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Posted on February 13, 2023 | Updated on February 13, 2023

Studying the top SEO agencies in the world gives you an opportunity to see why they excel over all the other options available. What can you learn from these stellar examples that will take your own web development or marketing to the next level?

You may have heard of a few of the top SEO agencies in the world or they may be new to you. Which ones are the best can be subjective as it depends on the type of business you own and what you’re looking for in a third-party helper. 

What Should I Ask SEO Agencies? 

IBISWorld estimates there are 88,225 advertising agencies in the United States with a 2.8% predicted growth in the next 12 months. Nearly every city has at least a few major marketing agencies and tons of individuals offering freelance work.

Not all agencies are equal, though. You’ll want to ensure they understand your industry inside and out and have the knowledge and experience needed to help you rank high in search engines results pages (SERPs). 

Whether you’re going with one of the top SEO agencies or a smaller firm, ask a few key questions, such as: 

  • How do you track results? 
  • How long have you worked on SEO? 
  • Do you have any clients in the same industry as me? 
  • What do you know about Google’s latest algorithm changes? 
  • How can you help improve my current rank?

You’ll also want to make sure any agency you work with fits within your marketing budget. What will your potential return on investment (ROI) be? Do they have other successful examples where they’ve helped clients move higher in SERPs? Top SEO agencies bring results.

If you want some examples of the top SEO agencies, here are a handful. Keep in mind there may be others. These are just examples to show you what to expect when you hire one or become one.

1. Higher Visibility

Reviews on various sites rank this agency consistently top-notch. The top SEO agency specializes in search engine rank and paid media. They also offer other services to help you rank higher in SERPs, such as web design and link building services. 

What you can learn by studying this agency is how different services work together to take your business website to the next level. If you own an advertising agency, pay particular attention to the various calls to action (CTAs) on the site. Note the CTA to get a free quote. 

2. WebFX

Forbes lists WebFX as one of the top SEO agencies and also as one of the most affordable. Based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the agency offers a variety of services all meant to work together to drive traffic to the client’s pages. 

Hand over content creation, social media promotions, web design and SEO management. Since their rates start lower than some of the agencies in high-cost areas such as New York City, you’ll see a ROI sooner.  

What you can learn from top SEO agencies such as this one is how to use data-driven information to get results. 

3. Delante

If you’re looking for a United Kingdom based agency, Delante offers some lower price-point packages to help small and mid-size businesses jump into the SEO game and start seeing results. 

They offer a four-step approach to help you become more visible, attract new users, generate leads and then increase sales. Each client gets a personalized approach backed by data. 

What can you learn from Delante? Some agencies make the mistake of focusing on clients so exclusively that they forget to update their own website and processes. Delante has a gorgeous website design that walks the user through the buyer’s journey and encourages them to reach out for a quote. 

4. SmartSites 

This particular business gets mentioned on multiple lists for top SEO agencies in the world. They’ve served well-known clients such as Anexio, Shulman Law Group and Sharemoney. Combine SEO services with Facebook advertising and dedicated plans to drive more traffic to your website. They serve both business to business and business to consumer clients. 

One thing SmartSites does really well on their website is including case studies from their more successful SEO work. For example, Intra Home Systems saw a 532% increase in total site traffic. 

5. Seeders

Although the name is a bit different, out of the top SEO agencies on this list, Seeders offers some specific SEO strategies to reach European markets. They offer international link building for companies wanting to expand their reach outside the borders of their home country. 

The agency is located in the Netherlands but works with specialists around the globe. They have eight different offices in locations such as Warsaw, Toronto, Kigali, London and Barcelona. 

One thing about Seeders is that they hire translators to ensure the message remains consistent whether a company tries to rank in the SERPs for Asia-Pacific region or the Americas. 

Note how the language of their CTA stands out from other agencies. Instead of a free quote button, which is a valid offer, they invite you to “Book a Call” as though you’re quite important and they can’t wait to hear from you. 

Find the Best Top SEO Agencies for You

Every business is different. You may already rank in search engines and just want to increase traffic. Perhaps you don’t rank at all and aren’t sure where to start. Take the time to study what each agency does and how it might best suit your needs. Top SEO agencies have a few things in common, but the right one for your needs will hit all the high notes. 

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