The Importance of a Great Website for Your Business

Posted on February 10, 2021 | Updated on October 28, 2022

Although having an online presence is helpful for nearly any type of business, understanding the importance of a great website for your business has become clearer with the recent pandemic. More people turn to digital shopping as a way to social distance and keep themselves safe while still discovering new brands and products they love.

Internet Live Stats reports there are 1.8 billion websites, but not all are active at any given time. Just throwing up a presence on social media or creating a free web page isn’t going to attract much traffic or give you a return on investment (ROI). You must ensure your website engages users and creates a positive customer experience (CX). 

The importance of a good website for business promotion can’t be stressed enough. Here are seven key reasons you should consider adding an online presence today or ramping up what you already offer.

1. Gain a 24/7 Presence 

A website is open around the clock. Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, you don’t have to shut things down outside of normal business hours. An e-commerce store allows you to sell to your target audience no matter what time of day it is, holidays and during peak times when you normally would be unable to serve as many customers as you’d like.

The importance of a good website for business becomes obvious when talking about online retail. You must cut down on any clutter and keep the user focused on the goal, which is putting the item in their cart and completing checkout. 

2. Build Credibility 

The number one thing you can do to appear more credible to new buyers is be authentic. In a survey by Stackla, researchers found 86% of consumers feel authenticity matters in their decision to support a brand. 

The importance of a good website for business authenticity includes trust factors such as testimonials, links to memberships and clear contact information. The customer may have never heard of you before. You have to show them you are trustworthy.

3. Save Money

The overhead for a website is far less than for a physical location. You may be able to get by with fewer employees, lower overheads and less energy usage. Adding an online presence for your business may bring in enough additional revenue to help with cash flow issues or get you through a slow period. 

The importance of a good website for business must be balanced with the cost of creating and maintaining a site. Put aside a budget for online marketing and alot a certain amount to your site and content development and another amount to advertising on platforms such as Google and social media sites. 

4. Expand Your Market

Perhaps your small local operation has done well and you aren’t quite sure of the importance of a good website for business. Think of your online presence as a lever allowing you to expand into markets you’ve not tapped yet. Even local businesses benefit from a website and a Google listing. 

When someone searches on their mobile device for a brand such as yours, you want your name to pop up in their results. Include a phone number on your Google My Business listing, so people can read a review and click a link that dials you directly. 

5. Keep Up with the Competition

Pay attention to what your competitors are up to. If they’re listed on specific review sites, you should be as well. If they have an amazing website, yours should be that little bit better. 

Pay attention to the unique value proposition they put forward as an advantage of doing business with them. You should first match any offers they have and then find your niche area they don’t excel in. The more you set yourself apart from others in your industry, the more customers you’ll gain over time. 

6. Engage Your Users

The importance of a good website for business can be seen in the customer engagement opportunities. In a report by PWC, experts discovered people will pay more for a great experience. If the CX is amazing, people will pay as much as 16% more for products and services. About 63% stated they’d also share more personal info with a company engaging them. 

How do you ensure the experience is stellar? Start by thinking about the pain points your typical client faces, which drives them to seek your help in the first place. If you sell cupcakes, it could be as simple as not having time to bake but wanting a delicious treat for family and friends. Address the pain point and offer a solution and you’ll gain highly motivated customers.

Interact with them. Ask their favorite flavor, what types of products they’d like to see you don’t yet offer and have them share photos of their gatherings and special events on your social media page. 

7. Improve Communication

Statista reports there are 4.66 billion active internet users or about 59% of the global population. In developed countries, the numbers hit as high as 95% of citizens using the internet. What better way to stay in touch than to put up a website where you announce news.

You can also tie your social media pages to your website, using widgets to include any posts and news you’ve shared on sites such as Facebook, MeWe or Instagram. Collect the email addresses of those who visit your website so you can send out announcements, special discounts and themed news. 

Convinced Yet of the Importance of a Good Website for Business?

If you aren’t yet convinced of the importance of a good website for business, think about the inexpensive costs of an online presence. You can reach a highly targeted audience for a fraction of the cost of a print ad or billboard placement. 

The best websites offer something of value to users. Think about how you can provide a solution to their problems and begin gaining the trust of someone who never heard of you before. Whether you want to expand your business around the world or reach more people in your hometown, a web page is the perfect place to start. 

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