User Knows Best – "I Want It That Way"

Posted on June 30, 2016 | Updated on January 25, 2023

We all know what the Backstreet Boys were really singing about – UX design.

OK, maybe not. But when it comes to design, the users want their websites to act a certain way. They want it to function, look, and feel in a way that makes their experience delightful. But they aren’t designers. So are they right?

They absolutely are.

Who uses websites more than users? No one. And no one will use your website more than users. This might seem like common sense, but it’s still important. Your design should appeal to users because they’re your customers. Would you design a store so your best selling product is in the back corner at the end of an obstacle course? Of course not.

What is UX Design?

UX design is defined as design that gives the user a pleasurable experience and improves customer satisfaction through efficient utility.

Although this is one definition of the term, there is no concrete way of defining UX design. It’s different to many different people because something that satisfies one audience might cause a negative reaction from another.

Many people have different definitions for UX design. However, there is one thing in common – customer satisfaction. Your website is for users and users only. Design it with them in mind. If they can’t use your website, then there’s no point in creating it.

Now you know the essence of UX design. But how do you implement this type of design?

Your Website’s Goal

One way you can maximize user engagement is to determine the goal of your website. Are you trying to sell a product? Do you want people to read your blog posts? Are users going to be watching video content on your website?

You created a website so people could go there for a certain purpose. Make it as easy as possible for users to explore this purpose. Not only will the users get the most out of your website, but you will get them to use your website the way you want them to.

People will visit your website because they are interested in what you’re creating. Design the site so they can get to your content or product without a problem. Then make the next steps as painless as possible so they have a positive experience on your website.

Keep It Simple

When you look online there are many flashy designs. Although they’re visually appealing, you should keep it simple.

What does it mean to keep it simple? It means you shouldn’t distract the user. The Internet is full of distractions. When someone is on your website, your design should lead them to where they want to go. If there’s too much happening on your website, the user will leave.

Avoid distractions and design your website so the users’ intentions are met.

Listen to Users

The sole purpose of your website is that people will visit it and interact with it in a positive way. If users aren’t happy, they won’t re-visit your site. The simplest way to make sure this happens is to listen to the users.

Reach out the them on social media or by email and ask them about your website. What do they like about it? What don’t they like about it? How would they rate their experience?

If you don’t have users, then you don’t have a website. It’s as simple as that. If you ignore what they want, then they’ll be much more frustrated with you. Make sure you’re always listening to what your users want.

For the Users

You should always design with the users in mind. Bad utility is simply bad design.

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