7 UX Design Blogs You Should Be Reading

Posted on April 5, 2016 | Updated on January 25, 2023

UX design is one of the most important features of any website. The internet is a crowded place with many well-designed websites. Short attention spans make it easy for users to bounce from one website to the next if the slightest thing isn’t right. If your website doesn’t give users a memorable or smooth experience, they’ll quickly move on to the next link that is waiting for them to click. You should learn everything there is to know about user experience, and here are seven UX design blogs to help you towards that goal:

1. A List Apart

A List Apart focuses on best standards and practices for web content, as well as anything involving design and development. The site has offered a mailing list since 1997, and their website was created in 1998. You can take a journey through A List Apart’s archive to see what design was like in the late 90’s. For example, maybe you’ll find a nugget of information that is still relevant today. You can learn everything about coding, content, design and business strategies.

2. Boxes and Arrows

If you want to read design articles published by fellow designers, look no further than Boxes and Arrows. See what practices other designers are using and what their personal experiences have been. Another UX designer might be in the same boat you are, and their article might give you new insight on a certain design element.

3. UX Booth

UX Booth has everything that a UX designer needs. The site is full of great content that’ll give you the big picture of UX design. There are also little tips and tricks that will enhance your design. They also have a complete beginner’s guide to content strategy which tells you how to create great content that will get the maximum amount of visitors to your website.

4. UX Movement

UX Movement is all about great user experience. They take research and analysis from other designers’ experiences to tell you the best way to give the user an unforgettable experience. All of their articles are backed with evidence, and another designer’s bad experience might save you from making the same exact mistake.

5. Studio by UXPin

UXPin is helping you get to the top of the industry. They realize that popular social media companies got ahead by focusing on UX design, and they’re making sure you follow the same path. Blog posts on UXPin include anything from design strategies to user and market research. UXPin provides a design platform that makes it possible for anyone to tinker with UX design and collaborate with others.

6. UX Magazine

Founded in 2005, UX Magazine shares content from UX design experts and industry leaders. UX Magazine looks to tap into the minds of designers. They spread insight on how to be successful in the design industry and how to be innovative in the crowded market. Learn about different UX design strategies by reading this magazine blog.

7. Usability Geek

UX consultant Justin Mifsud started Usability Geek back in 2011 when little was known about effective usability. Mifsud strives to use academic research and personal experience as a way to teach others about the best UX design principles. Usability Geek gives you a great insight on how to improve user experience and make your website worth going back to.

These seven blogs are great places to start learning everything there is to know about UX design. Take in as much information as possible and work towards giving your users an experience they’ll never forget!

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