Written by marketing guru Jeff Perkins, the book helps you create a focused marketing program, learn how to collaborate with others, gives tips on choosing the right marketing team and offers advice on building a personal brand. 

Again, it is often overlooked and doesn’t always rank high in the sales charts, but that doesn’t make it any less helpful to its readers. 

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6. Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing

“Digital Marketing Strategy” is another book with multiple volumes, but you really want the latest one since the focus is online marketing and things change so rapidly in the digital world. Written by Simon Kingsnorth, the book covers everything from AI marketing to how to automate your posts. 

What we like best about this book is how it shows you practical ways to use tools that make you more productive in your everyday work. 

The latest edition is currently available for pre-order and it’s smart to wait for it so you have the most up-to-date info. 

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Which Is the Best Marketing Book?

The best marketing books are the ones that change the way you think or work. They stay with you and make you a better person, writer, advertiser or employee. You’ll find thousands of possibilities if you search for titles under “marketing” or “small business.” Knowing what your own strengths and weaknesses are can help you narrow the choices and find the best volumes for your needs.



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